Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Mercury Retrograde In Capricorn Today - Know Effects On You

January 5, 2016 is the day when Mercury will get retrograde in Capricorn. Read the below given article and see how this retrograde is going to affect your life in 2016. 

Mercury had transited to Capricorn from Sagittarius on December 26, 2015. Being retrograde, it will go back to Sagittarius on January 14, 2016. After this phase, Mercury will get direct on January 26, 2016. 

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Speak carefully with your seniors and make sure you are polite with everyone. Things might not be upto your expectations. Read more...


You will most probably become an atheist. Be confident and do not depend on your luck. Read more


Health will be great and you will now be relieved with long pending problems. Read more


Things will be less favorable but you can manage your life nicely if you believe in yourself. Read more


You will be relieved from enemies and all disputes will now end. You will get to enjoy journeys. Read more


Work more toward your studies if you are planning for any competitive examination. Read more


Health of your loved ones need your care. Take care of your loved ones and things will be fine. Read more 


This retrogradation of Mercury is quite rational. Do not take risk in financial decisions. Read more


Control your anger and take right decisions in your life. You may not earn much this year. Read more


Be careful about your social position and respect. Also, take care of your health as some skin related issues might bother you. Read more


Work related journeys will be beneficial. All disputes will end now and you will excel in your studies. Read more


Due to this retrogradation of Mercury, financial life will be just fine but not as good as you expect. Give your best to reach your goal. Read more

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