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Know 5 Precepts For A Happy Life On Buddha Purnima

Lord Buddha’s birth, enlightenment, and Nirvana - all these 3 big events coincided on the same day i.e. Purnima. This has never happened with any other saint or scholar. Adopting the path of non-violence and peace, Buddha encouraged everybody to live with love and harmony. On this sacred day of Buddha Purnima, let us throw a light on those teachings of Buddha... 

Discover the 5 tips to get success on Buddha Purnima

Lord Buddha was born on the Purnima (Full Moon) of Shukla Paksha of Vaishakh month. This was the day when he gained knowledge and wisdom under the Bodhi tree in Bodhgaya. Another important thing about this day is that it was this day only when Lord Buddha left his body to attain Nirvana (salvation). For this reason, this day is celebrated as Buddha Purnima

Buddha’s 5 Principles Of Achieving Success

Bad habits always pull us apart from our goals and take us on the wrong path. Lord Buddha in his preachings has always taught us to stay away from negative things. His 5 precepts are:

  1. पाणातिपाता वेरमाणी सिक्खापदं समादियामि। (Don’t kill animals)
  2. आदिन्नादाना वेरमाणी सिक्खापदं समादियामि। (Don’t take what is not given to you)
  3. कामेसु मिच्छाचारा वेरमाणी सिक्खापदं समादियामि। (Sensual misconduct must be avoided)
  4. मुसावदा वेरमाणी सिक्खापदं समादियामि। (Don’t lie) 
  5. सुरा मेरिय मज्जपमादट्ठाना वेरमाणी सिक्खापदं समादियामि। (Refrain from alcohol or any other addiction)

In Hinduism, is is strongly believed that Buddha is the ninth incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Due to this reason, this day is considered sacred for Hindus. According to Buddhism, this day should be spent in the devotion of Lord Buddha. Other than this, Buddhist scriptures are also recited on Buddha Purnima. Followers of Buddhism decorate their homes on this day and light Diyas (earthen lamps) in the entire home. 

Legendary Events Associated With Buddha Purnima

The day is also known as Vaishakh Purnima. Charity, donations and other religious activities are performed on this day. Donating fruits, Sattu (powdered mixture of roasted pulses and cereals, especially grams), clothes and pacifying souls of forefathers on this day brings eternal good fortune.

‘Satya Vinayaka Purnima’ is also celebrated on this day. When Sudama, Lord Krishna’s childhood friend, visited Dwarka to meet the Lord, seeing Sudama’s poor condition, Krishna advised him to observe Satya Vinayaka Vrat. With the meritorious impact of this Vrat (fast), Sudama got relief from his poverty and miseries. He became wealthy, contented, and happy. 

Meritorious Deeds Done On Buddha/Vaishakh Purnima & Their Rewards

  1. Offering sweet Til (sesame seeds) to five or seven Brahmins eliminates all the sins. 
  2. Eating food only once on this day and conducting Satya Narayana Vrat bestows with bliss and wealth.

Lord Buddha spent his entire life following path of truth, non-violence, and humanity. He encouraged everyone to live a peaceful life. Let us all follow the teachings of Lord Buddha in our life and make it successful and blissful.

Wish you all a very Happy Buddha Purnima !

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