Sunday, April 26, 2015

Mercury Transiting Into Taurus Tomorrow - Discover Its Impact

Mercury will move in sign Taurus on April 27, 2015. Natives going through Pratyantar Dasha of Mercury will get good results. To know more about the effect of this transit, read this horoscope.

Mercury transit in Taurus will affect your life directly or indirectly..

हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें


This period will transform you into a socialising person. Usage of internet and social media platforms will keep you busy. Read more


Get ready to spend money on your spouse. Hard work and sincere efforts will help in accomplishing things on time. Read more


You will enjoy the best of your married life in this phase. Halted endeavors will finally reach accomplishment. Read more


The much required peace and comfort will come to you via love life. This is the time for new bonds and links. Read more


This time period will give you reasons to smile. Love, support, happiness, and harmony will keep you delighted. Read more


You will enjoy blissful time with your sweetheart. However, your cell phone and laptop might not work properly. Read more


This is the time to have fun with your near and dear ones. Stable health will keep you rejuvenated. Read more


Your mind might get deviated, keeping you away from work. Keep your temper under control to avoid problems. Read more


Financial life will improve extraordinarily. Love life will go perfect, just the way you wanted. Overall, a good time. Read more


You might take less interest in your professional life. Don’t worry, you will regain back your active form soon. Read more


Usage of internet will increase during this period. Keep your phone with yourself 24/7. Your performance at workplace will surprise all. Read more


Though this is a promising time in many aspects, some sort of misunderstandings might create a bit troubles. Read more

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Today is the auspicious day of Masik Durga Ashtami. Make sure not to miss seeking blessings of Maa Durga today.

Shri Baglamukhi Jayanti will also be observed today. Worship Maa Bagalamukhi today and get relief from troubles caused by enemies, opponents and every negativity.

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