Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Jupiter Direct Into Cancer Today - Blissful Or Oppressive?

Jupiter is all set to turn direct in Cancer on April 08, 2015. Predictions see this planetary movement highly rewarding for the astrologers. But, what about others? What about you? Discover all now.

Jupiter direct in Cancer will affect your life directly or indirectly..


A good phase when luck will support, victory will come in legal issues and recognition will welcome you at work front. Read more


Self obsession and feeling of selfishness might take birth in you. Excessive usage of phone will cost you high. Read more


Online shopping and taste of delicious cuisines will keep mood perfect. Love, affection or some surprise might come from in-laws. Read more


Love life will prosper and flourish even more. Problems are possible, but an alert mind is the key to figure out the right solutions. Read more


Pleasure of having a new phone or laptop will come to you. Must call it your golden period, as investment in gold is highly possible. Read more


Your quality of advising others about good and bad will excel. Now is the time to think about planning your family. Read more


Old memories will be cherished again, as you will meet your old buddies. Make sure not to harm yourself while helping others. Read more


Your image might get affected. Any deal might bless you with monetary gain. To enjoy goodness of time, worship the almighty. Read more


You might experience lack of mental peace. Level of confidence might drop. Income or gain of money from hidden source is on the cards. Read more


If you are married, you will enjoy a peaceful and romantic phase. Be attentive toward health of your partner. Read more


Say a big no to heavy food, alcohol, and smoking. Extremely good time to get your dream job, put in the right efforts. Read more


Social circle will extend in this phase. Get ready to make the best of this time, as influential people will come in your contact. Read more

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Sankashti Shree Ganesh Chaturthi, the most auspicious day to please Lord Ganesha and end all troubles will be observed today.

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