Saturday, April 4, 2015

Chandra Grahan Will Change Your Life Today - Know The Possible Impacts

The smallest total lunar eclipse of the century is today from 15:45 till 19:19 IST. It is the first partial lunar eclipse (Anshik Chandra Grahan) of the year 2015. This eclipse will affect different signs in different ways. Are you ready to witness this interesting event? How this partial eclipse will affect your life?

Chandra Grahan will change your life, get to know the possible impacts.

Know How This Eclipse Is Special From The Perspective Of Numerology

The numerology number of date of lunar eclipse i.e. April 4, 2015 is 8, which is the number of Lord Saturn. It indicates that different types of diseases may upset people this time. They may also experience the effect of Shani Dhaiya and Shani Sade Sati.

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Hanuman Jayanti Also Holds A Great Significance in 2015

Lord Saturn feel pleased if we worship Lord Hanuman. You can take the full advantage of today’s auspicious day of Hanuman Jayanti by worshiping Lord Hanuman. Worshipping him on the day of this lunar eclipse will fill your life with happiness.

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You May Get To See The Blood-Moon This Lunar Eclipse

When the Sunlight falls on Moon on the day of lunar eclipse, Moon changes color to red or orange. For this reason, it is called “Blood-Moon”. The possibility of occurence of Blood-Moon is very high in today’s lunar eclipse.

Time & Measures Of Partial Lunar Eclipse

When earth comes in between the Sun and the Moon in such a way that the shadow of earth covers the whole or partial part of Moon. In this process, Earth creates an obstacle for Sun rays to reach the Moon. This is known as Lunar Eclipse.

Today, partial lunar eclipse will take place for 3 hours and 33 minutes, but total lunar eclipse will only be visible for 5 minutes. With this article we will tell you the time and some important measures to be followed on partial lunar eclipse.

Chandra Grahan will change your life, get to know the possible impacts.

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Some Simple Measures To Avoid The Side Effects Of Partial Lunar Eclipse

  1. Worshiping Lord Shiva during Chandra Grahan would be highly favorable.
  2. Holy bath and charity will help in getting rid from all kinds of problems.
  3. Pilgrimages, meditation, and fire sacrifice produce some really special benefits.
  4. Touching the idols of lord and performing any kind of Puja ritual should be prohibited during Grahan. But, Bhajans can be done by the devotees.
  5. Pregnant ladies should avoid cutting, weaving and sewing during Grahan. Because doing any of them will increase the threat of bad effect of eclipse on the unborn child.
  6. Perform as much charity as you can after eclipse for eliminating its effects.
  7. Avoid eating anything during Grahan (except for children, elders and patients).

Why NASA Is Considering This Eclipse So Special

According to NASA, this lunar eclipse is going to be the third one of a series of four lunar eclipse. This series is known as “Tretad”. The first eclipse of this series took place on April 15, 2014, after that in September 2014. The fourth and the last one of the series will take place on September 28, 2015.

We hope that you will soon get relief from all your problems. Keep these important measures in mind and stay happy.

AstroSage wishes you a safe lunar eclipse 2015!

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