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Read 6 Unknown Facts About Lord Mahavira This Mahavir Jayanti Now

Mahavir Jayanti will be celebrated with great joy and fervor today. Lord Mahavir is known for peace, tolerance and humanity. But, do you think you know the lord very well? We will tell some really interesting and unknown facts about Lord Mahavir.

Know the secrets about the life of Lord Mahavir this Mahavir Jayanti. Label(s): Festival

Mahavir Jayanti is celebrated as the birthday of Lord Mahavir. Many things are prevalent about the Lord throughout the world. But, today we will tell you some really interesting facts which will make you feel closer to the Lord.

Lord Mahavir was born about 2500 years ago (599 years before christ) in the state of Kundalpur of Vaishali. He was born as the third child of King Siddharth and Queen Trishala. He was the last and 24th colossus of Jain religion.

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6 Unheard Facts Of Lord Mahavira’s Life

1. Do you know how Lord Mahavir was known to be as a Teerthanker (a great man) before birth?

Chaos was spreaded in Lord Mahavira’s state before his birth. The people of state were waiting for the birth of a great man. During that time, Queen Trishala was pregnant and she saw some really beautiful dreams in the last phase (Pahar) of night. The next morning, King Sidharth asked for the meaning of those dreams. Then he came to know that a great man is going to take birth in his house.

2. Lord Mahavir is called by how many different names?

Lord Mahavir is called by five different well-known names like Vardhman, Veer, Ativeer, Mahaveer and Sanmati.

3. At what age Lord Mahavir left the Kingdom and family?

The parents of Lord passed away when he was 28. After that, he stayed at home for two years on the request of his elder brother, NandiVardhan. But, he received Diksha at the age of 30 and left family and Kingdom on the day of Margashirsha Krishna Dashami.

4. For how many years did Lord Mahavir meditated?

Lord Mahavir meditated for approximately 12 years. He attained enlightenment at the age of 42, after 12 years of hard penance.

5. Lord Mahavir had explained how many theories for finding the way of salvation?

Lord Mahavir had explained five very simple theories for gaining salvation. Those are truth, tolerance, avoiding theft, avoiding excess of collection, and purification of mind. One can lead a very simple and stress free life by applying these theories in life.

6. Lord Mahavir had died at what age?

Lord Mahavir died at the age of 72 in Pawapur on the day of Krishna Amavasya. He also received the title of Nirvana at that time.

The life of Lord Mahavir is like an open book which gives the message of truth, non-violence and humanity. He taught to follow the principle of ‘live and let live’ for spreading peace in mankind. Let’s make our life successful by following these principles in life.

AstroSage wishes you a Happy Mahavir Jayanti 2015!

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