Saturn Changes From Retrograde To Direct

By Pt. Hanumman Mishra

The Power of Saturn
Saturn Becomes Direct

As per astrology the position of Saturn in a Kundali is very important. When Saturn goes from retrograde to direct and vice-a-versa then its impact is huge. On 8th July 2013 Saturn in Libra is going to become direct. Retrograde means to move in opposite direction and direct means to move in the right direction. It changes its sign in every two and a half year.

The fact that Saturn is going to become direct from retro will make it rain at many places. The south western places of the country will receive heavy rainfall. At the same time it is predicted that some areas might face a few natural calamities. North eastern states will also see a plenty of rainfall in days to come. There will be inflation in the North eastern states. The prices of seeds will see a high rise. There are chances that crops might get infected by insects. Also, it is likely that the government will change. A few ministers will lose their positions while others will take their place. People will be more tilted towards spirituality and religion. They will also indulge in different religious activities.

Saturn becomes direct: The Effect on different Signs

Aries: Saturn’s change from retro to direct will be very fruitful for Aries. All your problems will end and those who are unemployed will get a good job. It is advised that you should chant Hanuman Chalisa as this will increase the good effects.

Taurus: You will face problems relating to health. A family dispute might spoil your mood. It is also likely that you will see financial troubles in the near future. You also might change the place where you live.  It is advised that you should water Peepal tree and take 7 Holy rounds (parikrama) around it.

Gemini: There will good news for the people of Gemini sign. You will get benefitted from an unexpected source. You get a lot of appreciation for your work and your colleagues will support you. To increase your benefit it is advised to donate a black blanket to a poor man.

Cancer: You will get a transfer at a place of your choice. However, the of pace of such things might be really slow. It is advised that you should donate Urad Dal (black pulses) to a poor man or to a temple.

Leo: For people of this sign it is likely that you will get great fame and success in business. Also, there is a high chance that you hit a good deal in your business. As a remedy, it is advised that you should see your face in the bowl. Also donate oil to the poor and needy.

Virgo: People belonging to Virgo sign will experience that happiness will be scarce. So it is advised to avoid any investments in the near future. Also be careful while driving any vehicle. Put sindoor (vermillion) mark on your forehead taken from the feet of Lord Hanuman’s idol on every Saturday and Tuesday.

Libra: You will face opposition from your own people. It will not be appropriate if you do some thing which beyond your authority. The remedy is that on every Saturday you should go to a Shani Dev temple and offer blue flowers.

Scorpio: You will experience a lot of obstacles in daily tasks. You will also face a lot of opposition from family and friends. As a remedy, offer water to Shiva linga and respect old people.

Sagittarius: You are advised to be very careful while undertaking any task, otherwise you will face losses. Be cordial to your friends and elders as it will bring you fruitful results. Do not invest your money right now and also avoid lending it to someone. As a remedy, offer blue flowers to Shani Dev on every Saturday.

Capricorn: You will experience a great deal of stress in terms your business. Beware of strangers as they might cause you harm. As a remedy, offer sindoor (vermillion) and jasmine oil to Lord Hanuman.

Aquarius: The time is favorable for the people of this sign. You will feel elated due to completion of a task. Transfer and promotion is also on cards. It is advised to feed grass to a black cow on Saturday.

Pisces: The change of Saturn is not very favorable for the people of this sign. Your thinking will be negative but the good news is that you see your children succeed. It is advised that you should offer black Urad dal (black pulse) to Shani Dev on Saturdays.

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