Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sreesanth: Guilty or Framed?

By Pt. Hanumaan Mishra
हिंदी में पढने के लिये यहाँ क्लिक करें।

Known for being in news more for non cricketing reasons, Sreesanth is again in news and this time also for all the wrong reasons. However, he is also known for being a quick learner. The guy who would start talking in Malyalam in a Hindi interview can now speak fluently in Hindi. Such are his capabilities that from wanting to become a leg spinner he went in to become a fast bowler.

Though he claims that Cricket is his ultimate passion yet he has never been in news for his bowling abilities. Instead, he hit the news for reason like sledging against Sachine Tendulkar, Mathew Hayden and Andrew Symonds. He has also been in news for his weird actions like dancing on the field and mocking the batsmen for hitting boundaries in his overs. However, on a positive note he is known to be a player who fights back till the end. But his name in spot fixing is not only an issue of concern for his fans but also for the entire cricketing world. He also came under scrutiny a couple of years back but nothing came out of that. It is looks like IPL series is not very lucky for Sreesanth. In the year 2008 he hit the headlines for being slapped by the Harbhajan Singh during a match. His famous crying fiasco is still fresh in the memories of all the fans. It is believed that at that time he provoked Harbhajan by misbehaving with him. It was the biggest scoop for him so far but not anymore. The story after that is known to all of us. Is he really involved in the spot fixing? Let us find out with the help of Astrology.

Born on 6 February 1983, the full name of Sreesanth is Santakumar Sreesanth. He was born under the Ascendant Leo and sign Scorpio. The Ascendant Lord Sun is pposited in the 6th house in the constellation of Mars. This signifies that the he will be linked to controversies. Also, the Ascendant is aspected the Mars, which signifies anger and controversies. Ascendant is also aspected by the Venus, which links him to the world of glamour. There are a few good as well as bad yoga in his Kundli. The present yoga in his Kundli indicates jail and a strained relation with the administration.

His Kundi has Paash Yoga. When all the planets in a Kundli except Rahu and Ketu are in five houses, then it is a Paash Yoga. This yoga is considered very lucky otherwise but also indicates chances to going to a Jail. It is said that a person born in Paash Yoga is hard working, talkative and is low on morals.

After studying the yoga, let us now see what the other planets indicate in his Kundli. The 12th house is used to check imprisonment. And this house is owned by the Moon. Moon is debilitated and is posited in 4th house with the Lord of 8th house Jupiter. Here, Moon is also forming Paapkartri yoga. Also, here both Moon and Jupiter are posited in the constellation of Saturn. And Jupiter and Saturn are both posited in the 12th house. So, the relation between the 4th house and the 12th house indicates that the native might go to jail.

Let us now see the condition of Dashas (period) in his Kundli. Presently, he is under the major period and sub-period of Venus. Venus is the Lord of the 10th house and is posited in the constellation of Rahu in the 7th house of the house.

Therefore, it can be concluded that the all this indicates towards negative results. Due to the effects of Rahu it is very obvious that he took shortcut

Now, let us have a look at what planets and their Dasha (periods) have to offer. The native is undergoing through major period (Maha-Dasha) and sub-period (Andar-Dasha) of Venus. Being 10th lord, Venus is deposited in Rahu’s constellation in seventh house. Therefore, it is quite natural that the native will get some negative results in this period. Also, Rahu’s effect lures him toward undesirable money-making shortcuts. Rahu also signifies conspiracy. So, keeping present scenario in mind it can be said that he is getting embroiled in something massive. As major-period of Venus will continue for a long time, it is quite possible that it would hamper his career. However, he might find glamour-world rolling some benefits toward him instead of Cricket during this period. All in all, this scandal has created strong possibilities that could put an end to his cricketing career. But every cloud has a silver lining and he may reclaim his lost reputation after October, 2014 during major-period of Sun. It is quite possible that he might get some judgment in his favor claiming either his non-involvement in entire controversy or a minor participation in it.

Another troublesome question for Sreesanth is about his philandering lifestyle fueled by bookies. In Sreesanth’s birth-chart, Venus conjoins Mars in his seventh house. As per astrological texts, such a native has unrestrained libido. He’s also undergoing through the periods of Venus. Therefore, these accusations cannot be brushed off easily. It is also possible that he gets involved in a controversy related to women in near future. Present Dashas and transits indicate that month of July is not going to provide any respite to this pacer.

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