Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Who Will Rule Delhi & With How Many Seats?

Who will rule Delhi? How many seats will the winning party get? ...These questions are making people crazy. That is why, Acharya Raman has come with his brand new Astro-Numerology Prediction to settle down your anticipation & answer your questions. Read further to see his prediction…

In previous article, I had taken up a horary analysis of the winner between the two main contestants, who are Arvind Kejriwal & Sheila Dikshit. It is now just a matter of few days and we will know the new CM of Delhi! 

It is a very difficult task to find out the new ruling party among the 3; and after seeing different opinion polls showing different winner, it becomes only tougher to guess. The almost impossible task is to find out how many seats the winner will get for himself, whether it will be a coalition or a throughout victory in Delhi. 

I am just trying, with my very limited knowledge and experience, to find out the two things. This is just an astrological attempt and should not be taken as any parameter for any sort of decision-making. I am also trying this for the very first time. So, it can be wrong or may be near the actual reality, which will come up on 8th December, 2013. We all will know then only. Our endeavor should always be to keep trying irrespective of the results, then only we can gain experience.

Total number of seats – 70

Minimum number of seats required by any party for clear majority – 36

The three major contenders are:

  1. INC
  2. BJP
  3. AAP

Let us see what horary astro-numerology tells about the winner of Delhi polls:



Rahu is in conjunction with Saturn and so it will be a ruling planet; thus we also add Venus = 9 as Rahu is in sign of Venus. Now we see the outcome, the total is 57 which when added gives 12 and finally 3. The resultant answer is 3 as per astro-numerology. Thus, option number 3, which is AAP is the winner. Now, we come to the number of probable seats, which the winning party may win.

Seats For The Winning Party

Since, total number of seats is 70 and for clear majority 36 are required; so we will take 36 as the benchmark figure. Now, no party can win all the 70 seats and no party can lose all the seats, out of the three. Since, we have assumed that, the winning party has acquired 36 seats and 34 are remaining out of 70. Out of this 34, AAP may win 3, 12 or 23 seats so the total number of seats could be 39, 48 or 59 seats.

Let us wait and watch for the results. Good luck and best wishes to all parties!


AAP may win with 39, 48 or 59 seats.

By Acharya Raman

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Arun K Mishra said...

Your cal culation is wrong panditji AAP will not cross 12 seats. Congress will not cross 25 seats and BJP will cross 37seats its matter of calculation and predicting will see the result on 8th if you want I will give my calculation. I also predict that Kejriwal and shiela ji is not going to win their seat's.

Unknown said...

Bjp will win 39 seats in delhi

Hitanshu Sharma said...

Pandit g. You are correct. AAP can only grow the nation to the optimum. BJP aur congress hamare desh mei feli hui h. Abtak k liye sirf delhi hei ek aisa rajya h jahan arwind g ko moka milna chahiye. Pariwartan sansar ka niyam h. Yahan pariwartan h am admi party. Hamare desh mei har rajya mei mehengai aur brastachar h. Ek delhi mei kejriwal g ko ek moka to jarur milna chahiye. Unhone delhi me ansan kia. Kya kisi congress ya bjp wale ne ansan kia? Ansan wo hi karte h jo mann se saf ho aur desh badalna chahte ho. Mai AAP ka karyakarta nahi hu par haan maine apna kimti vote bjp aur congress ko dia par aj b delhi mei har ghante balatkar aur mehengai h. Bijli aur pani rajdhani mei b 24 ghante nahi h. Ab AAP hei delhi aur fir pure hindustan ka bhagya vidhata ban sakti h.

kaustubhlabs said...

I agree but I give 3 seats to aap 18 to congress and rest is bjp yes 1 seat to bsp
piyush mishra

AKMISHRA said...

Arun ji,
I am inserted to know that your prediction is based on astrology or just guess.You have to understand that astrological prediction accuracy is up to 80% and Astrologers have good calculation and prediction skill.

Arun K Mishra said...

Mine is based on numeroligy as well as ground work not managed by money power of shadow of congress

Unknown said...

Pls predict IND vs SA 1st ODI