Monday, December 23, 2013

Retrogression Of Venus: Natal & Mundane Effects

Venus is moving to Capricorn on December 5, 2013 in afternoon. On 22nd December, planet Venus will turn retrograde after travelling around 4 degrees in Capricorn. On 1st February, it will get direct after moving back upto 19 degrees in Sagittarius. On 31st March, it will move to Aquarius after a long travel. Let’s see its effects on you...

Retrograde Venus Effects

Venus is a planet connected directly with the material happiness, be it anything. Venus is the chief governor of music. Good Venus promotes lavishness in a person’s life. Venus will be travelling in constellations of Venus, Sun, Moon, and Mars in direct and retrograde motion. There will be an interchange of signs by Saturn and Venus for this long period. The other benefic Jupiter is also retrograde these days.

Venus is also called God of love, marriage, beauty and various other comforts of life. Venus also represents Mahalakshmi, consort of Lord Vishnu. According to the Hindu mythology, Venus is also called one eyed. Venus rules Yajurveda and Vasanth Rithu (April & May). Affliction to Venus can generate eye diseases. One’s passion depends upon the strength of Venus and aspects on him by natal and transit positions. Venus is not being aspected by any planet as of now. But when Mars will enter Libra, Venus will have bad aspect of Mars, as Saturn and Rahu will conjoin him.

I feel that this retrogression will pave way for further immorality, as Venus is going 6-8 to Jupiter, the most moral and benefic of all. There will be eye problems, irregular cycles to females, problems in male genitals, stuffs of lavishness will not work properly (i.e. luxury cars may breakdown suddenly for no apparent reason) and costly gadgets may ill perform. Female natives need to be more careful in their day-to-day activity and are advised not to trust anyone blindly, particularly those in metros and working in dark shifts. However, Capricorn is a friendly sign of Venus, but the Mooltrikona of Venus is carrying Rahu. Thus, precaution will be good. There could be some troubles in the families of film stars, musicians and actors. Joint families will see some discord in their day-to-day life. We may hear news of raids on brothels, sex rackets may be busted and popular females may lose fame due to their unscrupulous acts. Time is not going to be much happening, as Mars will come to Libra for few days and will retrograde. Between 8th January to 4th February, 2014; Venus will be aspected by Mars and this is the period when we can witness the above incidents with more severity. Some natives will have to undergo surgery. There will be acts of misconduct from responsible people toward women.

Effects Of Retrograded Venus On Various Ascendants

Aries: There will be marital discord and unpleasant atmosphere in the family and expenses on ailments of children. Negotiations of marriage may get delayed. Love affairs can go to next level.

Taurus: There will be dilemma in decision-making, you will take extra time, and by the time, things will be out of your reach or influence. There will be physical problems in eyes, genitals, sore throat, cough, and cold.

Gemini: You will have many wishes fulfilled, but in the last part. Initially, you will be going through some distorts in personal life; nothing serious is there for you. You just need to control expenses and long travels.

Cancer: You will see monetary gains, health improvements, and fulfillment of your wishes. There will be a religious bent also these days. Spouse will be the source of gains and good news.

Leo: There will favors from higher officials and short travels around. There will be expenditure beyond control and religious travels. Materialism will be off for sometime.

Virgo: There is threat to reputation from opposite sex, there will be expenses and quarrels, people will plot against you and you will not be able to keep your word.

Libra: Librans are going through a bad phase since long and this retrogression will further increase it, you may acquire chronic disease. There will be pressure at work. You will make silly mistakes and may become a laughing stock.

Scorpio: This is going to be a good period for you for some time, but then you will face discords in personal life, professional life and may have to do useless travels causing wastages.

Sagittarius: You will get name, fame favors from higher authorities, but you will not be able to take benefit of any of it. There could be hospitalization.

Capricorn: This transit is going to be beneficial for you, there are hidden gains, good time and all goodness of sorts for you.

Aquarius: You can expect gains and fame at the same time, not for all, there will be newsmakers of this ascendant and we will see them. There could be ailment for small time but not much to worry about.

Pisces: You need to be careful from viral infections, there will be ailment for short time and there will be gains and good time. This transit will prove average for you. You need to be careful from materialistic instincts.

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