Sunday, December 15, 2013

Ram Shalaka To Answer Your Query

Ram Shalaka, the questionnaire of Lord Rama will help you find answers of all your problems. We always wonder if God exists. If yes, where is He? We strive hard to reach Him for some boons & blessings. AstroSage Ram Shalaka will help you ask Him as many questions as you want to. Just read further to know how...

Ram Shalaka

Ram Shalaka is very familiar to those who are familiar with Ram Charit Manas. It is generally mentioned in the beginning of the book. Shri Ram Shalaka guides on the right path and builds up confidence. 

About Ramayana Prashnavali

Ram Shalaka, also known as Ram Prashnavali is an extract from the Holy Scripture, ‘Shri Ram Charit Manas’, authored by Saint Tulsidas. The book explains the life of Lord Rama who is the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Ram Shalaka is a 15x15 grid. Each square in it has one Akshar (Hindi Alphabet) from the nine Chaupais of Ram Charit Manas. Ram Prashnavali is used by the faithful devotees to get answers to their questions and also to predict the results of endeavors they want to take. This Prashnavali is very popular among the people of Northern India. Its answers are based on Chaupais (couplets) from Ram Charit Manas.

Ram Shalaka Usage

  1. Pray to Lord Rama in your mind with utmost believe.
  2. Think of a definite question (e.g. When will I get married? Will I get a promotion this year? Can I change job now?)
  3. Click on any of the letters square.
  4. Your answer will be displayed on your screen with the chaupai (couplet).

Click here and use Ram Shalaka to get the answers of your questions - Ramshalaka

Important Note 

1. Ram Shalaka can be used by anyone.
2. It should not be touched with soiled hands, while wearing shoes or slippers or unbathed.
3.Shri Ram Shalaka should be used with purity and full faith in the Lord and his power to help you.
4. Only one question should be asked at a time
5. Same question should not be asked again and again for alternate answers.

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