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Having A Temple At Home - Do’s & Don'ts As Per Astrology

God, the one word that gives us strength to keep going. Because we know no matter what happen, he will be there by our side pushing us forward. Having a temple at home is a practise followed by many. But, is it right? Lal Kitab Vastu Shastra will tell you if it is, or not.

Mandir At HomeHome is to live and enjoy materialistic world, it is a materialistic thing. We should not get into the habit of building a temple in the house. As per Lal Kitab it is written that we should not keep the Idols of God in the house as these idols give us reverse effect if kept at home other than Temple. This is a very vast topic and I will write in detail on this some other time. But, for now, I will give you all some highlight on it.

There is no harm in keeping photos of Gods in the form of pictures hanging on the walls. We can keep those in our premises and pay respect to them. But, idols are meant to be in Mandir or temples and have to be taken care by the respective Sewadars or Pujaris (priests). Having temples at home can have reverse effects on the inmates. For example, persons having Jupiter in seventh house are supposed to be away from such things; otherwise, negative effects will be there.

Further, as per Lal Kitab, buildings adjoining temples walls also suffers from negative effects. In earlier days, there were very few Mandirs and temples; and these temples were away from the residential area, just like the cremation ground (as it used to be outside the village or city). But, now-a-days all are inside the residential areas because of the expansion.

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Certain Concerns With Having Temple At Home

  • We are living in such a society where we don't touch our wife in front of our elders. Then, how is it fine to have God in our room while having sex with our partner?
  • I have heard people coming to me and saying that we have Mandir in kitchen, which is considered purest place. But, with the smoke and the mess created while cooking, are we doing the right thing with our God or deity to whom we worship?
  • Long vacations and holidays leave us in a position where we have to keep our Gods looked up without any Pooja or prayers. Again, I ask, how is this justified? 

According to me, by keeping Gods in our homes we can not provide the daily care and dedication like Snan (bath), Shringar (adornment), Puja (worship), Archana (prayer), Vandana (recitation of hymns), Bhog (food offerings) and Shayan (sleep), to name a few.

Mandir should not be locked, but when at home we keep them locked when we go on a holiday. In some cases, people make Mandir downstairs and on the upper level there could be a toilet. There is a reason temples are built, temples are supposed to have tomb like structures, which lacks when built inside a home.

Well, these are some of the concerns which I can think of at the top of my mind. There are many more which I will discuss later on. All these discussion does not mean that we should not pray to God. We have to pray to Almighty for everything but in a right manner. We can meditate in our home. We can keep pictures of Gods but not idols because, in Hindu religion it is permitted to keep an idol according to the size of a human thumb at home not bigger than that. Otherwise, it should be kept at temple or a common place. But, if you still want to continue doing these things, then we should try to follow the standards that are kept in temples.

By M S Kondal

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