Saturday, December 14, 2013

Choose Your Toothpaste Color The Astrological Way!

Everybody wants pearly white teeth, but are you using the right toothpaste? Yes, Astrology has tried its hand in the dentist department too. The color of your toothpaste can put a deep impact on your fate. You can get to know about the perfect toothpaste for you with a little help from Astrology. Read on to know more...

Brushing TeethNow-a-days, Astrologers are coming up with colors, dresses, days, numbers and many more, to match with your ascendant or Moon sign. 

Few days back, a friend of mine went to a mall and he purchased a toothpaste of red color, which was Ayurvedic. I asked him about the reason of his choice, he said, “I went to buy toothpaste of white color, but I do not know how I came back with a red instead.” Just out of curiosity, I asked him for his horoscope and he was running through the Antara of Mars, which had started few months back. He was using white color toothpaste earlier, when he was running Antara of Moon. Therefore, it struck me that planets force natives to make a choice matching with the planet automatically.

It is indeed not necessary that it will work for everyone; and as there is exception in laws of Physics, there are exceptions in Astrology too. Do we ourselves really choose what we choose? Or, it is something else forcing us to make a choice. However, I inquired a few people and found out that some of them are using the color, which matches with their Antara Lord. For instance, even in a joint family, people mostly use different toothpastes.

There are colors assigned to the planets, which are:

1) Sun: Bright Red
2) Moon: Milky White
3) Mars: Blood Red
4) Mercury: Green
5) Jupiter: Yellow
6) Venus: Silver
7) Saturn: Dull Black
8) Rahu: Muddy/ Black
9) Ketu: White/ Multicolored

So next time when you brush your teeth, check your Antara or Pratyantar Lord and you will find that your toothpaste is almost of the same color, which is assigned to the planet. Even if you are in a joint family, most of you will observe that out of the available choices you pick the one which is matching with your Antara Lord or Pratyantar Lord.

In case, it is not so (which is the purpose of this article), I suggest you to change your paste to suit the color of your Antara Lord provided it is not a malefic planet for your horoscope. People use medicated, common ones and ayurvedic toothpastes like Emoform, Colgate and Dabur Red or Vicco Vajradanti; to name a few. All commercial and non commercial pastes are available in variety of colors and you can pick one which suits you best. In case you are running through the period of a malefic planet, or if your 11th Lord is Saturn, I suggest you to use the color of your 2nd or 6th. Otherwise, it will be wise to match the color with Lord of 11th house. You should definitely do a remedy for your malefic planets, daily without fail and negligence. You can use the color of your 11th Lord in any case, whether it is in the Antara or not and it will prove good in long run.

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