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Pranayama: Give 45 Minutes To Stay Forever Healthy

45 minutes of Pranayama everyday can keep you healthy life-long. In this article, we are informing you the procedure and benefits of performing Pranayama. Pranayama is one aspect of Yoga that has gained immense popularity worldwide in improving the breathing cycle and rewarding its practitioners with overall self development. 

Pranayama is the breathing exercise that helps in maintaining the balance in human body for a forever healthy lifestyle. Breathing, the natural and automatic process, is controlled by our autonomic nervous system. Just like surviving in water comes naturally to fishes, breathing comes naturally to us since the moment we are born. 

Pranayama, the breathing exercise

Breathing is life and one of the most vital function. This most important life continuing function is promoted best by one of five principles of Yoga - Pranayama. As per the Yogic view, breathing brings oxygen to the brain and blood, to regulate ‘Prana’ (vital life energy).

Before Pranayama

Pranayama awakes the internal energy and promotes healthy and active life. This Yoga technique should be performed for minimum 45 minutes and can be elongated up to 2 hours for better results. Morning is the best time to practice it. Few points which should be followed necessarily before starting Pranayama are:

1. Take bath and wear loose clothes.
2. Sit straight, keeping the neck and head perfectly straight.
3. Body should be stable and spine should be straight.

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The 7-Step Pranayama Package

Let’s understand the seven steps of Pranayama, one by one:

(1) Improve Your Resistance Power With Bhastrika Pranayama

Procedure: Sit in comfortable position (Asana). Through both nostrils, breathe in; till the lungs are full and diaphragm is stretched. Breathe out gently; take deep breaths and breathe out completely.

Duration: 2-5 minutes

Health benefits: Effective against problems of heart, brain, lungs, obesity, migraine, cholesterol, asthma, paralysis and even cancer.

(2) Cure The Deadly Diseases With Kapalbhati Pranayama

Procedure: Forcefully, push the air out. Stomach will itself go in.

Duration: Begin with 1 minute or 30 times, increase it to 5 minutes. Maximum time for Kapalbhati Pranayama is 10 minutes.

Health benefits: Helps people suffering from diabetes, obesity, snoring, acidity, hepatitis B and allergic problems.

Note: Weak people and patients of heart disorders and high BP should do it slowly.

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(3) The External Breath, Bahaya Pranayama

Procedure: Breathe air out, touch chin to chest. Squeeze the stomach completely and hold for a while. Release chin and breathe in slowly. Repeat the same process.

Duration: For beginners: 3 to 5 times
               For advanced: 11 times (21 times during winters)

Health benefits: Good for uterus prolapse, hernia, urinary and prostate issues and stomach ailments.

Note: Bahaya Pranayama should not be practiced by patients of heart complications and hypertension.

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(4) Arouse Your Kundalini Shakti With Anulom Vilom Pranayama

Procedure: Hold right nasal with thumb, breathe in from the left one. Open right nasal. Close the left one with middle and ring finger. Breathe out from the right nasal. Now, breathe in from the right. Close the right nasal and open the left nasal, breathe out and again in from the left nasal. Repeat the same.

Duration: 10 minutes minimum

Health benefits: Helps in dealing with heart blockage, arthritis, depression, sinus, high BP, cartilage, parkinson and sinual fluid reduced.

Note: Do it slowly and breathe into lungs and not into stomach.

(5) Free Your Mind From Anger And Frustration With Bhramari Pranayama

Procedure: Close ears using thumb, keep index finger on forehead and the rest three on the base of the nose, touching the eyes. Now breathe in. Breathe out through nose while humming.

Duration: For beginners- 3 times
                For advanced- 11 to 21 minutes

Health Benefits: Effective against depression, fear, heart blockage, sinus, stress and doubts.

Note: People suffering from tumor, migraine, epilepsy and severe headaches, should avoid Bhramari Pranayama.

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(6) Improve The Quality Of Your Sleep With Udgeeth Pranayama

Procedure: Inhalation and exhalation should be long, slow and subtle. Inhale slowly and while exhaling, chant ‘OM’ slowly. Lengthen each breath to one one minute. Visualize the breath entering and moving inside the body.

Duration: At least 3 minutes

Health benefits: Improves the quality of sleep and is good for insomnia. 

(7) Proceed On The Path Of Spirituality With Pranava Pranayama

Procedure: Close the eyes and sit quietly. Breathe in naturally.

Duration: 2-3 mins or more

Health benefits: Deeper spiritual, physical and mental energy. Gives good health and and provides resistance against physical remedies. 

Practice Pranayama daily and you will get harmony between your soul and body. Adding this outstanding Yoga technique in your daily regime will improve your level of concentration, inner peace, helping you to have a better self control. These Pranayama tips have always benefited people and never harmed. Still, it would be better to consult a practitioner because performing Pranayama technique in a wrong way may harm you. We hope you will perform it right and take care if you have any health complication. Stay healthy & be blessed!


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