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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Mars Transiting to Gemini on 5 July 2013 - Effects on You!

Mars is transiting to Gemini on 4th July.
Mars will transit on 5th of July 2013 at 01:11 am to Gemini. Astrologers say that owing to the transit of Mars to Gemini, there will be a huge impact on the environmental conditions. Therefore, we will experience heavy rainfall this month. The transit will be excellent for people engaged in the agricultural industry as well. Those who cultivate crops like red chilli, mustard, linseed and sugarcane will greatly benefit. This is a blooming time goldsmiths and merchants who deal with copper. Since cash crop like cotton will grow in abundance, people engaged in cotton industry will also gain from Mars’ transit.

Now let us see the impact that transit of Mars will have on the horoscopes:


You will be very courageous during this period. You will go on a journey and it will be fruitful for you. Get ready to embrace some good tidings. Your family members, especially your brother will be in good health and happy. You may attain some material goods. This period will strengthen you to the extent that even your opponents will not be able to face you or stand up against you. Your hard work will give you success.


Transit of Mars, will prove to be very disadvantageous for you. This is not a good period for financial gain. You will be the victim of immense strain because of some family members. You may get involved in some argument that result from trivial talks. So please restrain control over your tongue to avoid any problem. You may have to depend upon people you generally disregard. Theft or loss in business will lead to financial crisis. Take care of your health.


Through this transit, you will achieve a mixed bag of results. Do not get over excited or enthusiastic about any anticipated event because it is most like that you will not approve of the outcome. Be very careful during this period as you may be targeted by a minor ailment or accident. I would advise you not to take any risks or get involved in betting as these are not your days. Family problems will keep you distressed and at unrest.


Owing to the transit of Mars to Gemini you may have to face a number of obstacles and predicaments. Your ego and obstinate attitude will also be responsible for your sorrow. Instead of handling situations wisely you make present your pride that will further complicate situations for you.


A friend who is there by your side, when you desperately require them, is a true friend and you have got plenty of them. You will gain from your valuable friends and supporters. Your desires will finally come true. You may have to go on a travel. Don’t hesitate as it will prove lucrative. Your financial condition will be soaring high. You will spend quite a bit on luxurious items and on entertainment. You will be blessed with a happy family atmosphere.


You will get benefit from trading. The benefit also seems to be coming from public or government sector. You will be in good terms holding higher positions, which will benefit you. Business will also expand soon. You will have enough confidence to handle the adverse situations. Enemies will not be able to hurt you.


You will get support from the elder people around. Long distance journeys will prove to be successful. Income will rise and new resources will arrive. Expenditures will also increase, but they won’t go beyond your income. Chances of income through betting are also expected. Try to utilize the best of this wonderful time.


This time is not at all good. So, beware! There are good chances of financial losses. Don’t take any risk in this time and avoid betting. Troubles may arise due to health. Relations in family seem to be on stake. You may get some bad news.


You may have to face troubles in daily routine works. Rivals will put try to ruin your reputation. A dispute with supporters as well as partners is also expected. Family life will also suffer. Take care of your health. Journeys will give you disappointments. You may stay stressed due to the health of your partner. During this time, your life will go through a hard time.


You will stay quite happy during this time period. Situations at work will improve. Immense profit is expected. Family environment will also be happy. You will desire to eliminate all the barriers and difficulties of your life. You need to stay alert while driving.


You need to stay alert because you may not be able to take right decisions. Troubles may sprout up because of the health as well as family members. Avoid betting. You may also have to do some expenditure that will come with the reasons beyond your understanding. You will get disappointed from friends and relatives. Journeys will exhaust you.


During this period of time, you will suffer from mental strains. You will stay deprived of happiness, immovable property, bliss of vehicle and relations with friends as well as women. This time is not good financially. Hence, the expenditure will also be high. You may also have to spend for some hidden activities. A sudden loss is also expected.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Mars in Aries Effects

By Pt. Hanumaan Mishra
Transit of Mars in Aries will bring some significant changes to your life.
Effect of ‘Mars in Aries’

Mars, Saturn and Rahu (Ascending Lunar Node) have transitory relation. Let us find out how dangerous and dreadful it could be.

On 12th March at 7:36pm, Mangal (Mars) is going back to its own Rashi (zodiac sign) Aries. It will be in Aries till 23rd May. However, it is in its Rashi, still it cannot be said to be at a favorable place. Mars is a planet of fire element. Aries is also considered the planet of fire element. Planet Mars, with its seventh aspect, will be watching Saturn and Rahu (Ascending Lunar Node) which are in Libra. Therefore, Mars will be at the seventh house of Rahu (Ascending Lunar Node) and Saturn. Hence, these are aspecting each other.

The relationship between Mars and Rahu (Ascending Lunar Node) is considered the Angarak Yog. At the same time, Saturn is said to be the significator of explosives and Mars the significator of fire. Therefore, temperature will increase rapidly. The incidents of fire will take place frequently in the country and world around. It is expected that there might be fire incidents at factories of leather, oil and machinery.  Also, there will be a sharp increase in the incidents of road accidents and electricity equipments might also not work properly which will lead to chaos in the system. There will be shortage of electricity. People related to professions like police, surgeon, boxing and other sports are not going to have a very favorable time.

The Angarak Yog made due to the Mars and Rahu (Ascending Lunar Node) indicates that there will increase incidents of fire. Also, there might be incidents of fire in trains. Telecommunication will also have an adverse effect because of this Yog. Libra and Aries will be affected greatly with this Yog so there is a possibility that networks of Reliance and Idea might also get affected. There will be interruptions in the internet services. Mars and Retro Saturn are in aspect with each other which indicates a volcanic eruption and an earthquake. The relation between Mars, Rahu (Ascending Lunar Node) and Saturn is also indicating a terrorist activity. This incident can take place in a western state. At the same time Mars which is in zodiac sign Aries can also be dangerous for the southern states. This indicates that a terrorist activity can take place in the southern states of India. Also, there will be an increase in the inflation rate. The public will not be satisfied and it is bound to increase. There will be a sharp increase in the hate speeches from political leaders. People who are investing in foreign lands will also face troubles.

The Rahu (Ascending Lunar Node) is in the Vishakha constellation of Jupiter. Therefore, it is expected that decrease in the rate of Gold will continue for a fortnight. The Rahu (Ascending Lunar Node) is in the constellation of Jupiter, which is aspected by Mars. This is indicating a religious dispute. Also, it looks like a big name in politics could get into some trouble. In the eastern areas, war like situations could arise. In India, areas like Marwar, Kashmir and Tamil Nadu should be given extra attention. Therefore, up till 23rd May, vehicles should be driven with utmost care. People with zodiac signs Libra, Aries, Scorpio, Capricorn and Aquarius should specially be careful.