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Shravana Putrada Ekadashi 2019 Vrat and Puja Rituals

Shravana Putrada Ekadashi, as the name suggests is celebrated during the month of Sawan. Ekadashi Tithi is quite dear to Lord Vishnu, which is why special prayers are offered to him on such days. This particular Ekadashi falls in the month of Shravan, and thus it is given the name, Shravan Ekadashi. It also provides the boon of bright progeny to a native and hence known as Putrada Ekadashi. The observation of the appropriate rites and rituals and fasts on this day not only fulfills the longing desires of the devotees, but also blesses those natives with good and bright children who don’t have any. The fast kept on this day helps to garner the supreme benediction of Lord Vishnu and he/she becomes eligible to attain salvation. 

When is Shravana Putrada Ekadashi in 2019 

As per the Hindu Panchang, the Shravana Putrada Ekadashi fast is kept on the Ekadashi of Shukla Paksha during the month of Sawan. Lord Vishwadeva is considered the ruling lord of Ekadashi Tithi, which is why prayers should be offered to him as well on this day. Primarily, the fast of Putrada Ekadashi is kept by married natives with the motive of getting blessed with progeny. Those who keep fasts on Ekadashis, should ensure the observation of this fast too. Those who are wondering about the date and timings of Shravana Putrada Ekadashi 2019, we would like to inform them that this fast will be kept on Sunday, 11 August 2019 and it’s vow or pran will remain valid until the next day, i.e. 12 August, 2019. On Saturday, 10 August 2019, the Tithi of Ekadashi begins at 10:10: 31 AM in the morning and will remain until 10:54:19 AM on Sunday, 11 August 2019. Since the Ekadashi Tithi will remain available on this day during Sunrise, the fast will be kept on this day and opened on the next day i.e. 12 August, 2019. The auspicious Muhurat is of Sharavan Putrada Ekadashi is given below.

Shravana Putrada Ekadashi Vrat Muhurat (11August 2019)
Shravana Putrada Ekadashi Vrat Muhurat From 05:12:02 to 07:47:48 on the morning of 12 August, 2019
Duration2 hours 35 minutes

Note : This Muhurat is applicable for New Delhi only. Click Here to Know the Shravana Putrada Ekadashi Muhurat for your city 

हिन्दी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें

Shravana Putrada Ekadashi Importance

Shravana Putrada Ekadashi, which is quite dear to Lord Vishnu arrives twice a year. The first round of celebrations take place in the Hindu month of Sharvan and the other one during the Posh month. In the northern part of India, the Ekadashi which falls in the month of Posh is taken into account while in the other parts of India, the Shravan Shukla Ekadashi is given more importance. This Shraavan Putrada Ekadashi is known as Pavitra Ekadashi in many places and some natives also call it Pavitrapona Ekadashi.

According to the Puranas, the righteousness obtained by keeping fast on Shravan Putrada Ekadashi is far more than the virtues received after making grain donation, gold donation, cow donation, kanyadan or taking a bath during eclipse and definitely more than what is received after performing persistent meditation, Ashwamedh Yagya and going on a pilgrimage. During Shravan Shukla Ekadashi, which arrives in the month of Sawan, one can get results which are obtained only after performing Vajpayee Yajna only by observing the fast and listening to the Vrat katha 

The Bhavishya Purana states that since Vishwadeva is the ruling lord of Ekadashi Tithi, he should also be worshipped on this day as a result of which, a native gets blessed with children, wealth, grain, cattle, vehicle and house. The reasons given above explain why the Shravan Putrada Ekadashi fast is given great importance.

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Shravana Putrada Ekadashi Puja Vidhi 

Those natives who wish to keep fasts on this day should be well aware of all the rites and rituals which should be followed on this day, to avoid all kinds of discrepancies. The right rituals to follow on this day are mentioned below. 

  • Those who wish to keep the Shravana Putarda Ekadashi fast should not consume any food since the sunset of its previous day. 
  • while observing the fast, one should maintain a calm demeanor and not let any bad thoughts like jealousy and cruelty to take house in the mind. 
  • Until the opening time of the fast, one should remain in a calm state and observe celibacy. 
  • Wake up early in the morning during the Brahma Muhurat and purify yourself after taking a holy bath and wearing new clothes. 
  • Afterwards, place the idol of Lord Vishnu at the altar and light a desi ghee lamp in front of him. 
  • After lighting the lamp, take an oath to observe the fast of Shravana Putrada Ekadashi 
  • Offer prayers to Lord Ganesh before praying to Lord Vishnu as he is the one who is worshipped first according to Hindu customary practices.
  • Soon after, perform the puja of Vishnu ji for five times. 
  • And then, offer flowers, seasonal fruits, basil leaves and sandalwood etc. to the Lord. 
  • Afterwards, recite or listen to the Putrada Ekadashi Vrat Katha and involve others in this act too. 
  • When the Katha concludes, perform the Arti of Lord Vishnu with a devoted heart and mind. 
  • It should be kept in mind that you cannot consume any grain on this day. However, fruits can be eaten. 
  • During the evening hours, consume milk or food items made of milk , sweets made of khoya and items made of kuttu flour. Rock salt and pepper can be used in food items. But iodized salt , black salt and red pepper should be strictly avoided. 
  • It proves to be very beneficial to recite the Vishnu Sahasranama Stotram on this day.
  • Those natives who observe the fast of Ekadashi should conduct jagran and bhajan kirtan ceremonies during the night. 
  • On the next day, the fast is opened after sunrise. 
  • Natives should remember that the fast should not be opened during Hari Basar( the one fourth duration of Dwadashi Tithi)
  • The morning hours of the day is considered very auspicious to open the fast. Natives should keep in mind to open the fast before the Dwadashi tithi ends as one can commit a grave sin otherwise. 
  • If the Dwadashi Tithi ends completely before sunrise then the fast should be opened after sunrise only. 
  • After the Ekadashi Tithi, feed meals to brahmins and make donations to them on Dwadashi Tithi. 

The successful adherations of all the rites mentioned above while observing the fast of Shravan Shukla Putra Ekadashi, fulfills the longing desires of a person and he/she becomes free from the sins committed in a lifetime. Those married natives who have not been blessed with progeny should specifically observe the Putra Ekadashi fast, as it helps them to earn the boon of a bright child. Whether you keep this fast or not, you should not consume rice on the day of Ekadashi.

We hope to give you insightful details about Shravana Putrapada Ekadashi. We wish you all the very best for your upcoming future!!

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