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15 August: Indian Independence Day

15 August – every citizen will celebrate the Indian Independence Day! Discover the country’s future through its kundali. With this blog, on the 73rd anniversary of India’s independence, we are astrologically predicting what the future holds, in the upcoming year for our beloved country.

15 August is a great day for all Indians because on this day we overthrew the rule of the Britishers becoming an independent country. Hence, we ever since that day in 1947, we celebrate 15 August as Independence day, every year. On this day, every citizen of the country hoists the tricolour flag and feels proud to be an Indian. This is our 73rd Independence Day, and each year we ponder upon our achievements in the past year while planning on doing better on the weak parts in the coming year. 

In the days past, we have achieved many significant accomplishments in various fields, ranging from becoming Nuclear powered to sending the Chandrayaan-2. Not only did this bring India almost at par with most of the top countries in the field of Science. There have been significant improvements in not only in the field of information technology as well as infrastructure. Numerous great plans like the Swachh Bharat Mission, Digital India, Mgnrega, Sukanya, and Sukanya Samriddhi Account, etc. are prevalent in the country. They have been very beneficial for the countrymen. 

However, on the flip side, the rapidly growing population, problem of clean drinking water, corruption, environmental imbalance, different types of pollution, economic inequality, communalism, etc. are the fields that still need work. We hope that soon, our beloved country will lead in all domains, moving ahead progressively, improving and developing further. While challenges will continue to be, just as before, however, they will be defeated with our strong will power. As a matter of fact, several other foreign countries will also bow before the unity and integrity of India.

15 August: What Does India’s Kundali Say On Its Independence Day

In order to discover what the future has in store for a person or country, we need to study their birth chart, because the planetary positions in the kundali mainly describe the same. Therefore, on India’s 73rd Independence Day, we have created India’s natal chart to determine what the coming year holds for Indians:

Independence was declared on 15 August 1947, at midnight (12:00); therefore, we have taken this as the birth details for India’s kundli and the following has been created:

In the kundali above, made after India attained independence on 15 August, some notable facts apparent are:

  • India’s birth chart is of Taurus ascendant and the Lord of First house, Venus, is posited in the third house.
  • No planet is retrograde, and only Venus and Saturn are debilitated.
  • The zodiac sign of India is Cancer and its Lord, Moon is posited in Cancer, in the Pushya Nakshatra.
  • Presently, India is undergoing the major period (mahadasha) of Moon and sub-period (antardasha) of Jupiter.
  • Moon, which is the Lord of the third house, is posited in the same house and the nakshatra of Saturn. Thus, it will bear fruits of Saturn as well, who is already a yoga karaka planet for this kundali. Hence, it can be said that the Moon’s state will take India to great heights.
  • Jupiter, Lord of eighth and eleventh house in the kundali, is posited in the seventh house and its own nakshatra, Vishakha; and is aspecting the tenth, twelfth, and second houses as well.
  • It is evident from the aforementioned planetary positions that nothing will stop India’s ascent in the world as it progresses further. However, there will also be several challenges for our beloved country.
  • Apart from this, taking a look at the yearly kundli, we can see that Libra ascendant is rising and Muntha is in the eighth house.
  • The Lord of both, Yearly Ascendant Natal Chart (Varsh Lagna Kundali) and Muntha, is Venus that is posited in the tenth house.
  • In the tenth house, Sun and Mercury placed in the inimical sign Cancer, are indicating challenges for the ruling party.
  • The Muntha of the eighth house also creates several adverse conditions.
  • In such a scenario, the present government may have to go through a variety of odd situations. Moreover, they may even face opposition in some places.

India Will Emerge Stronger And Powerful

Retrograde Saturn is transiting in the zodiac sign Sagittarius and is posited in the sixth house from the Moon sign. On the other hand, Jupiter is posited in the sign of Scorpio and is in the fifth house from the moon sign and twelfth house from Saturn. This indicates sound decision making. The retrograde Saturn is even more powerful now, as it now contains Chesta Bala. In such a situation, India will stand firm and face all the problems and challenges in front of it. As a result, it will emerge as an influential nation in the world. 

War Like Situations Can Occur

Saturn will remain in retrograde motion till 18 September. Where on the one hand, it will give India strength; on the other, it can also create a warlike situation. However, all opposing forces will be decimated with full power, and this will be a milestone in the country’s development.

India’s Finances Will Improve

The aforementioned planetary positions indicate that the government of India will work primarily on the Tax system of the country and make all efforts to strengthen our economy. In this, several policies will also be made to increase the capital base of all public sector banks even though the opposition makes strong objections to the same. 

Political Equations Will Change

There will be several changes apparent in the field of politics, which will be opposed by insiders, whereas some outsiders will talk about supporting the same. There will be a fierce clash between the ideologies of the opposition and the ruling party. There may be some delay in the work of prioritizing the national interest, but it will then attain speed after September. The boastfulness and bragging of national leaders can lead to many kinds of problems.

New Schemes In The Country’s Interest Announced

Regardless of some challenging situations possibly arising, the ruling party will announce many public-friendly schemes. Additionally, attempts will be made to ensure that they are duly followed. It is evident that they are working on some new schemes. However, it should be noted that specific tax schemes may be implemented which will be slightly problematic in the beginning.

Need To Be Wary Of Health Problems

Despite the numerous good things happening, one needs to remain cautious this year. There is a possibility of Indians suffering from contagious/infectious/transmissible diseases as well as other illnesses in the coming days. Due to this reason, the government will make efforts to improve the health issues, yet, despite that, the citizens will remain troubled.

A Big Leap In The Field Of Technology

Saturn will enter the zodiac sign of Capricorn at the beginning of the next year. That time will prove to be favourable for foreign trade in the country as well as substantial progress in the field of information technology is indicated. Jupiter will also be transiting through the zodiac sign Sagittarius, due to which Anti-national elements will be challenged, and efficient plans will be implemented. 

From this perspective, it is evident that India will move ahead on the path of progress, becoming one of the greatest countries out there. The youth of the country will get new opportunities, and the development of technology will be increasingly more than usual. New schemes pertaining to health and education will be implemented which will benefit all the countrymen.

This 15 August, on the 73rd Independence Day, let us all take an oath to make our country thriving, vibrant, and prosperous by making all possible positive efforts in this direction. Let us promise to make the country clean with Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, and follow the law and order. Only then will our developing country will finally become a developed country.

We Wish All Our Indian Brothers and Sisters A Happy 73rd Independence Day!

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