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Nag Panchami 2019: Muhurat and Puja Rituals

Nag Panchami and Kalki Jayanti Tomorrow!! Know the importance of worshipping the Lords on this day

Nag Panchami is quite an auspicious festival celebrated during the month of Sawan. On this day, prayers are offered to all the Naag Devtas. Reverence is also paid to Lord Shiva in a special manner. Natives who are in constant troubles due to the presence of Kaal Sarp Dosh, Sarp Dosh or the malefic effects of Rahu in their respective Kundlis can gain miraculous benefits by worshipping all the Navanag(nine serpents). The great serpent, residing in the neck of Lord Shiva is also revered in a special way in the month of Sawan. Another serpent king, Sheshnag, who dedicates himself to serve Lord Vishnu is also venerated during the month of Shravan. He is known as Anant in all the three worlds. The great sage Kashyap and his wife Kadru gave birth to the Nagas or serpents. The Nagas have a deep affection for a place named Ananatnag situated in Jammu and Kashmir because it is believed that this place used to be their kingdom at a certain point of time in history. They are given great importance in Hinduism and and prayers are offered to them to get blessed with peace and prosperity. 

When is Nag Panchami 2019?

As per the Hindu Panchang, Nag Panchami is celebrated on the Shukla Paksha’s Panchami Tithi of the pious Sawan month. The serpent Lord or Sarp Devta is considered to be the ruling lord of Panchami Tithi, which is why Naag Devta is worshipped on this particular day. If you wish to know the observation date of Nag panchami 2019, then we would like to inform that this particular festival will be celebrated on Monday, 5 August, 2019. The Muhurat of Nag Panchami 2019 is mentioned below.

                                    Nag Panchami 2019 Muhurat 
Nag Panchami 2019 Puja Muhurat
From 05:44:20 to 08:25:22 in the morning 
2 hours 41 minutes

Note: This Muhurat is applicable for New Delhi only. Click Here to Know your city’s Muhurat

Nag Panchami Importance 

According to Hinduism, each and every festival has a unique significance, which makes it very efficacious. In the same vein, the festival of Nag Panchami is also given predominance for a couple of reasons, which we would like to list down. To begin with, Nag Panchami is celebrated during the month of Sawan which is quite dear to Lord Shiva. Both Lord Vishnu and Shiva live amongst serpents and the ruling lord of Panchami Tithi is Nag Devta or Serpent Lord. Thus, Nag Panchami which arrives during the month of Shravan is considered significant as rituals are conducted on this day to obtain the blessings of the Nagas. By offering prayers to the Nagas on this day, your entire family receives the benediction of Nag Devta and each and every family member can leave behind the fear of snake bites or suffering from fatal incidents due to any kind of poison. One also witnesses the inflow of peace and prosperity in the household. Coincidentally, this year i.e. in 2019, Nag Panchami will be observed on Monday which is why its commemoration becomes crucial in a substantial manner. 

Get Rid of Kaal Sarp Dosh on Nag Panchami 

On the day of Nag Panchami, a native can get rid of Kaal Sarp Dosh, Sarp Dosh and the malefic effects of Rahu present in his/her Kundli. One can visit the prominent holy sites like Mahakaleshwar Jyotirlinga, Trimbakeshwar Jyotirlinga and the other temples of Lord Shiva on this day to pacify the Kaal Sarp and Sarp Doshas present in the birth chart. Additionally, the conduction of Mahadev’s Rudrabhisek will also bring forth unlimited happiness and helps the native to gain redemption from all the sins committed by him/her. Not only this, the affliction of the cruel planets can also be customized by performing the Rudrabhishek. Plantation of Nag Shekhar plant on this day helps to wipe out the Sarp Dosh. Along with all these tasks mentioned above, a native should chant mantras to pacify Rahu, make donations and offer a pair of Nag-Nagin made of silver in a Shiva temple to eradicate the Kaal Sarp Dosha and also the afflictions of Rahu and Ketu.

Nag Panchami Puja Rituals

The pictures of serpents are drawn on the main door of the house with the help of cow dung and charcoal and then prayers are offered to them. Shortly, an oblation of milk made food items are also made in front of them and devotees ask them to bless their household with peace, happiness and good progeny. Additionally, visiting a Lord Shiva temple on this day and offering a silver made pair of nag- nagin is also considered to generate extremely beneficial results. If it is not possible to pray in the prescribed manner, then the Navnag Stotra given below should be chanted, as it is the most auspicious deed to perform on the day of Naag Panchami. 

anaṃtaṃ vāsuki śeṣa padmanābhaṃ ca kambalam।

śaḍkhapāla dhārtarāṣṭra takṣakaṃ kāliyaṃ tathā।।

etāni nava nāmāni nāgānāṃ ca mahātmanām।

sāyaṃkāle paṭhennityaṃ prātaḥ kāle viśeṣataḥ।।

tasme viṣabhayaṃ nāsti sarvatra vijayīṃ bhavet।

अनंतं वासुकि शेष पद्मनाभं च कम्बलम्।

शड्खपाल धार्तराष्ट्र तक्षकं कालियं तथा।।

एतानि नव नामानि नागानां च महात्मनाम्।

सायंकाले पठेन्नित्यं प्रातः काले विशेषतः।।

तस्मे विषभयं नास्ति सर्वत्र विजयीं भवेत्।

The recitation of this Strota is done for the Navanag (nine serpents), which are : Anant, Vasuki, Shesh, Padmanabh, Kambal, Shankhpal, Dhartarashtra, Takshak and Kaliya. Devotees wish for peace and prosperity while chanting this Stotram. The recitation must be done for at least eleven times. Some amount of donations are also made to snake charmers so that they can take proper care of the nagas. 

The Temple whose Door opens once in a Year 

We would also like to notify the readers about one such temple whose door opens once in a year. It is the temple of Lord Nagchandreshwar, which is located in the courtyard of Mahakaleshwar Jyotirlinga in Ujjain and Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati reside in this temple. As it has been said, the main doors of this temple get unbuckled on Nag Panchami and devotees from many far away places visit this temple to offer prayers and milk to Lord Nagchandreshwar. Beliefs state that paying a venerational visit to Lord Nagchandreshwar helps the natives to eliminate each and every kind of Dosha present in his/her birth chart. Legend also has it that Vasuki ji takes abode in this particular temple during the other days of the year, when its doors remains bolted. 

Kalki Jayanti Celebrations on the Same Day 

On the day of Nag Panchami, Kalki Jayanti will also be celebrated. This festival is devoted to celebrate the last avatar(incarnation) of all the ten avatars of Lord Vishnu. The Lord will take the form of Kalki, at the end of Kalyug -- as the world ends, he will come wielding a fiery sword on his white horse.The followers of Vishnu Ji pay visits to his temples and offer prayers to him and also to his incarnation, Kalki. On Monday, 5 August 2019, Kalki Jayanti will be celebrated on the Muhurat given below.

                                                  Kalki Jayanti Muhurat 
                      Kalki Jayanti Muhurat 
From 16:26:02  to 19:05:02 in the evening

2 Hours 39 Minutes

On the day of Kalki Jayanti, you should visit Lord Vishnu's temple and worship him five times and if this is not possible then venerate the Lord or recite the Vishnu Sahasranama Stotram with pure devotion, and then pay reverence to Vishnu ji’s Kalki incarnation.

We hope that this blog on Nag Panchami and Kalki Jyanti will prove to be insightful for you. Astrosage wishes you the best for your future!

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