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Mercury Transit in Cancer Brings Major Life Changes!

Mercury transiting in Cancer formed a Mahayog with Sun-Mars-Venus! Know the benefits of Mercury transiting in Cancer and find out what obstacles will come in your way in this duration.

Vedic Astrology defines Mercury as a young planet naturally, which is also hailed as the “Prince” among the nine planets or Navagrahas. As a young prince gradually learns new skills during the course of time, similar is the nature of Mercury. It delivers results according to the planet it is posited with, i.e. favourable with benefic planets and vice versa. Mercury is the Karaka planet or significator of intelligence, logical power, mathematics, research, speech, communication, skin, statistics and travel. In case you wish to embark on a new project related to any of the above-mentioned sectors, your Mercury must remain strong and placed beneficially to garner desired results. 

The planet rules the North direction and Ashlesha, Jyeshta and Revati Nakshatra. It is friendly with Venus and Rahu, whereas it shares an inimical bond with the Moon. Mercury in a retrograde motion is considered a significant event as it offers major outcomes in the business and intelligence. Mercury had become retrograde some time ago, and now is becoming direct and transiting in Cancer gain.

Planet Mercury in Astrology

Mercury in a favourable position in one’s kundli is considered auspicious as well as fruitful. In such a state, the native becomes well-behaved, well-spoken and intelligent. Such a person becomes particularly successful in the field of business and shows off his/her skills whenever the opportunity arrives. On the other hand if Mercury is posited unfavourably or weak, the native tends to become intellectually slow and may suffer from skin-related diseases. Such a person doesn’t remain practical and fails to grow in business. To strengthen the placement of Mercury, astrologers recommend wearing high-quality Emerald gemstone or Char Mukhi Rudraksha or Four-Faced Rudraksha.

Among all other planets, Mercury holds an authoritative dominance, as it remains strong throughout the day or night, and delivers results throughout the period of mahadasha. It rules over air, bile and cough related illnesses. It forms the Budhaditya Yoga when placed with Sun, which makes a native well-learned and an expert. Other than this, if Mercury is placed in its exalted sign Virgo or in the Kendra houses in its own sign Gemini, it forms a Bhadra Namak Panch Mahapurush Yoga, which blesses the native with all kinds of happiness and success in life.

Conjunction of Mercury with Three Planets

During its transit in Cancer, Mercury conjuncted with Sun, Mars and Venus already posited there. Mercury remains friendly with Venus and Sun but garners inauspicious results when placed with Mars. It is important to note that both Mercury and Venus are kind in nature, but Sun and Mars come under the fire element and are conjuncting with Cancer sign (water element). Hence, planet Mercury will garner mixed results. As a result, the native may face speech defect, thereby leading to several challenges. 

Time of Transit

Mercury had entered Cancer some time ago in June 2019, but became retrograde on 8 July 2019 and entered Gemini on 30 July. After this, it became direct on 1 August and transited in Cancer again on Saturday, 3 August, 2019 around 5:44 AM in the morning.

Effects of Mercury Transit on Students

This transit of Mercury garners mixed results for students. Due to the conjunction of Venus and Sun with Mercury, the native will flourish in spiritual and practical matters. Time seems favourable for students pursuing their studies in the field of Interior Designing, Architecture, Media, Writing, Editing, and Acting. But the presence of Mars may persuade them to focus more, as they may feel distracted.

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Nationwide Effects of Mercury Transit

Mercury transit in Cancer will bring out special results for the country. India comes under the zodiac sign Cancer, due to which the Mercury has transited in the first house. As a result, there will be a hike in foreign exchange reserves and some friendly neighbouring countries will too support India. Several other countries will appreciate the ideas and suggestions given by India, hereby affecting its global reputation and goodwill. Apart from this, taxes gained from the public will be spent on development activities. Also, efforts will be put in making communication devices and technology better.

Let's read the effects of this transit on different zodiac signs:

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