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Weekly Horoscope (22 - 28 January 2018)

These 7 Zodiacs will be benefited the most! What financial benefits you will gain in business, how thriving your job will be, what are your chances of finding love and much more. Read weekly horoscope to know what your future has in store for you this week.


You may feel low-spirited in the beginning, but the situations will gradually become normal. Monetary affairs will remain unaffected this week. Avoid excessive hot and fried foods, as it may cause health related problems. Pay attention to your mother’s health. There are chances of some disagreement with your father. You may plan a long trip this week. Work life will be as usual. Your authority will increase, but avoiding any kind of dispute at workplace is recommended. Students may face challenging situations, so hard work and concentration will be beneficial at this time. You may feel difference of thoughts with your child.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: Love related matters will be gloomy this week. You may have some kind of clashes with your partner. There are also chances of big fights as well. If you are married, then try to understand the feelings of your spouse. This will make your bond stronger. Your spouse may also take interest in spiritual activities.

REMEDY: Plant Pomegranate at some distance outside your home.



You will focus completely on increasing your monetary sources this week. You may not find situations as per your expectations, so it may lessen your enthusiasm. Since, hard work is the key to success, so keep up the good work. Pay attention to your father's health as it may decline. Take care of your health as well. You may plan a long trip this week. Students will get desired results. Your children will also feel high-spirited, though never leave them alone during this time.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This will be a casual week for love matters. Your will feel closer to your partner and will share your feelings with each other. You may also plan a trip together. If married, your partner’s resentment may affect you. It will be beneficial to not lose your patience.

REMEDY: Offer red flowers and worship Goddess Durga.


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Pay attention to your health this week. It will also be beneficial to work dedicatedly and focusedly at workplace. Change in job or workplace might be a successful possibility. Your parent’s health will be normal. Your conversational skills promise you good results. Try to Maintain good relationships with senior officials at workplace. You will dominate your opponents this week. Students will find this week appreciable. Your children will also feel high-spirited.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This week seems promising for love related matters. You will meet your love partner secretly and will spend some quality time with him/her. Your bond will grow stronger during this time. Married people may face some difficulties in understanding their better half. This may affect your relationship. However, your spouse may hear some good news. Their desires may also get fulfilled which will make you happy as well.

REMEDY: Reciting lessons of Shri Vishnu Sahasranama will be beneficial.



You will be quite busy this week which may affect your health. As a result, you may feel drained and distressed. However, your family life will remain peaceful and happy. Students will achieve good results for their hard work. If you have children, they may act angry and stubborn, though they will perform their task energetically. You will dominate your opponents this week, but avoid using bitter words. Take care of your health. So, pay close attention to your financial budget.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This will be a normal week for love matters. Don’t be desperate in love as this may create distances between you and your partner. Have patience and let your partner initiate things first. If you are married, try to avoid clashes that may affect your relationship. Your spouse’s health may also create problems for you.

REMEDY: Offer wheat to Lord Shiva.


You may have to go on unwanted trips this week. Your expenses may also increase. However, buying of a new property or vehicle may be a good possibility. Pay attention to your mother’s health as it may distress you. Religious tasks as well as charity work will interest you. You may have disputes with your siblings. Children may cause you distress. Students may feel lack of concentration this week. You will work hard at workplace and will get support from your seniors, but avoid any kind of clashes.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: Love matters may have a gloomy week. It is advised to be patient and be loyal to your partner. New relationship may also develop during this period. If you are already in a relationship, then understand its importance and cherish it. If married, your relationship with your life partner will improve and will become stronger. Your spouse may also get promotion which will make you happy.

REMEDYOffer yellow flowers and worship Lord Vishnu.



You will feel energetic this week and perform every task firmly. This will reap you good rewards and success. Your performance will be appreciated at workplace, although this will make you spend less time with your family. Pay attention to your child’s health as it may cause you distress. Students should study hard to achieve good results in exams. There are possibilities of monetary gains during this period. Few people may have some auspicious function or party in their home.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: You will feel mixed emotions this week. Where ego may affect your relationship on one side, being patient and rational can make it grow stronger on the other hand. If you are married, your spouse will remain devoted to you and your family. This will sweeten and balance up your relationship. You will also give respect to each other.

REMEDY: Offer green coloured bangles to Devi Maa in the temple on Wednesday.



This week seems quite beneficial for the natives of Libra. Whatever decision you will take this week, it will be influential and powerful for you. You may have to pay attention to your work. Family life may face ups and downs. Avoid meaningless disputes and lazy behaviour. Also avoid using bitter words. Students will work hard to achieve good results. Engagement in multiple tasks may overwhelm you. There is a possibility of some kind of benefits from the government.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This will be a good week for love relationships. Your efforts will become progressive as it is the right time to move further in your relationship. Your lover will understand your feelings and will love you more for it. If you are married, pay attention to your spouse’s health as it may decline. However, your spouse will remain loyal to you.

REMEDY: Feed bread (roti) to black dog.


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Avoid meaningless fights and keep your temper & behaviour in check as both may affect your health as well as your relationship. Drive carefully during this week. There are high possibilities of property related gains. These seems the challenging times for your siblings. You may feel inclined towards religious activities. Spending money on religious activities also seems a possibility. You will perform all your tasks proficiently and at the right time. You will have a good relationship with your children. Students will also perform well in studies. Family life will remain peaceful and happy.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This will be an average week for love matters. A gap may arise between you and your partner for sometime, but with your love and efforts, you will be able to maintain your relationship successfully. This will also be the right time to self-assess your relationship. If you are married, your bond with your spouse will grow stronger.

REMEDY: Offer white flowers and worship Lord Shiva.



This week your focus will be on your family. You will dedicate your whole time to them and will fulfil all responsibilities towards your children. Unwanted expenses may arise during weekend, so try to keep a tab on your wallet. You will take interest in religious and spiritual activities. A chance to meet the eminent people of the society is also likely. You may attend a ceremony or function this week. Pay attention to your driving as well as your eating habits and try to avoid spicy and greasy meals. Due to illness, you may feel physically weak, so try to maintain a balanced lifestyle. Your siblings will also support you. You may face some disagreement with your child. Students will find this week beneficial for them. Monetary gains on charts for you.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This seems to be a promising week for love relationships. If you have a fight with your partner, try to persuade them. Few lucky people will get the chance to marry their beloved. If married, your relationship with your spouse will grow stronger. You will also spend a good time with each other.

REMEDY: Plant a peepal tree.



Take good care of your health. You will feel affectionate towards people, but at the same time your egoistic nature will be dominant. So, try to maintain a good behaviour with others. You will have the authority at workplace. You may gain benefits from foreign lands. Your income may also increase this week. Your siblings will support you. This will be a good time for students. Your children will remain devoted to you. There is a possibility of selling your land or property. You will dominate your opponents. You will also get support from senior officials.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This will be a normal week for love matters. If you stop dominating or showing arrogance to your partner, your love life will go smoothly. However, your partner will remain loyal to you. If you are married, then pay attention to your spouse’s health. This will strengthen your bond.

REMEDY: Feed flour dough (Aate ka Peda) and green fodder to a cow.


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You will show more interest in family matters this week and will support your siblings. Your status will become prominent at workplace. You may also hear some good news. There are high chances of increase in income. Pay attention to your mother’s health as it may distress you. Your interest will peak in religious activities. Unnecessary expenses may also increase. You may face insomnia or eye related condition, so following a balanced lifestyle is advisable. Students may face some problems. Children will progress in the direction of fulfilling your dreams. You may gain some benefits from elder siblings and senior officials.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: You will experience mixed feelings this week. You will introduce your beloved to your family and friends. You may also go to a party or event together. You may plan a long trip as well. All in all, you will feel more comfortable with each other and will appreciate each other’s feelings. This will strengthen your relationship. If you are married, you may feel aloof from your spouse or their health may decline. So, being patient will be helpful in both situations.

REMEDY: Feed green fodder and vegetables to a cow.



You will feel elated this week which means you will perform every task more enthusiastically. At workplace, you will work hard and your ideas will be appreciated. You will also learn new things from your seniors. Financial benefits from government may be a possibility. Your thoughts may differ from your seniors. Younger siblings will support you in achieving your objectives as well as in monetary gains. Your children are quite troublesome, so treating them as friends is advisable. Students will have to work hard to obtain good results.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This will be a casual week for love related matters. Other than minor squabbles, you will have romantic moments in your life. Your love relationship will progress further this week. If married, your spouse will support you at work. However, some clashes may also arise in your marital life.

REMEDY: Water Peepal tree.


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