Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Influence of Mars Transit in Scorpio and its Remedies

These 6 zodiacs will get favourable benefits from Mars! Mars is the most fiery and powerful planet. It will transit in Scorpio on 17th January, 2018. Read how Mars is astrologically influential for your Zodiac and what remedies one should follow to get success and prosperity.

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You might feel impatient by some obstacles in your projects and that other people are intentionally thwarting your efforts, especially authority figures or supervisors. Read More


There is great potential for hard work and productive results for the native of Taurus. Read More


The native of Gemini will have the least negative impact of these planetary positions on them. Read more

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Positive thinking will help you to attune easily with environment around you and help you in prospering. Read More


The natives of Leo may face challenging situations, but will learn to deal with them in constructive ways. Read More


Not just professional, but your personal relationships also seeks for your attention. Read More

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You may feel yourself stuck in matters related to your family or when it comes to obey the rules of your family. Read More


Your desire for personal freedom will be intense and you’re likely to spend most of your time in experimenting. Read More


This will be a favourable time for those who are planning to move to a distant place or want to move abroad. Read More


Now will be a good time for you to develop your own assets and make financial benefits from properties. Read More


The time seems favourable for working on ideas that you are holding for yourself. Read More


Your health should be the prime concern in this period which influences your family and business. Read More

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