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Weekly Horoscope - Predictions for a better future!

What to do when things go haywire? Read the weekly horoscope for your life to set everything right. Know your love horoscope, and your health status in this Week’s predictions. 

The below-mentioned predictions are based on your moon sign. Calculate your moon sign through Moon sign Calculator


This week you are advised to abstain from having any conflicts with mother. She might have to go through a dwindling health. Your income would be great, however some fluctuations are probable. You might face a lack of contentment at home. Your mind would stray away from home due to this. This week, take care of your child's health. When it's about work, you are advised to give up procrastination and laziness and improve your productivity. Be cautious while driving any automobile. This week sudden wealth gains or a purchase of a property could bring in happiness and bliss at home. 

LOVE PREDICTIONS: The week looks dull for love affairs. There's a possibility that the tensions sprung up due to any reason would change the love relations in such a way that there would be no dedication left. The beginning of the week could be invested in such things. By the the mid of the week, you are advised to refrain from doubting the feelings of your partner. The weekend however, promises to be good for the both of you! 


REMEDY: Offer milk to a Banyan tree. With the same milk that's been offered, apply a Tilak on your forehead.


This week you'll be full of energy and vigour. You'll be focused on your goal and will have a clear view as to how you're going to work on achieving it. However, you might get a little too overconfident in your approach. Refrain from getting into any conflicts with anyone. Your parents might suffer through ill health. You will stay in the pink of your health this week, but your siblings might have to be extra cautious towards their well being. This week you kid will be happy and you'll get your daily dose of sheer bliss just by looking at that face. Your child would excel at his/her education as well. 

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This week will be an amalgamation of sweet and sour memories for you. There are chances that due to extra burden at work you'll have a hard time finding time for your love life. Your partner will be bitter about this. If you're in love with a classmate of yours, the week would give you brilliant results. The start of the week will be great, but the mid of the week would be average. As it all comes an end, the week would close on a bright note.


REMEDY: Feed green fodder to a cow and serve her religiously. 


This week your speech and language skills will improve for the better. You'll gain from this, keeping in mind that you do not use your skills in harming someone's pride. In this case there are steep chances of having conflicts with other people. At home, you'll be enjoying with your family and bask in all the bliss that your kin would offer you. This week your expenses might see a rise. Your mother's health would improve and she'll be more inclined towards spiritual activities than ever before. Whereas, your father will have to be extra careful about his wellness. Your siblings would be kind enough to help you financially in your shortcomings.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: It looks like a favourable time period for you. It's advised that you keep tabs on your speech and the way you portray your emotions. When having a meal with partner, it's advised that you do not force them to eat anything that they dislike. The start of the week would be average for you, however the mid and the weekend would turn things towards the brighter side for you. 


REMEDY: Chant Vishnu Sahasranamam Stotram regularly.


This week minor health ailments are probable. Chest pains and stomach aches could be a frequent visitor in your life. You are advised to keep your temper in control. The students will work diligently this week, aiding them to get good grades. However, they might turn cold towards you. There could be minor conflicts at home, despite this you'll earn well and would be keen on saving most of your income for hard times. Short trips would turn out to be blissful this week. Your siblings would also have a wonderful time this week. You might consider buying a land or a property in this period. 

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This week would turn out to be average for you. However, you'll have to be considerate towards your partner's feelings. With added extra efforts you'll benefit in this period, but only if you do whatever your partner likes. The beginning of the week would be emotionally draining for you, however if you plan beforehand and work in accordance to that, you'll succeed. The end of the week would be on a positive note. 


REMEDY: Proffer white sandalwood and 'akshat’ to Lord Shiva. 


The week would make your mind unstable. You might take some wrong decisions in this period. Health related ailments might bother you. At home, there might be a lack of happiness and bliss. Although, you'll have cordial relationship with all your family members. This week could also experience a change of residence for you. Students will get good grades. There might be fluctuations in business partnerships. However, things will be in your favour at the office and workplace. If you work with high determination and honesty, you'll be able to garner good results in your life. 

LOVE PREDICTIONS: The week would be bittersweet for you. If you succeed in balancing your professional and personal life, the results would be great! There are chances that you’ll develop a close connection with a colleague in this duration. The start of the week would be a bit weak, but the mid of the week would be average. The weekend would bring in the lost charm back in your life. 


REMEDY: On a Wednesday, donate 7 types of cereals. 


This week your luck would support you! Your glory in the society would increase. Due to work, you might go off to some place far for a long trip. With your intellectual prowess you’ll be able to crack even the most complex of situations with profound ease. This week the sources of income would manifold, bringing in more happiness in your life. Any unexpected gain is also probable in your life in this period. Your children might have to suffer from health ailments. Your expenses would increase this week, so be cautious. Take care of your well being as well. 

LOVE PREDICTIONS: An average week for your love life is predicted. However, if you’ve been planning to go with your partner to a romantic place, things would finally turn out in your favour. The start of the week would be brilliant for you. Therefore, make good use of this period. The middle of the week might be a tad bit irksome for you, but you’ll make out of it fantastically!


REMEDY: Worship Lord Vishnu daily and offer him yellow sandalwood. 


The time is brilliant for career, job, and income. You might have to face some struggles at home. Some tensions might crop up, increasing your stress. At workplace, you’ll garner benefits and success; however, abstain from having any fights or conflicts. In many cases you’ll get gains. You’ll get many chances to deal with things intelligently. Sources of income that are overseas will benefit you this week. Those workings in multinational corporations will get to taste fame and fortune. Mino health issues are likely in this period, so eat with precaution.the week would give mixed results to the students. 

LOVE PREDICTIONS: The week would give you average results in love life. However if you tame down your voice and improve the quality of your speech, things would drastically change for the better for you! The start of the week is nice, however if you are in love with a colleague, the results will be all the more better for you. But, you’ll have to remain extra cautious and modest in your approach. The middle of the week would give you good results, but the end would be on a dull note.


REMEDY: On Tuesday, distribute pomegranate seeds amongst little kids.


THis week you’ll value your father’s opinions and advices, but still there are high chances of you involving in a conflict with him. You father’s health might get low this week, so take care. At the familial front, some minor confrontations are probable. There will be a lack of happiness at both the workplace and at home. This would trigger your mental stress as well. You’ll befriend people of worth and importance in this duration. Business partnerships would garner you good results.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: The week is brilliant for love life. If you’ve been planning to get married, things would get on real quick than you anticipated. At the beginning of the week chances are that you might go for a pilgrimage or a religious tour. You’ll be able to maintain a balance between your love life and work which would give you excellent results. The weekend promises you to give beneficiary results.


REMEDY: Apply a kesar tilak on your forehead regularly.

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There will be ups and downs in your life this week. There could be health problems to your father. You might get a transfer or a change of job in this week’s time. This week your health might stay low. Refrain from having food that’s oily or spicy. This week there are high chances of you going for a vacation or planning for one. You might get gains from your spouse. Kids might have to suffer from health issues. Students will face a lack of concentration in their studies.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: The week isn’t in the favour of love relations. It will be better if you take care of each other’s feelings and do everything that will give happiness to your spouse. Try not to pay much heed to things that are useless in your life. Do not bicker or have any confrontation with your partner in this duration. At the start of the week, do not get angry at your partner. Try to make things light and easy for the both of you. By the mid of the week go to a temple or a religious place together. By the end of the week, things would take a turn for the beautiful. 


REMEDY: Feed jaggery to cows.


Excessive temper might be the biggest of your problems this week. Take care of how you perceive things. Things might fall apart in your life due to this, so be extra cautious of you getting hot under the collar. This week your health could face a backlash. However, your income would stay stable. You’ll befriend new people in this duration who will be your best buddies in the long run! You could consider going on a religious place or for a pilgrimage in this week. This week make good use of every opportunity that comes your way. Pay attention to what you eat in this period, as your health would only allow things that are healthy. 

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This week would yield you mixed results. However, if you stay away from unnecessary bickerings the results will be more auspicious. The week would start on a bright note, although married couples would have to take extra precautions in order to get things on the right track in life. The middle of the week is a little dull, so stay cautious and abstain your mind from going wayward. Stay modest in this period. The weekend seems to brighten your days. 


REMEDY: Worship Lord Shani and offer him blue flowers. 


This week could turn out to be hectic for you, since you’ll be overburdened with work. In this duration, you might also face some serious tensions from the people around you. You’ll have familial bliss in your relations at home. This would make your mood go from a zero to ten. You might consider buying a vehicle in this duration. The time is a little difficult for people who are into business partnerships. I this duration, your intellect will take a back seat. This week the students will have to work a great deal in order to get results. Kids will be energetic and naughty. You’ll outshine your rivals in this period. You’ll be interested in spiritual activities in this period. 

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This week would give you generally good results. You’ll get brilliant results if you tame down your temper and moodiness, things would turn out brilliantly for you. If you’ve been thinking of giving a new direction to your love life, things will go as you’ve planned. The start of the week looks great; the middle is also favourable for you. However, the week would end on a difficult note for you! 


REMEDY: Feed stray dogs regularly. 


The week would be mixed with bitter sweet moments. Your expenses are likely to increase and you'll have a hard time maintaining your health. In your career, you'll attain heights of success. However, mentally you'll be frustrated. You might even consider changing your job. Your children might suffer from ill health, which could make them irksome. They would lack concentration in studies; your siblings on the other hand would enjoy bliss in this period. You might also get gains from property or a land. Insomnia could bother you this week, so be careful. Take proper rest and make sure that you do not take anything too casually. This week your income would stay stable. Father could get some good news in his job or vocation. This week, refrain from having any arguments with your business partner. 

LOVE PREDICTIONS: The start of the week seems good, however you'll have to stop paying attention to things that don't matter. If you want to pour your heart out to a classmate, then it's advised that you do so, but with added caution and care. By the mid of the week, make sure that no misunderstandings crop up between you two. Only your love shall prosper, nothing else. The end of the week would not be much in your favour, so stay modest and do not let any wayward thought enter your mind. 


REMEDY: Keep a yellow handkerchief with you at all times. 

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