Monday, July 3, 2017

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Would education flourish this week? How about your career and finance? Find out what awaits for you during this week, as we foretell the days in advance. Know what the cupids have planned for you!

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The natives of Aries will witness harmony and peace in their family during this week. Your mother's health conditions will be good, but your siblings may face some problems. This week you will be determined to your work. You need to take care of your health, otherwise some previous disease can relapse and cause problems again. There is a possibility that you would spend money in religious or sacred activities. You may have to work hard to get success in your work area, but you need not to worry as the results will be worth your efforts. Stubbornness and irritability would be seen in the nature of your children. Students may have to face problems in studies at the same time. Your talent will help you move forward and achieve what you aim for. There is a possibility of some kind of profit from the government or higher authorities. You may have to face some ups and downs in your career, and might also consider changing your job this week. In the meantime, you will dominate over your enemies as they stand no chance against you.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This week will fetch you average outcomes as far as your love life is considered. If you have a habit of being over possessive and insecure, and suspecting everything that your partner does, then changing the habit would yield good results and strengthen your bond. The beginning of the week is very good for you. The midweek would be a tough period for married couples, but the weekend would yield better results. 


REMEDY: Wash out raw coal on Saturday.


This week you will find improvement in your health status. You will also find mental peace and stability. You may have to go away from home for some reason. Apart from this, the atmosphere of your home can remain a little disturbed during this week. The health of your partner might be seen in the decline phase. Children would be happy during this period and students will work hard to get good results in studies. This time is good for the progress of your career, and a promotion is possible in the office or workplace. Earnings will be good and foreign countries will further add to your benefits. 

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This week looks promising to give good results in the case of love relations. However, you are advised to be focussed and do not let your thoughts waver. The starting of the week will be good and filled with playful banters. The middle of the week is especially good for married people, but they might not get the expected results in the weekend.


REMEDY: Worship and serve cows.


During this week, anger and ego would be seen in the nature of Geminis. It will be better for you to control your anger and ego because they will just create obstacles in your way to success. The conditions at your home will be good. There will be an increase in your expenditure during this week. You can go abroad and might spend money to get worldly pleasures and sensuous activities. You will be highly determined and would be able to take wise decisions at your workplace. Seniors will extend favors to you during this week. Students might go abroad for studies. Your income might exceed your expenses, so you need to have an economic approach to avoid a financial crisis.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: Normally this week would give good results for love, but you should avoid egoistic behaviour be at all costs. Note if your neighbors are keeping a track of your activities, and take necessary actions if required. The beginning of the week is favorable, and you might get in the mood to propose someone. There might be some arguments in the midweek, but still, the love will prevail. The weekend is also going to be a good period for the Geminis.


REMEDY: Donate red lentils (lal masoor dal).


You would be more polite during this week, and your speech would improve as well. Health issues are likely, so you need to pay attention to your health and take the necessary precautions to keep diseases at bay. You would be more inclined towards religious activities. Your siblings would be your helping hand during this period. There might be some troubles in the life of your children. Students might lack interest in studies, which might degrade their academic record. You would enjoy in parties or with your friends. During this week, your expenses are bound to increase. You might consider going abroad for work. Harmony would prevail in your domestic life, and you would try to make extra efforts at work, which would be appraised.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: The week seems to be a good period for your love relations. If you are casually hanging out with your partner, you are advised not to indulge in public display of affection, as you might come across an acquaintance of yours. The midweek is favourable, and you might be emotional during the mid-days of the week. The weekend is also good, but some tiffs might occur.


REMEDY: Worship Lord Shiva and offer him milk.


During this week, you will have to face mental instability, and would thereby have difficulties in decision making. However, you would dominate over your opponents and witness a rise in your career. There is a probability of favours from your seniors or government authorities. High gains and elevation in status would further add to your happiness. You would get a chance to meet eminent people, which might give a new direction to your life. Health issues to children are likely, and you should take proper care of them. Students would initially face some problems, but they will eventually do well in their fields. A long awaited wish of yours might be fulfilled during this week. You will perform well at work. You need to pay attention to your mother’s health, as it might get affected.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: Normally, the week would be favorable for love matters. If married, then it is important to take care of the health and feelings of your spouse. In the early days of the week, there will be many opportunities for entertainment and there will be intense love too. In the middle of the week, the mind can remain somewhat sad, but everything will get better as the weekend approaches. You might fall for someone during this week.


REMEDY: Donate blue coloured cloth on Saturday.


During this week, you would be in a good mental state and would be able to make wise decisions. Your children will be comfortable, and luck will help you sail through smoothly during this week. Long journeys are on cards, and authority at work or rise in position is expected. Gains through government will fall in your lap. Your strong determination will lead to high gains during the period, but at the same time, an increase in your expenses is indicated. Students will do very well at their academic front. Tiffs in domestic life and controversy at workplace might stress you up, so you are advised to stay away from them. You will befriend new people, thus expanding your friend circle. Any business that you invest into, would yield good returns.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: In general, this week will be average for you. If your loved one is in a neighborhood, then you have to be careful about the limit, because people are keeping an eye on your activities. However, at the beginning of the week, you will get opportunities to eat together and pour your heart out. The mid-week will also yield good results, but the weekend would be average.


REMEDY: Recite Shri Vishnu Sahasranam Stotra.


This week, you have to prioritise your health, else you might fall the victim to health issues. Your interest in sensuality would increase, and you would be focussed to fill your life with enjoyment. Some tiffs or misunderstandings in your family might spoil your mood, and your children might also suffer from health issues. Students might not be able to concentrate on their studies, but they should not lose hope and keep trying. You would develop an interest in occult sciences. Your father might face health issues or difference of opinion with you. You would gain through your impressive speaking ability at workplace. Your siblings might get a chance to go abroad and make their dreams come true.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: The week is supposed to be average for love affairs. At this time, you need to have a control on your speech because your bitter words can hurt your lover's heart, and consequently, relationships can turn bitter. There is a remarkable love compatibility at the beginning and end of the week.


REMEDY: Worship Goddess Durga and offer her Kheer.


During this week, Scorpios might go away from their family. Tiffs or misunderstandings in your domestic life are likely. You would be prone to health issues, especially perineal diseases within this duration. Children would be happy and prosperous during this period. Students would be keen to learn new things, and would develop immense interest in studies. You need to pay attention to the health of your mother, otherwise she might face some issues. You might visit your in-laws during this period. You are advised not to play games and conspire at your workplace. Business partnership would be fruitful, and journeys would beget good results. You are advised to avoid reckless driving,and drive carefully.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: Due to some tensions, you may be less interested in love. If your loved one is far away from you, then you would get an opportunity to meet them during the beginning of the week. You would be in a romantic mood during the middle of the week. The weekend will also be good, if you keep control on your words and think carefully before you speak.


REMEDY: Donate Black Urad dal.

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This week, you would witness some issues and conflicts with your close ones, because of your anger and arrogance. Your adamant behaviour might create problems, and would lead to conflicts with your partner. Troubles to siblings are likely during this week. You are suggested to make use of your wisdom in order to cope up with the ups and downs at your workplace. Health issues might bother your spouse during this week. Conflicts with people of the opposite sex are highly probable during this period, and you are advised to try your best in order to avoid them. Long journeys are on the horizon for you. Hard work should be done, in order to achieve the things that you aim for. Your determination would be high during this week and would keep you pushing forward towards your goals.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This week seems to be favorable for love, but the workload would be high, and as a result, you will get less time to devote to your partner. The beginning of the week looks good, and couples might gift some presents to each other. You would not get enough time to meet your love during the middle of the week. The weekend will be good. You can stay a bit emotional. Your emotions will be valued by your partner.


REMEDY: Apply saffron tilak everyday on forehead.


This week the natives of the Capricorn will receive high and multiple gains. Your long awaited undertakings will meet with success. You will have artistic inclination, and will develop interest in religious activities. You would be able to garner name and fame during this time period. You will have elevation of your status, and your health will also improve. You can face some petty quarrels in your family life, but overall the week is overall a good one for your family life. You can also plan for going on a pilgrimage. You are advised to be careful while driving, and refrain yourself from consuming stale food. You will get immense support from your spouse during this week, and you will overcome all your challenges.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: The week would be positive for love relations, but you need to stay away from perverted thoughts during this period. The beginning of the week seems to be in your favour for your love relations. In case of being in love with a colleague, you will have an exceptionally good time during this week. The mid-week would be fine, but the weekend would not give you much chances to meet your love, and you might not feel happy about it.


REMEDY: Put Black colour flag in Lord Bhairav Temple.


This week you will have a blissful domestic life. There are chances that you might acquire a vehicle or property or look for a new house during this period. You have to work hard at your workplace during this week, and may go away from your family. In your personal life, you can face some issues which need to be dealt with maturity and a sincere approach. Sudden losses or gains might surprise you. You will develop interest in occult sciences and spiritual activities. Your children can face health issues this week, so you need to take the necessary precautions to let them stay healthy. Students might face difficulty in focusing on their studies, but they should remember that patience and hardwork are the key to success. This week seems to be a good time to repay your debts. There will be a fine balance between your income and expenditure.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: You will have to struggle a lot during this week to get the results that you are hoping for. All you need to keep in mind is that you need to set your limits and do not cross them at any cost. The beginning of the week would be average, but you need to take precautions so as to avoid being the centre of attraction in this duration. The weekend would bring about favourable outcomes for you.


REMEDY: Feed street dogs daily.


This week, you need to prioritize your mother's health, otherwise she might suffer from health ailments. You will indulge in arguments and discussions in your domestic life, and duee to this, you will have a lack of mental peace. It is a good time period for your career, as you might have a rise in status and position at your workplace. Also,the chances of getting a promotion or an increment are very high. You might go on long journeys. Your father might have to face minor health issues during this week, but the life of a your siblings would I be filled with comforts and luxuries. You will befriend many people and will dominate over your enemies. You might acquire some property, and your spouse might gain in position at work. Students will do well in their studies, and your children would have a comfortable week.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: The week seems to be a blend of ups and downs in a your love life. The initial days of the week would not be favorable for you, and during this time you need to be cautious and avoid falling into traps laid out for you on social media and prank calls. While the mid-week would be average, the weekend promises to yield the desired results. If you are in love with a colleague, things can be extraordinarily good for you.


REMEDY: Donate mustard oil on Saturday.

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