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This week, the natives of Aries might get mixed results, but it would be a progressive period on the professional front. Colossal gains from the property are predicted. If you are married, then you would enjoy your marital life with love and romance in full swings. You would get the support of your life partner. Father’s health might decline a bit, but mother would be healthy enough. Tiffs might prevail with your father due to some misunderstandings. Your social status would get enhanced. You might feel quite uncomfortable in long journeys as far as your health is concerned. You might feel quite irksome this week. Keep in mind, that you might hurt someone with your harsh speech, so refrain yourself from it and try to be more polite. An upswing in expenses is foreseen due to some religious activities.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This week although promises to be giving you benefic results, your emotions might have to face a tornado. You’ll have your senses all over the place; this would make you overly sensitise the things. Pay attention to your partner’s feelings and understand their predicament. He/ she might not be able to understand and address all your concerns and issues. Married couples will have a brilliant time at the start of the week; The mid of the week advises you to stay modest. Comparatively, the weekend would be your best time of the week! 


REMEDY: Chant the Mantra: Aum Dum Durgaye Namah


The natives of Taurus might have to struggle a bit in the beginning of the week. In the beginning of the week, work pressure, increase in expenses and disputes are predicted. Apart from this, your opponent would be comparatively powerful in the beginning. You might plan for a foreign trip. In the middle of the week, a new relationship might make its place in your life. Ups and downs in your marital life is presaged. Your life partner might feel pretty low as far as health is concerned. However, you might gain because of your life partner. Moreover, you need to take proper care of your father. By the end of the week, you might face situation of crests and troughs in your career. Loss in wealth is also foreseen. During this time, you just need to be patient and tranquilized. With your hard work you can make situations to fall in your favour. Keep in mind, your expenses are more than your income. Partnerships might fetch you profit in business.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This week looks favourable for you. However your ethics and morals might come in between you and your partner. The probability of this happening is pretty high in this duration. The mid of the week is auspicious for you. You’ll get the support and love of your partner. The end of the week advises you to stay modest in your approach.


REMEDY: With proper devotion, worship Maa Durga and offer her Kheer and white flowers.


There is a high possibility of financial gain this week for the natives of Gemini. In the starting of the week, you would enjoy your social life and the company of your friends. Moreover, you might look for a new job as far as your career is concerned. Gains in business is presaged. In the middle of the week, you need to be cautious from your opponents. Obstacles might erupt in your work. Increase in your expenses is foreseen. Refrain yourself from getting involved into arguments. Tiffs might persist with your love partner at the end of the week. Make sure that you maintain a cordial relation with your partner.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: The week would yield you mixed results when it comes to love life. If your partner has been planning a trip for the two of you, you are advised to consider it and then weigh the pros and the cons. If a long trip is not probable, you could plan a short trip to a nearby place. The start of the week would strengthen the bond between the two of you and the mid will let you indulge in playful banter with your other half. The weekend would prove to be a breath of fresh air for you.


REMEDY: Donate split red lentil on Tuesday.


In the beginning of the week, there would be a sense of domestic harmony in the families of the natives of Cancer. Your work would be praised at your workplace and you would receive support from female employees. Your mother would enjoy all comforts this week. On the other hand, the health of children might bother you in the mid of the week. Concentration of students might get lost from their studies. In the middle of the week, you might get financial gain. At the end of the week, your health might decline a bit. Probability of increase in expenses is there. Beware of your opponents, they might plan to harm you. You would receive the support of your seniors at workplace. Avoid being garrulous at work.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: The week promises to give you mixed results; however, you might have to bear with your partner incase he/ she doesn’t comprehend your feelings. Due to this you might act a bit emotional. At the start of the week you might plan to meet your partner outside, and this plan might just see the light of the day as well. By the mid of the week, some might feel attracted towards a colleague or a classmate. The weekend would be mildly sweet for you!


REMEDY: Wear Khirni Ki Jad around your neck or arm.


The start of the week for the natives of Leo would be a magnificent one. You would be full of determination in the beginning of the week. Siblings would extend their favours to you. However, in the mid of the week you might get mentally distressed. You might experience ups and downs even at the weekends. Health of mother and children might decline. On the other hand, students might face some issues in their studies. Students who wish to pursue higher studies from abroad might get their wish fulfilled. This week you may have short journeys. Excellence at workplace is presaged. Gains through foreign companies is prevised in business.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This week would give you mixed results in love life. However, you’ll be under too much work pressure to spare time for you partner. Despite this, the results will be quite favourable. It's highly probable that you’ll spend time frolicking with your partner. Going for enjoyment options will be your top priority. The mid of the week might be glum., but th weekend would make up for it, perfectly. 


REMEDY: Proffer Milk and Akshat (dry rice; unbroken) to Lord Shiva.


This week natives of the Virgo zodiac sign will get financial benefits. You’ll be able to accumulate wealth in this duration. There will be harmony and cordiality at home. Although some minor tiffs and banters are probable. Gains through property are possible. At home, you might get the support of cousins to gain professionally. You might consider taking up your hobby as your profession. You’ll be determined and proactive at work, taking in everything and performing to the best of your output. You might consider changing your place of residence in this time period. Due to work you might have to relocate. By the end of the week, your mother might befall ill. Serve your parents and make sure they eat well and on time. Your thoughts might go in the wayward direction for someone; in order to stay in the best position, refrain from doing that. Respect women and treat them as equals. Your marital life will be full of bliss. While investing your money, make sure you read the offer documents carefully. 

LOVE PREDICTIONS: The week would be a mixed one for you! You’ll have to battle through your wayward thoughts in order to have a successful relationship. Maintain a balance in the beginning of the week, as this week would be pretty weak for you in terms of luck quotient. The mid of the week would give you time to go for trips and excursions. Plan your days with your love partner and enjoy blis in your relationship. The end of the week also looks to be mellow for you. 


REMEDY: Serve a Cow and feed her green fodder.


Natives of the Libra zodiac sign would get material comforts this week. The week looks brilliant for career as well. With determined hard work, you’ll be able to get good results. Wealth accumulation would result in bliss. At the work front, your seniors would be keeping a close eye on you, so refrain from procrastination. You might think about changing your job. Marital life would be good, but minor banterings with partner would be there. The end of the week might bring in some issues with siblings, despite this do maintain conversations with them. Due to some issues, you might suffer from mental stress and agony. However, this could get curbed through regular meditation and yoga. The week could give birth to a new relationship; it might be a tricky one at first but things will settle down for better with time.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This week would give you average results. The start of the week looks auspicious; your partner would show their full support. Your emotions would be tended to and partner would make sure to pamper you with your favourite things. By the mid of the week you’ll have to maintain a calm attitude with a balanced tone, as your partner might say something hurtful to you. The end would be mellow for you. 


REMEDY: Offer jaggery and gram to little kids.


The start of the week could prove to be expensive for you, as you’ll shell out more than expected. At the beginning of the week, you might not be in the best of your health. Common diseases like cold, cough, and congestion might hamper your well being. You are advised to stay modest in this period. The mid of the week seems fabulous for you; you’ll gain glory at your workplace and your work will get appreciated for what it’s worth. People would often come up to you to praise your craftsmanship. As the week comes to an end, you’ll start realising that the environment at home is lacking harmony. Any bitterness or harshness in your tone could prove harmful for you. You might meet your in - laws; going on a business trip is quite possible.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This week would be average for you. Although if you’re searching for a life partner, the time isn't right for proposing one. The weekend looks like the right time to do this. You’ll get scarce moments to meet each other; the mid of the week would be lucky in this case. You’ll get to go on dates and spend time together. The week might make you introspect and this is potent to make you worry about all decisions that you’ve taken in the past.


REMEDY: Put some oil in an earthen pot and after looking at your face in it, donate the oil.

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This week the natives of Sagittarius zodiac sign would enjoy the posh and lavishness in their lives. They’ll be focussed on earning more and more and your determination would increase simultaneously. You’ll be determined towards your goals and will invest your money with caution. An unplanned trip could lure you this week. Your health might be weak in this duration; although it doesn’t require you to stress much on it. Keep your temper under control and monitor your speech. Hard work will yield you success. Refrain from any work that might bring defamation to you; anger might turn your marital relationship bitter. You’ll befriend new people in this period; the week looks great for entertainment purposes. 

LOVE PREDICTIONS: The week looks great for your love life. If your partner stays away, there are chances that you might get a chance to meet them. A marriage proposal from a matrimonial site or through social media might arrive in the beginning of the week. The start would be favourable; you’ll enjoy the love of your partner. The mid of the week would be average and the ending bittersweet.


REMEDY: Donate black sesame seeds on Saturday.


The natives of the Capricorn zodiac will have a brilliant week. A promotion or a salary increment is possible. Your image in society would increase; women will be supportive towards you. At home, cordiality would be apparent; profits in vocation would make you happy. The week would prove to be fabulous for your spouse as well. You might suffer from insomnia in this week. Practice meditation to control your stress levels. Your expenditure would increase as the week comes to an end. Thus, you are advised to keep tabs on your pocket. Respect women and living beings in general. By the weekend, you might plan some trip or an excursion to a serene and cool place. 

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This week would be average for love affairs. You are advised to keep tabs on your voice and communication. It’ll be better for you if you could spend some time with your partner outside your work. You could go on a dinner or two! At the start of the week, you’ll be able to maintain a balance between your love life and work. The mid looks great; although, stay modest. The weekend would not give you much time to meet your partner.


REMEDY: Pay homage to Lord Ganesha with Dhruva Grass.


The natives of the Aquarius zodiac sign would be fortunate this week. You’ll get the benefit of all the prior tasks that you’ve accomplished. Your spiritual nature would come to the fore and you’ll enjoy donations and charity. You might plan a long trip with your friends this week. The mid of the week would be a hectic time period for you. Mental agony and stress might bother you. Your colleagues would be supportive of you; seniors would put in efforts to be in your right books. By the end of the week, you’ll reap the gains from your hard work. Any loan that you’ve been waiting for to get sanctioned, will get cleared this week. 

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This week would be bittersweet for you; those who’ve been waiting for a suitable marriage prospect will likely get one this week. However, due to some tiffs at home, you won’t be able to focus much on your love life. The beginning of the week would be brilliant; ample of prospects for you to travel with your partner. The mid of the week would be good, but, in case you’re in love with a colleague or a classmate, the time advises you to be cautious. As the week comes to an end, you’ll get the benefit of being in love, as the warmth engulfs you.


REMEDY: Feed stray dogs daily.


At the start of the week, some mental agony might distress you. Wealth losses are probable this week. However, by the mid of the week, things would start looking up for you. Tasks accomplished by you would get their glory. A job change would yield you productive results; a change of place of vocation is also probable. This week you might be stressed due to your domestic life; health of your parents might dwindle. Your partner would support you every step of the life. Students will enjoy this week, as good results look attainable. Getting gains in trading and sales would bring joy in your life. Sudden profits would do the same for you; you are advised to stay away from conspiracies and controversies.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This week will be average for love matters. You’ll have to be extra cautious at the beginning of the week. In this duration, you are advised to abstain from meeting at public places. The mid of the week will be better, comparatively; you might plan out a trip with the spouse to reinvigorate your senses. The week would end on a bright note if you maintain a balance between your love life and work. In case you are in love with a colleague, the results will be better. 


REMEDY: Chant Hanuman Chalisa daily and offer yellow flowers to Lord Hanuman.

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