Thursday, June 15, 2017

Sun in Gemini Effects, Also Get 25% Off In Exclusive Offer!

Will you taste success with Sun’s grace? Know how the transit of Sun in Gemini would affect your fate. Planet Sun would move to the Gemini zodiac sign on 15th June, 2017 at 05:47 A.M.

On the 16th of July, 2017, the planet would move from Gemini into the watery sign Cancer at 04:38 P.M. This sojourn of Sun would be the deciding factor in judging your destiny and days.

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The natives of the Aries zodiac sign would get mixed results in this period. You might have to bear all the good ups and the not so good downs the transit bears with it. Although determined, you might have a bit of an temper issue. Read more..


Considering your financial situation, the transit of Sun looks favourable for the Taurus zodiac sign. A salary hike is quite probable in this duration. You are advised to take care of your health in this period and watch your tone while conversing. Read more..


The natives of the Gemini zodiac sign would experience a huge difference in their behaviour. You might get aggressive and defensive at the same time; this might turn your relationships bitter. Be polite in your dealings. Read more..


All the Cancer natives who’ve been thinking about moving overseas are in for a treat this month, as they might get a chance to do so. Keep tabs on your partner’s health. Read more..

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The natives of the Leo zodiac sign will see the stars shining bright for them. You’ll get glory and fame at work and chances are that a government scheme might benefit you in this period. Read more..


Natives of the Virgo sign would get a great news from their work sphere. A job promotion or a salary hike is likely. However, your domestic life might be pretty chaotic in this period. Read more..


An increase in income would bring in joy in the lives of Libra natives. You might be lured to indulge in spiritual activities. At the vocation front, you might garner huge profits. Read more..

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The natives of the Scorpio zodiac sign are advised to be cautious about their well being in this period. Your tone might become harsh and this will be potent enough to damage your contacts. Try to refrain from doing that; instead, be a little positive and chirpy in this gloomy world. Read more..


During the transit of Sun, you are in the queue for getting monetary and social gains. Albeit, you are advised to keep aggression away, so as to keep it from tarnishing your image.Read more..


You are advised to keep tabs on your health, as the transit of Sun in Gemini would affect your well being adversely. Follow the traffic rules while driving or riding, and be cautious about injuries.A legal deposition might end up in your favour. Read more..

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The natives of the Aquarius zodiac sign would have to face some hindrances in their path of glory. You might have to push your way through some medical ailments. A new job might come and knock at your door. Read More..


The natives of the Pisces zodiac sign might have to face unfavourable situations in this duration. However, you’ll be determined to walk past them, victorious. Careerwise, the period of the Sun Transit looks good for you. Read More..

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