Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Saturn Transit in Scorpio: Unveil the events that follow!

Retrograde Saturn Transit in Scorpio will make significant impacts on your life. The movement of the planet from one sign to another will affect all the zodiac signs in different ways. Read on to know what it holds for you!

Know more about the Planet Saturn.

Stay calm! Your words may bring bad luck. Saturn, known as Shani in Hindi is the son of Lord Sun and Chhaya (shadow). It has a bitter relationship with its father, and generally acts as a malefic planet. Saturn governs the Zodiac Sign Aquarius, and represents the elderly people and servants in the life of the native. It is exalted in Libra and debilitated in Aries. The planet of discipline and hardships, Saturn will make a retrograde transit in Scorpio on 21st June, 2017 and stay in the same zodiac sign till its transit to Sagittarius on 26th October, 2017. 

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ARIES: Due to the retrograde Saturn transit in Scorpio, you would witness a slow growth at your career front. You would supercede your enemies during this period. However, your relationship with your siblings might be soured. Read more..

TAURUS: You are advised to think twice before speaking so as to save yourself from entangling into arguments and conflicts. Your health should be on top of your priority list, failing which it could steeply decline. Read more..

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GEMINI: The period indicates health issues to your mother, so her health must be taken care of. While the period would be full of crests and troughs, you would be able to obtain benefits from legal matters. Read more..

CANCER: During this period, you would find yourself embroiled in heated arguments. Though legal disputes are possible, you would be able to cross that bridge when you come on it. A trip is on cards for you. Read more..

LEO: Love would fill your life with its beautiful colours during the period of retrograde Saturn transit in Scorpio. You would be basking in glory, but a financial crisis might stress you up. Read more..

VIRGO: While your short temper might create problems in your life, relocation to a new place would prove to be favorable for you. Your efforts would bear the fruit of your labour during this period. Read more..

LIBRA: A trip for you is certain to occur during this period. Gains would make their way into your life. If you are opting for higher studies, the period would be a golden opportunity for you to make your dream come true. Read more..

SCORPIO: During the retrograde Saturn transit into your own sign, a number of opportunities would knock your door. You should utilise them as life doesn't give you a second bite at cherry. You are advised to keep your health conditions in mind, and plan your diet accordingly. Read more..

SAGITTARIUS: The retrograde transit of Saturn in Scorpio would fill the life your siblings​ with prosperity​ and happiness. Due to your deep involvement in work, you would not be able to give time to your partner, thus stirring things up between the two of you. Read more..

CAPRICORN: During this period, your success would know no bounds. You would bask in fame and glory. You need to tighten your belt as you would spend your money recklessly without a second thought, which might lead to a financial crunch. Read more..

AQUARIUS: The period of the retrograde Saturn transit into Scorpio would witness the fulfilment of a wish you had been yearning for. You would put your skills to your best use, and would be able to strike it rich as a result. Read more..

PISCES: Slow and steady wins the race, and so would you. You might go on a business trip during this period. You need to give sufficient time to your partner in order to avoid a chaotic personal life. Read more..

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At AstroSage, we wish that the transit proves to be favourable for you!

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