Monday, May 1, 2017

May 2017 Monthly Horoscope

The month of May is here! Get ready to enjoy the sun and the scorching heat it brings with the monthly predictions for your zodiac. AstroSage, as always is here to help you at every step of your life, guiding you and assisting you to prepare a master plan for the future.

The below mentioned predictions are based on your moon sign, to calculate your moon sign, follow the link: Moon sign Calculator


The time looks favorable for you as you’ll have cordial relations with family, and will keep on gaining love and reputation at your vocation. Children will touch the skies with brilliant hues, as they get good grades. You’ll have great understanding with your partner and you two together will work and function like a team! You are advised to stay cautious while dealing with new people.Read more.. 


As the time unfolds, you’ll be in the pink of your health, but the same could not be said for your mother. She’ll have to take proper care of her well being in order to stay in shape. Loss of mental stability is predicted for you. You’ll be restless and eager to move forward in life. Some arguments at work are possible; try to find an easy way out of them. Read more..


You’re advised to be careful while investing your money anywhere. Health of your siblings will suffer in this period. Throat related diseases are likely. You’ll have to be extra cautious in your diet. As the month transpires, you’ll shell out on luxuries and furniture for your home. Read more..


This period might bother you, as there will be a lack of cordiality at home. A long trip is possible this month, so keep your bags packed! You are likely to achieve more in this period with fewer efforts. You’ll be socially active and organise get togethers and parties at home. Keep your eyes and ears attentive, while signing any document. Read more..


A promotion can be expected in this period. Pregnant women are advised to keep their health their utmost priority this month. Business investments will yield you lucrative benefits this month. Only the well sought after ones will be harbingering you great returns. You are advised to treat your lover as your equal and make sure that you do not disrespect them. Keep tabs on what you eat and when. Read more..


This month property related disputes will kill your spunk. You’ll be stressed and exhausted due to it. Father will play a major role in your life during this month. You’ll get financial support from him as well as mental support. You’ll befriend new people, who’ll help you out in the long run. This month you can expect an affirmative response in love relations. Read more..


This month you might gain unexpected profits. A little rude and arrogant attitude of yours won’t settle down with everyone you know, so try and mellow it down. You are advised to refrain from extravagant purchases, to keep tabs on your pocket. Drive carefully and cautiously this month, to avoid any mishap. Haste decisions never did anyone right, so think through everything. Read more..


This month you’ll have a blissfully married life. You’ll be confident in your approach and thinking, which would positively affect all your relationships. Your income is bound to increase this month with added efforts. Going on an excursion with partner is quite possible. Keep tabs on your temper, to avoid any negativity to seep into your life. Read more..


Your father’s health is expected to dwindle this month. High chances are there for you to purchase a new vehicle or a property. Respect and recognition will rise in this duration. You must refrain from taking any short cuts this month, to keep yourself at bay from dangers. Loss of wealth is predicted for you this month. Health needs your attention, so take proper measures for your well being.Read more..


This month you’ll be great at your job. Although, you might shell out on things that you don’t need in life. This would make your expenses skyrocket. Profits from foreign sources can be expected in this period. You might consider purchasing a new property this month. You will get ample time to spend and cherish with your loved one, and this will be the only silver lining for you. You are advised to stay in shape through yoga and meditation. Read more..


This month you are advised to weigh in your options before settling for anything, anywhere. This month could harbinger some good news in your life, which could be the reason for you planning an auspicious event at home. Love life will have to go through a bumpy patch. Some ideological differences between you and your partner will be the sole reason of the tiffs, that you might have. You might act icky and anxious in this duration, as if you’re always on the edge. Read more..


The month of May might bring in some health ailments to you. Body pain and eye related illnesses might strike you. Some might have to go through sleepless nights due to insomnia. Your partner will be loyal towards you; confidence and your spark would allure them close to you. Love will reach new heights this month. You are advised to stay patient and work hard to achieve all your goals. You might consider changing your residence in this period. Economic gains through promotion at job are highly probable. Read more..

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