Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Venus enters Aries - Get the remedies for a brilliant love life!

Venus transit will make your love life blossom. Planet Venus, the entity that governs our love, romantic and sensual lives is responsible for imbuing us with sensitive and nurturing qualities. People with a strong Venus have an eye for the finer things in life, and value art and aesthetics more than everything. The planet governs the zodiac signs Taurus and Libra.

Venus would be moving towards the ‘ram’, i.e. zodiac sign Aries on the 31 May, 2017 at 09:11 a.m.

The planet would remain there till 19:47 p.m. of 29 June, 2017. 

This natural phenomenon would hamper the track of the other signs. Get to know its influence on you. 

The below mentioned predictions are based on your Moon sign. Know your moon sign: Moon Sign Calculator


Venus would make you reach out to the stars in this duration. You’ll gel along with people really well, and would try to fish out as many influential contacts as you can. Marital life would be harmonious.Read more..


Planet of affluence and luxury would make you shell out on things for your comfort. You’ll want to live your life with grace and panache in this period, which would add to your list of expenses.Read more..


This duration would bring out the sensitive side in you. The planet of nurturing nature would make you more inclined towards charity and doing good for the society. This would work out in your favor, as you’ll earn glory and name through this.Read more..


Planet Venus would make sure that your life is filled with abundance in this period. You might consider changing your residence or buying a new vehicle to satisfy your thirst for a lavish lifestyle.Read more..

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Long trips are something that will lure you in this period. Your life partner would be your pillar of strength in this duration; guiding you and enlightening you at every path of life.Read more..


The transit of Venus bewares you about probable wealth losses. Whilst dealing in anything related to money, keep your eyes, ears and intellect on guard.Read more..


Planet of Love, Venus would make sure that you enjoy this beautiful period with your partner. You’ll get to spend some beautiful memories with the one you love. Although, you must keep your behaviour in check.Read more..

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Troubles in your marital paradise can be foreseen in this duration. You’ll have lots of tiffs and arguments with partner, that will play a major role in making you glum.Read more..


Playful banter with lover would keep the passion alive in your relationship. At work front, you’ll garner profits and will strive hard to work more things in your favour.Read more..


You are advised to keep your tasks and work up to date in order to enjoy a peaceful life. Incomplete tasks would become a pain in the neck for you. Despite of this, domestic harmony would keep you mentally content. Read more..

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A short trip could be the source of happiness that you’ve been searching for since ages! Go ahead and plan out a vacation with family or friends, as Venus would enhance your charming personality and make you befriend new people. This socialising would benefit you in the long run.Read More..


Get ready to be pampered and showered with love from your siblings in this duration. Your speaking and communicating skills would improve in this period, making you a brilliant orator. Read More..

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AstroSage hope that this transit goes well for both you and your loved ones. Have a great life!

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