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Begin the month of May with the Weekly Predictions from AstroSage! Make the most of it by walking hand in hand with the future. 

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This week would be great for you, in terms of health. However, minor illnesses like headache and fever are possible. Abstain from incorporating aggression and ego in your tone. Some bickerings and tiffs are possible at the marital front. Your partner will have a knack for the sweet luxuries of life, due to which your expenses will skyrocket. Students will have a hard time focusing on studies. You’ll be able to see the light and playful side of your partner. Unexpected gains are probable.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This week looks great for love affairs. Those in a long distance relationship will be able to meet their partner this week; married couples will have to stay away from their partner. Cute talks and sweet bickerings will garnish your relationship this week. The mid and the start of the week will be great, but the weekend might look a little drab to you.


REMEDY: On Thursday, water a Peepal tree, without touching it.


This week you’ll gain from numerous sources. Due to your glory, you’ll be able to influence people and get things worked out in your favour. Females will be very helpful to you in this period. There are chances of betterment in your love life. Your partner will be loyal and transparent in the relationship. Your expenses will increase this week, so keep yourself prepared to curb them. Students will excel at their studies; they’ll enjoy this week to its fullest. A journey looks probable this week which will bear your fruitful results. 

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This week due to too much work, you won’t be able to spare much time for your partner. If you try and keep this aside, everything will be peachy! In case you’re in love with a colleague, the time advises you to be cautious; people will try to harm your reputation. Refrain from banter at the start of the week. The mid of the week will be enjoyable, but the end would seem a little glum to you.


REMEDY: Serve a cow and offer her jaggery and wheat.


The week would offer you numerous ways and options to grow and prosper in your life; keep your eyes peeled. All your past efforts will be in sync with your career, and you’ll move forward in a jiffy. Your wishes and dreams will pave their way to fulfillment this week. At home, your affairs will be harmonious. You’ll share a cordial bond with everyone. You’ll get praises for the good work that you’ve been doing at your vocation. You’ll benefit from a government scheme in this period. You’ll befriend people of influence by the weekend. 

LOVE PREDICTIONS: The week advises you to be cautious in your love affairs. And specially if you are married, you’ll have to up your efforts in order to spark some passion back in your relationship. Take care of one another, and support them by walking side by side. By the mid of the week, you can plan a dinner or lunch date with your partner. The end of the week looks like a drab for you, but with some efforts you’ll be able to change them into something nice. 


REMEDY: Venerate Lord Vishnu and donate pure Desi Ghee at a temple. 


This week might give you some mental stress and agonies. You’ll feel discontented due to the adverse situations at home. Some issues might trouble your married life as well. A government scheme could prove to be beneficial for you in this period. The week is great for your career. Children will enjoy the pink of their health this time around. You’ll be inclined towards spiritual activities. 

LOVE PREDICTIONS: Although the week looks glum for you, you’ll have a strikingly good time if you keep your tongue in check. If your partner wants to savour fast food or junk food, let them. But, make sure that don;t indulge in that and keep your health your primary concern. At the start of the week, you’ll seldom get chances to meet, so whenever you can make sure that you plan something out with your lover.


REMEDY: Worship Lord Shiva with unbroken rice (akshat).


Keeping your health in mind, this week looks promising. At the workplace, your performance would be of worthy of all its praise. Unexpected expenditure would make you shell out more than expected. Some misunderstandings might sour your marrid relationship. Try to resolve this as soon as possible. Understand your partner and their needs.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This week looks average in terms of your love life. Although it’s advised that maintain a balance of sensual thoughts. You can go and watch a movie together, to strengthen your bond with your partner. The start of the week would be great. The mid would be satisfactory, while the end of the week could be slow and a bore for you. 


REMEDY: Worship Lord Sun with red flowers and water.


This week would give you the chance to outshine your rivals and opponents. You’ll get unexpected benefits from a source. Siblings would be helpful, providing you support and strength at every step you take. Marriage will be joyous. However, some minor issues are probable. Father’s health might dwindle in this period. Children might be tensed due to some minor problems. You are advised to keep a check on your health and stay in shape. 

LOVE PREDICTIONS: The week doesn’t look much good for love affairs. And if you take the means of social media to propose the love of your life, you are advised to stay cautious. At the beginning of the week you could fall in love with a colleague. The mid of the week also looks bitter-sweet. The end would want you to stay modest and wary.


REMEDY: Worship Lord Vishnu with Yellow Sandalwood.


The week looks average in terms of your health. Loss of wealth is also probable. You’re advised to invest money judiciously. The best part is that this period would increase your determination and you’ll excel at all tasks that you do. Your social circle would increase. Although, due to your spiritual inclination, you would shell out massively. Your partner might try to rule your life and work things their way. Abstain from showing anger and ego and understand and love your partner.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This week would give you peace and suspiciousness in your life. You are advised to stay cool and do not let out your anger on your partner to keep your relationship in high spirits. By the mid of the week you might plan to go out on a pilgrimage. In case you’re in love with a colleague, things would be beautiful. The end of the week would be slow and a glum. 


REMEDY: Feed milk and chapattis to dogs, everyday to bring prosperity in your life. 


The week could prove to be favorable for you, as this period would elevate your professional status. Seniors would trust your instincts and value your opinions. Do not indulge in any short cuts, as they are potent enough to tarnish your image. Prolonged illnesses would get cured in this period. Children will enjoy the pink of their health. Married relationship might have to face some bitterness.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This week promises to give you auspiciousness. If you’ve been planning to get married to your partner, the stars look brilliant for you. Chances are that it’ll turn into affirmative. However, you are advised to stay modest in your relationships. The mid of the week would be fruitful, and the end would be on a sweet note.


REMEDY: Serve a cow and feed her green fodder. 

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The week promises a good time for you. You’ll get good news ringing in from both your professional and personal life. You can think about changing your job in lieu of a better option. You’ll outshine your rivals in this period. Married life will be blissful, giving you solace from the chaos. You’ll polish your speaking skills to perfection this week!

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This week would yield you mixed results in love life. You might have to stay away from your partner for some time, but this won’t affect your relationship. If only, this would help you make it stronger. The beginning of the week would be excellent. The mid a little dull, but the weekend would cover it well. During this time, you might fall in love with a colleague.


REMEDY: Venerate Lord Rama and chant Rama Raksha Stotra. 


The week would be auspicious for your personal life. You’ll be active in domestic activities and this would help you straighten out your life better. You’ll spend valuable time with lover, creating and cherishing your memories. Your health would be peachy in this duration. You’ll be more inclined towards spiritual activities, and spend your time indulging in them. This week you won’t be satisfied with what you earn and this will make you act out all icky.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This week looks good for love affairs. However, you won’t be able to meet your lover much in this period. But, still you’ll spare few moments to enjoy with your partner. At the beginning of the week, abstain from making a fuss about small issues and things. Instead of this, enjoy playful banter with them. The mid of the week would work out in your favour; but the weekend could be weak.


REMEDY: Venerate Lord Ganesha with Dhruva and Modak.


This week the stars will be in your favour. You’ll taste success everywhere you go. Chances of an increase in income are strong. This week you’ll get plenty of options to enjoy beautifully made delicacies. You’ll be able to influence people with your speech prowess. Your aggressive behaviour will sour your relationship with your partner. The health of your parents might dwindle in this period, so keep special tabs on what they eat and when. Going for a trip or an excursion is also likely.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: The week would be average for love relations. However, your behaviour with partner might make them feel as you value your work and yourself more than them. So, in this case you are to make them believe that this isn’t the issue, at all. The start of the week would increase the love between you two, and as the days go by you’ll feel it increasing. Don’t feel disheartened if the weekend is a glum scene. 


REMEDY: Donate a black colored flower in a temple.


The week advises you to work hard and not procrastinate,at all. You are to be on your toes all the time and strive harder to achieve things that you’ve always wanted to attain. Due to work pressure, you won’t be able to spare much time for your family. Your valor and strength would increase in this period. Married couples will have a good time; things look great, despite of the steep rise in your expenses. You are advised to keep tabs on your tongue and make sure that you stay sweet towards everyone!

LOVE PREDICTIONS: The week seems great for you. At the beginning, your emotions will be all over the place. Share your domestic issues with your partner. This would help you to stay light and peppy. The mid looks blissful as well. The single masses would be able to find someone intriguing in this duration. Married couples need not worry this week,as things will be peachy for them!


REMEDY: Donate mustard oil on Saturday.

AstroSage hopes that these predictions would bring auspiciousness in your life. Stay at the top of your game and enjoy the week!

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