Saturday, May 27, 2017

What’s in store for you as Mars transits in Gemini

The Vedic Astrology accords planet Mars with energy, vigour, aggression and courage to achieve things. However, this planet being naturally malefic has plenty of roles to play in our lives. Blood related illnesses, and the strength of a person gets affected by this planet. 

Mars would be moving towards the Gemini zodiac on the 27th of May, 2017 at 01:53 A.M. The planet would stay posited there till 15:20 P.M. of 11th July, 2017 after which it’ll be moving towards the Cancer zodiac sign. Get to know all there is to this transit of Mars and how it’s affecting yu and your loved ones. 

The below mentioned predictions are based on your moon sign. Calculate yours through: Moon sign Calculator

ARIES: Transit of Mars would give a boost the courage and strength. Some short journeys are probable in this period. Your income on the other hand would remain average.Read more.. 

TAURUS: This period would garner you gains from foreign lands. This is a favourable time for partnerships at work. Some minor issues to children are possible. Read more.. 

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GEMINI: You are advised to abstain from any arguments with anyone. Do nothing that might pique your anger. Mother’s health will dwindle, but with proper care and nutrition, it’ll be back on track in no time. Read more.. 

CANCER: Insomnia might hit you pretty bad in this duration. You’ll be all armed to outshine your rivals and opponents in this period. Minor health issues are likely. Read more.. 

LEO: You might think about auctioning off your property. This decision might fruitful to you. Some issues in love life are probable; avoid ay misunderstandings.Read more.. 

VIRGO: This transit would yield you glory at work. This new found success will harbour you new paths to reach your aims. Chances are that in this period you might meddle in someone else’s affairs. Read more.. 

LIBRA: This might be a troubled time period for you, as tiffs with father are possible. Expenses will skyrocket, and you’ll have to be hyper cautious towards them. Read more.. 

SCORPIO: This period looks amazing for you repaying loans. You might have some minor issues with siblings. Blood related issues and ailments are also probable. Read more..

SAGITTARIUS: Your aggression would hit an all time high in this period. Mental stress and agony would make you restless. You might even consider settling abroad in this duration. Read more..

CAPRICORN: Your spouse might get a job transfer in this duration. You are advised to drive carefully and with extra vigilance. Children might become rigid and act icky. Read more.. 

AQUARIUS: The transit of Mars in Gemini would help you develop a new relationship. You’ll see love blossoming between the two of you. You’ll spend most of your time socialising and befriending new people. Read more.. 

PISCES: In this period, you’ll perform well at workplace. Although, you’ll have to pay extra caution towards your mother’s health. Lack of contentment in your relationships at home might get you agitated. Read more.. 

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We at AstroSage hope that this transit period brings about the right hues of happiness in your life.

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