Thursday, April 6, 2017

Saturn Retrograde in Sagittarius, Know its effects on you!

Vedic Astrology considers Saturn, the offspring of Sun God. The planet acts as the karmic accountant, who judges our rights and wrongs. Due to this, Saturn plays a vital role in a native’s birth chart. On the 06th of April, 2017 the planet of Karma would retrograde in the Sagittarius zodiac. It would remain there till the 25th of August, 2017. Enlighten yourself about what this sojourn of Saturn would bring in your life and that of the people close to you!

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The retrograde of Saturn in Sagittarius would be unfavorable for you. You’ll have to face the tribulations of life head on! Do not lose your patience in this duration. Read more..


You are advised to keep tabs on your well being. Make sure that your behaviour and tone is such that it doesn’t bother or upset anyone. The period after June will bring the lost happiness in your life.Read more..


The retrograde of Saturn will bring you mixed results in life. The married natives might have to struggle through some problems during this period. You are advised to shield yourself against all the obstacles coming your way!Read more..


Some problems might erupt in your domestic life. In such situation, you must be patient and face the challenges with a straight face. Love affairs might have to face a bit of down time, due to petty bickerings.Read more..


During the period of Saturn Retrograde, you’ll have tremendous success at work. With this, your glory would increase at work. You’ll be a name and will rightly deserve it. You are advised to not let this success get to your head. Read more..


You might consider changing your residence in this period. You’ll be laid with stress, due to being overburdened with work. Try to not exert yourself too much. Read more..


In this duration, you’ll get the taste of accomplishments and laurels. You’ll be determined to achieve big things at work. Property related profits will ring in in your life. Read more..


The retrograde of Saturn would affect your familial relations. You might have bickerings and arguments at home, which if not taken care of properly might escalate into something big. Financial benefits will come your way. Your income might also increase.Read more..


The retrograde of Saturn doesn’t look much good for you. Some tensions might sour your mood. However, your siblings will bring in pride to the family, by achieving something big.Read more...


You might go for a foreign trip during the Retrograde of Saturn. The end of June would harbinger success and prosperity in your life. Your glory would travel miles in this period. Read more..


During the retrograde of Saturn, your income would increase , but you’ll still have to shell out your money smartly. A major option for you to prosper at work would crop up in this decision. Keep your eyes peeled for that! Read more..


The period of Saturn Retrograde would manifold your expenses. You’ll earn less, but when it comes to spending money, you won’t shy away. Chances of you going abroad for a business trip are high. Read more..

We at AstroSage wish that this Saturn Retrograde brings you the most beneficiary results!

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