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Horoscope for the Week (17th April- 23rd April, 2017)

April’s third week brings to you the Weekly Predictions from AstroSage! Furnish yourself with the future and prepare a blueprint of your days. 

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This week your expenditure is predicted to skyrocket. You’ll shell out on luxuries and will plan your comforts. You might indulge in love making in this duration. Some health issues to spouse are likely. Your speech would become a little harsh due to the boost of aggression and ego in you. Students would have a hard time concentrating on their education. This week isn’t a positive time for love matters. You might try to dominate in your relationship, which won’t go down well with your partner. Inflow of income would be there, but lesser than expenditure.


This week doesn’t look much good for love life. You are advised to stay away from unnecessary tantrums and whims. Pay heed to what your partner says and needs. The week would start at an average note. You won’t be in high spirits due to a petty issue. However, the mid would be a little better, and the end would bring you unexpected results.


REMEDY: Feed chapati or milk to black and white dogs.


This week you might plan on going abroad, or if already living abroad, you might consider buying a new house. Love will diffuse the air around you in this period. Romance and togetherness would be the essence of life for you, during this week. You would enjoy cozy moments with your beloved; socialising with friends is also on the cards. Parties and get- togethers will be your go-to scenes this week. You might feel detached from work. You are advised to focus on it as well and try to excel at every task assigned to you. Spouse would be supportive; your aggression would see an all time high by the end of the week. Monetary benefits would bring glee.


You are advised to keep arguments at bay this week. However, if your partner stays away from you, chances are that you’ll harbour great results. At the beginning of the week, you are advised to stay modest. The mid would be average, but as the week comes to an end, you’ll see that things are taking a turn for the better. You’ll be able to maintain perfect balance between your love life and your professional life. 


REMEDY: Respect women and offer Kheer to little girls on Fridays. 


Your stars predict an increase in your intellect this week. You would learn from little things around you and have a positive outlook towards the world. Many of your undertakings would meet with success. You would be able to earn well and receive gains with your communication skills and speech. This week would invoke your devotional side, and you would indulge in virtuous pursuits. Spouse might have mental stress, due to which their health might get affected. However, domestic happiness would be there. You would outshine everyone else at work. Seniors will extend favours and your work will receive its due share of recognition. Love life will fluctuate; a trouble in paradise could be expected. You may meet eminent people of society in this period. Watch out for a hike in your expenses.


The love predictions for this week foresee an average time for you in love matters. If your partner demands anything from you, make sure that you pay heed to it. The start of the week would be great, but as it progresses you’ll find the mid, a bit of a drab. Married couples will no matter what, have a great week. You can expect the weekend to bring back the lost colors of love in your relationship.


REMEDY: Donate red lentil pulse on Tuesday.


This week would get you a position at work, which would increase your authority. This in fact would make you prosper. Health might dwindle in this period. Some natives might think about changing their vocation and going for something that challenges their intellect. Income would likely increase; luck will totally support you, so make better use of this time period. You are advised to avoid any bickerings or arguments in love matters. Small journeys will be magical for you. Health would be a matter of concern for you, since it’s highly probable that you or your partner might fall sick. You might indulge in disputes or legal issues. In this duration, you would enjoy the company of people of the opposite sex. 


The week promises to give you great results. Just make sure that you do not let ego come in between your path to love. Maintain a symphony between your social affairs and love relations. Despite of some days of the middle of the week, everything will rule out in your favour.


REMEDY: Recite Shri Hanuman Chalisa.


This week would give birth to chaotic situations in your mind. Although, luck will be on your side. Destiny will favour you, which will make important tasks a piece of cake for you. Your attachment to father would increase this week. You’ll look for his hand and guidance everywhere you go. You’ll have a liberal and charitable approach towards the society. Long journeys are likely in this duration. Despite of you being full of energy and life, your health is predicted to fluctuate in this period. You’ll outshine your rivals at work. Spouse will probably receive gains; make sure that you invest for long term plans. Abstain from boarding the ego train. 


This week would yield you average results. You are advised to refrain from developing unnecessary doubts. Stay loyal and loving towards your partner, and things will come out in your favour. Single masses might find someone intriguing in this period. Do not hesitate while letting the one you love about your feelings and emotions. The nid of the week might induce some playful banter in your relationship. Apart from the last days of the week, every other day would be great for you! 


REMEDY: Donate mustard oil on Saturday.


This week your personality would grow and you would shine out as a brilliant person. Your inner happiness would radiate and everyone around you would be able to feel it too. You’ll make wise decisions; having a good approach at work would improve your productivity and you’ll excel at every task. Relationships would gain strength and vitality. Romance will be apparent in marital life. However, you’ll have to work hard to maintain good relations with lover. Sudden lucrative gains are probable. Long journeys are predicted. Mother’s health will be a matter of concern for you. You might get to meet with your in-laws and be on the receiving end of getting some gifts. Some ups & downs in career are probable. Health may be down.


This week would turn out to be good for you. If you’re thinking about changing your love into a marriage, you’ll taste success. For those, who’re preparing to meet in the beginning of the week, you are advised to be cautious. The mid of the week would be brilliant. The weekend too would give you better than average results. Married couples will see bright picturesque skies this week. 


REMEDY: Worship Lord Ganesha and offer him Durva and Modak.


This week predicts increase in ego of you and your spouse, this could bitter the taste of wedlock for you. You are advised to avoid ego and arguments at all costs. Health of both you and your spouse might get affected. Expenses would multiply. You’ll be lazy and lethargic, adding your work to the pile, which would come to bite you in the back later. Some natives might think about changing their current work as well. Some issues to children are likely. Unexpected losses and gains are both likely. Short distance journeys are probable. Some expenses on religious or virtuous activities are predicted.


The week would be a little too slow for your liking. It’s advised that you stay away from all types of controversies and arguments. Otherwise, some ego clashes are probable in your relationship. It’ll be better if you make good use of the beginning of the week and go out with your partner for entertainment options. The mid of the week would be average, but the weekend would give you great results.


REMEDY: Feed street dogs with bread or milk.


This week your health will be great, however, you are advised to keep tabs on your aggression and impulsiveness. Your rash decisions might take a toll on you. Some minor tiffs are likely. Spouse may befall sick; maintain a healthy diet and do not indulge in binge eating. You would outshine your opponents. Legal disputes will turn out to be in your favour. Romance and love will be on your mind. Some natives might think or plan about getting married with your loved one. Good gains are probable in this period. Your speech might get a little too harsh for your spouse’s liking. Think before you speak; your words are potent of harming others. Do not stay alone, as it may give you feelings of solidarity. Don’t skip your meals.


This week would be bitter-sweet for you. If you are in love with a colleague, you are advised to stay cautious and calm. People around you might churn the rumour mill. At the beginning of the week you are advised to keep constraints on your speech. The mid would be better, but a dull weekend would follow suit.


REMEDY: Worship Lord Shiva Everyday.

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This week you’ll excel at work. Your good performance at work would get you name, fame and glory. This recognition would pave a way for you to grow and strive forward. Health would stay great in this period. You’ll have high determination at work and will help out others too! Domestic life will have peace and harmony. You’ll have a domineering persona in this duration. Success at competitive exams will bring cheer to your family. Students will be intellectual and witty; they’ll be in shape mentally as well as physically. Spouse will likely receive gains in this week. 


This week would give you average results in love life. You are advised to stay away from tiffs and confrontations at all cost, to avoid any bitterness in your relationship. Abstain from getting hot under the collar. You’ll have to face an emotional turmoil in this duration; do not take any rash decision in this period. The week would end on a sweet note for you, despite of all the ups and downs in the mid. 


REMEDY: Recite Shri Vishnu Sahasranam Stotra. 


This week you would face mood swings and mental stress. This would make you enjoy spiritual and religious activities. You’ll find your solace in peaceful pursuits. You’ll irk to get yourself mentally detached from this world in order to attain higher degrees of peace. Some minor health issues to you and your spouse will keep you bothered. Speech would become harsh and you wouldn't hold back while speaking your mind. You are advised to give time and space to your partner, to let them breathe and long for you. Those in government may receive gains or may receive government accommodation or a vehicle.


This week promises to give you brilliant results in love life. Someone related to the field of education will pique your interest. It could be your friend or a colleague. At the beginning of the week, you’ll seldom get to meet your partner. Although, the mid would be better in this context. The end of the week will be average. 


REMEDY: Worship Radhey Krishna everyday, with utmost devotion.


This week health issues to mother are likely. Some minor tiffs in domestic life will prevail, which might create tension at home. Do not let these escalate into something major. You may become rigid or stubborn at times during this week. Due to your hard work, you’ll get recognition at work. You are likely to receive gains by utilising your own potential at vocation. Misunderstandings or irritation in love matters will make matters worse, if not dealt properly. Children might feel lack of concentration, which will take a toll on their studies. Spouse might not understand you well. However, you would enjoy good food. Any function, get-together or a sacred ceremony might take place in family. Gains with the help of females and people of opposite sex are probable.


This week would give you great results in love life. You’ll find plenty of moments to cherish with your lover and will make memories out of them. These would find your way at the beginning of the week. At the mid of the week you’ll get less opportunities to run errands with your partner. The week would cease on a bright note. 


REMEDY: Worship Lord Shani or Shami Tree. 


This will be a good period for mental stability for you. You’ll be wise and intelligent, with a witty mind. Your quick judgement prowess will come in handy for you in this week. Your hard work will be apparent to all at work. Your spouse will be supportive towards you, and their helping hand would help you climb the ladder of success. This week would give you the chance to retrospect and change. Think through your decisions and make wise choices. Marital life would be full of bliss and romance. Loss of sleep might make you restless this week. You are advised to keep your tone light and playful, as your bitter words might harm someone else’s sentiments. This week you might earn through your own efforts or hobby. Small journeys are possible. You might gain through disputes in this duration.


The start of the week would be great. If you’re in love with a colleague, your closeness would increase. Lovers will have a brilliant time in the mid of the week. You are advised to make the best use of this period to stay content throughout the week. The end of the week would be on an average note, bringing you bliss and satisfaction. 


REMEDY: Apply Kesar Tilak everyday on your forehead.

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