Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Sun Transit - Pisces welcomes the luminary, Know its result on you

Let your luck quotient rise with sun transit! With the transit of Sun in Pisces on the 14th of March, your stars are bound to change. Know the consequence of this astrological phenomenon on your zodiac and that of your loved ones!

The planet of vitality and life force, Sun emboldens and defines the inner center or substance in a person. Sun is the planet that symbolises masculinity and ego. The planet governs our relationships with the men of the family. It’s position in one’s chart determines how one will be with the male members of the household. Creativity and leadership skills are one of the few qualities the planet bestows upon us. 

The month of March 2017, will witness Sun enter the Pisces zodiac on 14th of March, 2017. The planet will remain posited there till the 14th of April. This sojourn would impact all the signs considerably. To know their effect on your zodiac, read on. 

To know in-depth about the luminary planet: The Planet Sun

The below mentioned predictions are based on your moon sign, to calculate your moon sign, follow the link: Moon sign Calculator

ARIES: with the help of the mighty Sun you’ll be able to win over your foes. Expenditures might rise, but do not expect your income to skyrocket too! Read more.. 

TAURUS: Investing in property in this duration would yield you great results in the long run. However, due to some work you might have to go away from home. Read more..

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GEMINI: you’ll get recognition at work and the appreciation from your boss would be the cherry on the cake. A promotion might come your way as a reward. Read more..

CANCER: things would start looking up for you in this period. You’ll be blessed as the situations will turn your way. A long trip might entice you. Read more..

LEO: A challenging period for your well being. Support from your seniors and colleagues would be the silver lining for you in this period. Read more..

VIRGO: You’ll get great benefits from business with foreign lands. Your hard work and toils at work will yield colors in this period. Read more..

LIBRA: Legal matters will result in your favour. Investments made in this period would need your conscious mind. Be careful about monetary matters. Read more..

SCORPIO: Working professionals would get a good news in this period. You’ll get new ways to increase your source of income, as you’ll befriend influential people. Read more..

SAGITTARIUS: You’ll get love and support from your family. The relationship you share with your family would get better and you’ll be cordial with everyone. Read more..

CAPRICORN: You’ll be able to experience swift changes in your working environment. The thought of changing your current job would cross your mind in this period. Read more..

AQUARIUS: You’ll have a great time financially, and this would be due to your love partner. Keep tabs on your health. Read more..

PISCES: The transit of the luminescent planet would benefit the people engaged in government jobs. Those in private jobs will have to face a tough time to keep their heads above the water. Read more..

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We at AstroSage hope that you do great in this transit period! Make sure that you achieve all the bright hued colors and patterns! Shine on!

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