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Horoscope Of The Week (20th March - 26th March)

The fourth week of March is here and so are the Weekly Predictions and love horoscope, so that you don’t get beguiled! Juice out the maximum from these and have a great week ahead!


Beginning of the week might bring in confusion and mental stress which might continue till the middle of the week. You will act icky and would be agitated to get a closure. Your aggression would increase this week. Your spouse will be in a romantic mood, so you can expect some cute encounters this week. Students will have to work harder in this duration. Focus and determination will be lacking in this period; make sure you keep your eyes aimed at your goal. You would ace at your work. Domestic life would be pleasantly splendid.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: The week wouldn’t be that good for love relations. Make sure that you remain modest in your approach. Abstain from indulging into any funny business, that would bring defamation to your name. Do not act stubborn in the places wherein its not required. The week would start on an average note. Make sure that you create some memories to cherish forever. 


REMEDY: Worship Lord Shiva regularly.


This week would be great for you in financial matters. You would earn well and shell out well on your luxuries. At the work front, some issues might come up, which with proper expertise you'll be able to handle efficiently. You would work harder and will work on improving yourself. Love life would be positive in this week. Your partner will be kind and supportive. You'll share a relationship of loyalty and transparency. Students will fare well; peer pressure might ruin things for them. Some issues in marital life might keep you stressed. Chaos must be kept at bay. Live a simple and peaceful life. 

LOVE PREDICTIONS: Abstain from any tiffs or arguments with your lover this week. Chances are that they might escalate into something big. You might indulge in unnecessary arguments, which will be the major reason of your sour mood. The mid of the week will give you plenty of reasons to celebrate. The week will surely end on a brilliant note for you. 


REMEDY: Feed a black dog regularly.


This week chances are that you'll feel dull and gloomy. You‘ll move heaven and earth to get all your works done on time. Do not take too much pressure that you forget to breathe as well. Some great gains and benefits are predicted for you. You’ll be in a happy mood as the week comes to an end. Younger siblings might suffer physically. Try to be an independent soul. Make sure that you lead a harmonious life. Love life will flourish, but you might have to encounter some arguments. 

LOVE PREDICTIONS: The week proposes bliss in love life. You’ll be happily in love with your partner, and will make sure that you enjoy every moment spent with them. Unmarried masses must stay cautious from their neighbours. You might be under surveillance in this period. The weekend will be comparatively good for you. 


REMEDY: Put a flag in a Hanuman temple.


This week you might suffer from health issues. Some mental stress and agony is also probable. You’ll gain a commanding and authoritative position at work. Luck would be on your side. You’ll have a liberal and charitable approach towards everyone you meet. This week you might plan some journeys and trips for the sake of it. Your marital life would improve for the better. Some favours from females, colleagues and seniors are foreseen.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: The week would give you average results. However, if you’re in love with your colleague, the week would turn out to be brilliant for you. You need to be modest in your approach. The beginning of the week might give you some troubles in communicating with your partner. Although as the week comes to a close, your problems will cease too. 20th March- 26th March, 


REMEDY: Meditate in a Shiva temple regularly.


Your health is predicted to dwindle in this week. You might gain a new position at work, that would add to your panache. You’ll be graceful and ethical in your daily dealings. This week you can expect something good to happen at the domestic front. Some misunderstandings might breathe in your love life; keep them under checks. 

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This week seems good in terms of love related matters. You are advised to stay away from eavesdropping and believing everything you see and hear. The start of the week will be a little tense. By the mid, some minor tiffs are probable. Do not hesitate in communicating with your partner about your feelings. 


REMEDY: Offer water to the Sun regularly.


This week some unexpected gains are foreseen. You’ll be a little harsh in your speech, which some people might take otherwise. You need to refrain from any arguments in your marital life. You’ll taste the goodness of sweet success this week! Make sure that you respect females; be it at your workplace, home or anywhere. All in all, the week sure seems to give you a good time. 

LOVE PREDICTIONS: The week would be average for love matters. It’ll be better if you do not indulge in any kind of activity that might defame you. Married couples are advised to take care of their partner and their health. The start of the week would give you numerous occasions to meet your partner. Make good use of them. 


REMEDY: Serve a cow and feed fodder to her regularly.


This week you might get lazy and lethargic. You’ll feel dull and will act all sluggish. This would impact your work and your daily routine. Health of your spouse would be good in this period. Younger siblings might have to suffer. You might plan a short trip with your family, to strengthen the love. Legal disputes, if any, will cost you a fortune. The mid of the week is expected to yield you good results. You might end up squabbling with females by the end of the week. Abstain from getting hot under the collar. You would perform exceptionally well at work in this duration.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: The week would be dull for love affairs. Some ego clashes are probable. You will have to be calm and take a back seat to avoid any whiplash. Plan a day out for movie or early lunch with your partner, so as to be in a good relationship with them. The weekend assures to give you a good time for you. 


REMEDY: Surprise your spouse with a present. 


This week you might suffer from minor health issues. You would have an upper hand over your rivals, due to which you’ll gain name. Abstain from acting out of sheer ego. Love life would flourish. Students are sure to excel in this period. They’ll do exceptionally well; focus and determination would be at ace. Your hard work would yield results this week. Along lost lover might come back in your life.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This week will be auspicious for you. However, some minor tiffs will scar your relationship. You are advised to keep your tongue tied at all times; do not call names to your partner. You are required to be patient and calm. If you can, skip all plans to meet this week. 


REMEDY: On Saturdays, light a lamp with mustard oil in it under a Peepal tree. 

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This week your life will take a turn for the better. You’ll enjoy your time with family. Make sure that you do not do anything to depress anyone. Avoid power struggle at all costs. Love life seems to be like a piece of cake for you. You’ll be blissful and joyous in every relationship. You might splurge on yourself this week. You might care to take a dip in the holy river.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: The week promises you a blissful time. An average period for the natives. If you’ve been planning to get married since forever, then the time looks auspicious for you. You are advised to be vocal in your relationship, although abstain from too much emotions overflowing out of your system. 


REMEDY: Give present to your teacher or mentor and seek their blessings.


This week you might take a dip in the ocean of emotions. You’ll feel gloomy and low; due to which you’ll get naturally inclined towards spirituality. Luck would be on your side. Make sure that you take proper advantage of that. Your younger siblings would favour you. You might plan a trip with your lover in this week. Colleagues would be supportive at work. 

LOVE PREDICTIONS: The week promises to give you average results. You are advised to stay modest and transparent in your relationship. The beginning of the week won’t give you much occasions to meet your partner. Although by the end of the week, things will fall on their place and shape out a better time for you. 


REMEDY: Put Kesar in kheer and consume it.


This week might give you disappointment in love affairs. But as the week progresses, you’ll find solace in your days. Chances of having an auspicious event at home are high. Lack of concentration in studies will bother the results of the students. You must at all costs, avoid harshness in your tone. Pay attention to the health of your spouse. Consume only high quality balanced diet. Refrain from eating junk. 

LOVE PREDICTIONS: The week promises to give you average results. You mustn't indulge in any kind of debate with your partner. Do not give them a reason to be angry at you. Refrain from comparing yourself to others. Do not get hot under the collar due to minor tiffs. The mid of the week will give you plenty of chances of to be satisfactorily in love with your partner. 


REMEDY: Worship Shami tree regularly.


This week you would remain focused at work. The beginning of the week, you would focus on improving your caliber. You’ll strive to work harder and achieve bigger things in life. New ideas would pop up in your mind. This would give you plenty of chances to smile and be joyous. Your seniors and teammates would favour you. Their support will help you aim for things you’ve desired.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: The start of the week would be brilliant. You would be in love with a colleague. The mid would comparatively be a little dull. You are advised to step up your game. Be loving towards your partner and make sure that you spend ample time with them to win their heart. Your love must be so potent that it tugs at their heartstrings. 


REMEDY: Feed a black cow with a lump of wheat flour on thursdays.

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