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Holi 2017 - Express Love with Colours !

One of the most widespread and renowned festivals in India is the Holi Festival which falls every year on a full moon day in the Phalgun (March) month of the Hindu Calendar. Also known as the Spring Festival, Holi exemplifies the end of the winter months and the onset of spring, a season of reverence as it brings warmer days, new produce, felicitations, love and joy. 

If we talk about Holi date, then in 2017, Holi is on the 13th of March and prior to 13th, Holika Dahan is on the 12th of March. Captivating innumerable visitors to India every year, Holi is remarked to possess ‘no bars and no boundaries’ and is also commemorated within the Indian communities all around the world.

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During the Holi season flowers, flora and fauna come to life by regaining their liveliness and the brightness of the panorama seems to be at its peak. The day is marked by a bright sunny day and the inhabitants all across the country get themselves adorned in bright coloured attires. Holi is a festival of brotherhood and harmony, when people unite together to celebrate the zeal of the festival in all the possible colours of the rainbow.

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Exuberance Of Holi

In the full swings of the festival of Holi, the shops almost buzz with the local people rushing for their last minute preparations of Puja in the final days leading up to Holi. Delicious delicacies are prepared in the house to make the razzle-dazzle of Holi. Sweetmeats such as ‘Gujia’– a sweet dough stuffed with khoya, ‘Mathri’ which is made from flour, water and cumin seeds and ‘Papri Chaat’ comprising of fried dough wafers served with boiled potatoes, chickpeas, chillies, and chutney are prepared . While the food is being made, children get mustered in the streets comparing and playing with their new Pichkaris that come in a wide variety of different shapes and sizes and carry the hued water, to let everyone feel the tinted magical of colors of Holi. 

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Essence Of Holi Celebrations

The celebrations of Holi kicks off with the Holika Dahan, a day prior to the colorful celebrations. A huge bonfire is lighted a night before, where people all gather, sing and celebrate the beginning of the Holi festival. The pyre of fire reveals the metaphoric burning of the demoness ‘Holika’, a malevolent mythological character. The victory of good over the desolation of evil is contemplated in this very ritual. People believe that the heat of the fire bids the winter months a farewell and hails the heat of the summers to come. Also known as ‘Chhoti Holi’, Holika Dahan bonfires are prepared from almost 40 days prior to the festival, with local inhabitants accumulating the sticks, dry leaves, twigs and woods left from the winter.

The ‘Colour Play’ Festival is what most of the people relate with the festival of Holi and is celebrated the following morning from the Holika Dahan. The parks, streets and temples are lined with a long queue of people and a fiesta of colours ensues as the widespread procession of music brims the air making the aura highly exuberant. People buy holi powder & colours, chase and amble around after one another with their fists full of coloured powders and loaded Pichkaris. Everyone gets involved in the festivities and the celebrations with full enthusiasm; right from adult men and women, to the children. Then, in the evening everyone dresses up in their finest clothes. Food and drinks are shared, and the special dishes that women carefully prepared earlier are enjoyed.

Holi is celebrated so widely in India that no matter where you are in the month of March, you would never be far from its celebrations. 

So, we at AstroSage wish you very Happy Holi, filled with sweet moments and colourful memories which you can cherish forever.

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