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Weekly Horoscope (December 28 - January 03, 2016)

Weekly Horoscope and Weekly Love Horoscope are now ready for you to see what this week as for you. Take a look into the future days, follow the remedies and enjoy your days! 

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This week looks positive for Arians. Love life will go in the best direction, but you need to stay away from arguments. Professional life will bring success and progress in life. With the approach of middle of the week, you will experience more improvement. You might get invitation to attend any religious event. Closeness will increase with mother in this week. 

Love Predictions: Dating time for those who live apart but the ones who meet regularly, this week will be a week of less dating time. Beginning days are really good for everyone and you both might surprise each other by to each other’s houses. Predictions say that you will feel attracted toward your classmate or someone who works with you. Though there can be some discrepancies in the ending days. But you will find a way out and meet at some place safer. 

Love Rating: 3/5

Remedy: Avoid getting into tiffs.


Taureans will have this week in their favor. Love life will keep you happy and contented. However, some issues might pop up in domestic life. Don’t worry, as you will handle them without any difficulty. Your children will excel in studies as well as co-curricular activities. Married couples will enjoy bliss in their life. You will spend money on luxuries items.

Love Predictions: Amazing week for you is surely coming. Just try and control your sexual desires to enjoy a blissful romantic life in this week. You might travel in the starting of this week but you will still manage to be in touch with each other through phone. In between the week, you might be having a naughty quarrel. Maintain trust in your relationship in the ending days to keep your love life happy. 

Love Rating: 2.5/5

Remedy: Be careful regarding domestic life.


Your week will start on a positive note. Your friends, family and seniors will support you in related aspects of life. Self confidence will be at its peak, which will help in achieving your targets on time. Benefits will come from short journeys. Luck will stand by you bringing you extreme goodness. Domestic life needs concern and attention in the end of the week. 

Love Predictions: Spark is quite an important part of love relationship but do not let your stubborn behavior make things complicated. Maintain sweetness in your relationship. You will spend money in search of happiness and will buy gifts for your beloved. In later days, you will enjoy the sweetness of your relationship and will get chance to spend some time alone. Though sometimes you will feel a little distracted in the ending days. 

Love Rating: 3/5

Remedy: Behave good with family members.


Cancerians will have mixed results coming their way. Expenses might go beyond the limit in the middle of the week. Pick your words carefully, else tiffs are very much possible. It is suggested to remain self dependant and don’t get influenced by others. Matters of finances and deals need to be taken very carefully. Love life might not go that well, but it will in few days. 

Love Predictions: Everything will be great in your life if you can manage to keep control on your stubbornness. You will feel a little emotional in the starting days of the week and your partner will totally respect it. This positivity will prevail in your love life in the middle days as well. Enjoy the time you get to spend alone. The natives might feel attracted toward their neighbor in the ending days. So, make sure to trust each other and control your anger. 

Love Rating: 3/5

Remedy: Put control on your expenses.


Be careful, be wise in your thoughts and you will get success this week. Useless expenses are very much possible, be careful. Don’t get carried away by emotions while taking any major decision. Betterment will come in everything in the middle of the week. Weekend might provoke you to work on improving your personality. Don’t go at isolated places in the weekend. 

Love Predictions: You will have to spend some time apart in the beginning days but that won’t stop you from loving each other as you will be in touch through phone. Love and romance filled with passion is what you will enjoy in the middle days of the week. Keep yourself away from saying anything that you will regret later as it might affect your relationship.

Love Rating: 3/5

Remedy: Avoid getting over emotional.


Mixed results will come your way this week. Expenses are expected to increase and might go beyond the limit. You might feel restless in the middle of the week. Don’t worry everything will get back to normal in a day or two. Elder swill support and progress will come in job. Love life will give you reasons to smile. You might go on romantic date with your sweetheart. 

Love Predictions: You will be feeling close to someone whom you talk through social media. Positivity will remain in your life in the starting days and you will totally enjoy this time. Though the middle days will not be so happening but that does not make things less romantic. More trust and transparency in your relationship will help you in living a true relationship with a true pure heart and soul. 

Love Rating: 3/5

Remedy: Control your habit of overthinking.


‘What goes around come around’, you will get results of your deeds this week. Your hard work will now bestow you with success and achievements. Excellent phase will come in your love life. Expenses are possible on purchase of expensive perfume or dress. You will socialize a lot, which will be reflected in the sudden increase in your contact list. Overall, a good time.

Love Predictions: You will feel a strong connection with a noble person and the beginning days will be important for your love life. If you are in love with your colleague then also the time is favorable. Marriage bells are heard for you or a new level to your love bond is also predicted. Be patient and control your desires in the ending days of this week to lead a happy love life. 

Love Rating: 3/5

Remedy: Pleasing the almighty will increase auspiciousness.


Scorpions will feel this week praising them in every aspect. You will enjoy success, name, and fame in your endeavors. Businessmen will see graph of their achievements going up tremendously. However, you might lose your any particular valuable. Distant journeys are foreseen on your cards. Obeying your elders and fulfilling their wishes will bring goodness in life. 

Love Predictions: Love is something that you should be confessed face to face. Do not propose someone through social platform as there are chances you might get betrayed. Though you will get chances to spend time with your partner in the starting days. But the middle and the ending days will keep you a little busy. Most importantly do not cheat your partner as you will now be caught for sure. 

Love Rating: 2.5/5

Remedy: Take care of your valuables.


This week might give you the chance to participate in any religious deed. You can seek the blessing of elders by doing charity or social service as well. Relatives might visit you in the middle of the week. Pending tasks might get accomplished, but with slight delay. Your income might increase or you might get promotion. Stay away from those who envy you. 

Love Predictions: Some familial things will keep you distressed in this week. But do not let your anger and tensions harm your relationship. Horizontal graph in your love is seen for you in the starting days. So respect your partner and his/her emotions. Be alert in the middle days to ignore any kind of infamous thing happening to you. You might have to spend more time in your office and will miss your sweetheart in between this busy schedule.

Love Rating: 3/5

Remedy: Fulfil wishes of your elders.


You need to be very careful in the beginning of the week. However, there is nothing to worry about. Music, arts or literature might grab you attention in the mid of the week. Student might find difficulty in concentrating on studies. Make sure not to annoy anybody at job front. Plans of going on movie or any other sort of entertainment are possible in the weekend. 

Love Predictions: If you are in love with someone who is not from your caste or religion, think again before moving forward. Though the beginning days are very much favorable for you. Married couples will feel a new light in their life. You might not get to enjoy much in the middle days but if you can manage to be in your limits, things will be fine. Some new level of passion and betterment is predicted for your relationship in the ending days of the week. 

Love Rating: 3/5

Remedy: Try to share good rapport with colleagues and seniors.


Aquarians will get mixed results this week. Most of the things will bring good results. Partnership business will bring profits, thereby raising your finances. Happiness will come in married life. It is suggested to take care of your health and have normal diet. Try to avoid alcohol and non-vegetarian food. Stay alert from electrical equipments, as harm is possible. 

Love Predictions: Those of you who are planning to get married and those who already are, this week is going to be very much in your favor. Some sweetness along with some naughty tiffs will be there in the starting days. Very good time for you is seen in the middle days. Married couples will enjoy a lot during this time. Yet be patient in the ending days and trust each other. If required, talk and sought out things.

Love Rating: 3/5

Remedy: Be careful from electronic goods. 


Pisceans will work very hard in the beginning of the week. Your dedication will help you in surpassing one and all at work front. Level of confidence will boost up and you will feel rejuvenated. However, caution is needed in the mid of the week. Stay away from arguments and useless talks. Happiness will come from children. Family atmosphere will remain harmonious. 

Love Predictions: Great start to this week is predicted for the natives having Pisces as their sign. You might feel attracted toward someone studying with you in your college. ANd you might want to take risk in the middle days for your love. Sweet talks with fiance will go on. Though the ending does not have jackpot to offer but that does not mean things are not fine. Take care of your partner’s health and do not let others affect the love and trust you have on your partner. 

Love Rating: 2.5/5

Remedy: Spend time with family and friends.

Love Horoscope is exclusive by Pt. Hanumman Mishra

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