Thursday, December 24, 2015

Mars Transit In Libra Today - Predictions For You

On December 24, Mars will transit into Libra. Constellation of Mars, Rahu, and Jupiter come under Libra. It will reside here till February 20, 2016. Mars is a deadly planet and its results vary according to lord of house and ascendant lord. If you are going through Pratyantar Dasha of Mars, major changes will be seen in your life. 

Mars transit in Libra will affect your life directly or indirectly.

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Stay away from anger and frustration. This is the time when you should think carefully about your married life. Read More


Domestic issues might trouble a bit and same is foreseen in financial life as well. Don’t panic, everything will get resolved soon. Read More


All you need to do in this phase is focus in your love life. Besides this, refrain from eating spicy food and heavy food. Read More


You fall in love often, but feelings fade away soon. Avoid love for now and concentrate on your professional life. Read More


Drive carefully and stay away from tiffs. Journeys are possible and they will bestow you with profits. Read More


Others might not think good for you, but keep yourself unaffected from this. Stay retrained and let this phase go calmly. Read More


Your endeavors will accomplish, no matter what happens. Be careful regarding health, as minor health issues are possible. Read More


Friends will support you and you will successfully your endeavors. Financial gains are very much possible. Read More


Professional life will go wonderful in this phase. Friends are pillar of strength, don’t argue with them. Read More


This time is meant for fun and recreational activities. Let everything else take a back seat, enjoy life with your loved ones. Read More


Profits will come from friends and in-laws. Luck is with you. Engage yourself in charity and donation to increase goodness. Read More


Financial profits are foreseen for you. You will dominate your enemies. You need not worry about anything. Read More

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