Sunday, December 6, 2015

Mercury Transit Into Sagittarius Today - Effects On Your Sign

Mercury will transit into Sagittarius on December 06, 2015. Sagittarius belong to fire and after transiting in it, Mercury will travel in constellations of Ketu, Venus, and Sun. Venus is very friendly with Mercury and Sun is also its friend. Natives going through Pratyantar Dasha of Mercury will face major changes. 


Whether you are married or dating someone, you are going to enjoy romance a lot. Doing charity will bring auspiciousness. Read more


Not so favorable transit for you. Tiffs are possible with family members. Love life might also face serious issues. Read more


Married life will be wonderful and you will enjoy mental peace. Expenses are possible on love life. Read more


If you are into job, increase in income is foreseen for you. This transit will bestow you with profits. Read more


You will get extreme success at workfront. You will turn humorous and your charming personality will please everyone. Read more


Your bonding will grow deeper with your loved ones. Sudden foreign trips are also possible. Read more


Luck will support you in the best way. Use your intellect and debating skills, to reap benefits in this phase. Read more 


Gifts and surprises from in-laws will make you happy. Extreme profits are foreseen for businessmen. Read more


You will feel like enjoying fun, laughter, and humor. You might get an opportunity of representing a team at workfront. Read more


Plan ways to complete your endeavors on time. Stay away from relationships for sometime, as disappointments are possible. Read more


Happiness and profits will come from children. Time is great to fulfill your desires, which you have been dreaming for a long time. Read more


Time is wonderful for businessmen but quite average for service people. Think carefully before you speak. Read more

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