Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Sun Transit Into Sagittarius - Predictions For Your Sign

On December 16, 2015, Sun will transit into Sagittarius. It will reside here till January 15, 2016 and will move into Capricorn on the same day. Here, it will travel in constellations of Ketu, Venus, and Sun. If lords of these constellations are owners of your malefic house, you will get unfavorable results and vice versa. 

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Time is excellent to enjoy love life. Don’t let emotions overpower you and be restrained. Read more


While some endeavors will accomplish, others might not. You might get trapped in any old issue. Read more


Avoid taking major decisions. Handle marital issues very carefully, else even a small matter can turn serious. Read more


Old endeavors will accomplish with support of seniors. Recognition will come for you at workfront. Read more


Love life might give disappointments in this phase. Profits will be there, but not that extreme. Read more


Long journeys are foreseen on your future cards. Monetary benefits will increase auspiciousness of this time. Read more


Your inner strength will take you forward. Make sure to keep an eye on your health. Read more


Financial life will give you reasons to smile. However, love life might face ups & downs. Read more


If you are associated with real estate, benefits are assured. Behave well with all, else you will invite problems. Read more


Things at workfront might slow down, which might create problems. You will earn financial profits. Read more


Time is great for you and for your spouse as well. Profits will reach you through him/her. Fortunate time in every aspect. Read more


You will try to dominate others, which you should avoid. Don’t doubt your friends and loved ones. Read more

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