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Weekly Horoscope (November 16 - November 22)

Do you want to have a look of your upcoming time? Do you want to make accurate plannings for the future? Then, read the general and love weekly horoscopes for this week, prepared by our expert astrologers.

Note: Weekly horoscope is based on your Moon sign. Know your moon sign by clicking here: Moon sign calculator

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You will enjoy a sound state of health throughout the week. Not only this, but your mental state will also remain healthy. You might go on short journeys in the middle of the week. If any work related to family is pending, think about accomplishing it now. Workload might increase; however, progress and recognition is assured.

Love Prediction: This week is going to be great for your love life. Start your week with some spiritual activities. You will feel a different kind of love. In the mid of the week, you will be busy but take out some time for your love to experience joy. You will feel little tired at the end of the week.

Fortune Star: 3/5

Remedy/Treatment: Keep some precaution with the love partner at the weekend.

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This week is all about weighing words before saying anything. Situation in professional life looks as usual, but you can reap benefits by giving efforts. Though income will come continuously, but you should spend wisely. Health will remain stable. Outing is possible with close friends. You are expected to take interest in religious and spiritual deeds.

Love Prediction: You will get mixed results in everything related to your love life. You will be distracted due to something. It is important for you to work in your limits especially in the beginning of the week. The mid of the week will be good but a little engaging. End of the week will be very much favorable and the harmonic relationship with your colleagues will make it even better.

Fortune Star: 3.5/5

Remedy/Treatment: Stay calm and avoid feeling stressed, you can also try Yoga or meditation for the same.

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This week will begin on a good note for you. Professional life will go outstanding and you will surpass all. However, to get the best of luck, you need to stay away from anger and ego. You might spend most of your time on social networking sites. Happiness will come from children. People associated with journalism will enjoy success and progress.

Love Prediction: Basically a mixture of good and not so good things for you throughout the week. It will be good for you to plan your meetings at home. Keep control on your sexual desires. A favorable start of the week especially for married couples. The middle of the week won’t be so good but a great end for the week is seen.

Fortune Star: 3/5

Remedy/Treatment: Save time for important things.

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This week is neither too good nor too bad. Luck seems supporting you, provided you put your best foot forward. Love life will go in the right direction giving you peace and joy. Money is expected to come from more than one sources. Make sure to keep your ego and attitude under control. Practicing Yoga will bring peace and relaxation to your mind.

Love Prediction: This week is going to be a mix-up of all things. Your neighbor might get to know about your affair. A good start for you but make sure of not getting into arguments with anyone. Married couples will have a blissful time in the middle of the week. The week will be a shaky so behave nicely.

Fortune Star: 2.5/5

Remedy/Treatment: Perform Yoga for the peace of mind.

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During this week, you might witness increase in your income. For married people, gifts or money is possible from in-laws. You will perform great at workfront, which will increase your visibility. Some problems are possible from children. Don’t over think about anything and believe in your abilities. Love birds will enjoy great time together during the weekend.

Love Prediction : This week is going to be very favorable for you. Be sure of what you are going to say, if you are planning to propose someone. A blissful love life is seen for you in the starting of the week. You might get attracted towards your classmate. Do not let your ego stop you from confessing your love. Though the week will end positively but the last day will not be so great.

Fortune Star: 3/5

Remedy/Treatment: Don’t think too much about anything. Just believe in yourself.

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This week is good for you, especially initial days. However, middle of the week is the phase when you should take every matter seriously. Seniors will support you, which will bring progress. You might meet any old friend. Health will remain fine, both physically and mentally. Love life will go wonderful and your bonding will grow stronger.

Love Prediction
: The week will stay positive for the matters of love. However, the beginning of the week might be a bit stressful, still you will get good results. Mid of the week will also bless you. Weekend looks good, but some tiff is possible; so take care. Take good care of your partner.

Fortune Star:

Remedy/Treatment: Don’t get stressed about the problems in relationship. Things will get fine in few days.

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You will turn religious this week, which is good. Name & fame will increase in the society. Monetary gains are very much visible on your future cards. Ups & downs might surround your professional life. Expenses might go up; hence, try to control them. Domestic matters which were pending will now get resolved.

Love Prediction
: A mixture of all is seen in your love life but if you are in love with your colleague, things will be great. A happy start for this week and you might get a chance to go for a movie or an outing. A little stressful time for you in the halfway thus you will spend some good time with your beloved. Ending of this week is in going to be in your favor. Your love life will remain joyful and you will continuously enjoy your love life.

Fortune Star: 2.5/5

Remedy/Treatment: Daily expenses will increase but try to control them.

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Beginning of the week is the time to work extremely hard in order to get the favorable results. Financial matters should be dealt very carefully. Middle of the week seems favorable in many aspects. If there are plans of any journey, go for it, as profits will come from it. Success will come to you, if you work accordingly.

Love Prediction : This week will remain positive for you. You need to speak careful in the starting of the week. In the halfway of the week, you will get chances to spend some quality time with your lover, so enjoy them. Though the week will end nicely, but make sure you plan your meeting somewhere safe.

Fortune Star: 3/5

Remedy/Treatment: Someone from your family might keep an eye on you so be alert.

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Sagittarians will have a mix week. If any problem is going in your married life, try to settle all the differences. Businessmen might not get profits in business. You might feel low; however, you should try to calm yourself. Tiffs are possible with siblings. Don’t stress yourself, as betterment is expected to come in the weekend.

Love Prediction: Generally, this week is going to be good but keep control on your passions for betterment of your love life. You will be a little emotional in the middle of the week, but do not speak anything that you will regret later. The middle of the week will be positive but the end might be stressful, due to which you might not enjoy your love relationship much.

Fortune Star
: ⅗

Remedy/Treatment: You might get discouraged, but it will be great if you can keep patience.

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This week will begin with a bang. Success will come in your plans and you will get tremendous profits. You are expected to go on adventurous trip during the middle of the week. Your relations will improve with everyone. However, trusting anybody blindly might become the reason for betrayal; hence, be careful.

Love Prediction: The week will give you good results. Married ones will cherish a wonderful time. Starting of the week might keep you away from your sweetheart. Mid of the week is good. You might stay quite romantic during this time. Weekend will come with mixed results. Avoid useless arguments during this time and rather spend it in entertainment like watching movies, etc.

Fortune Star: 3/5

Remedy/Treatment: Don’t trust anyone with a blindfold. Stay cautious.

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Students need to be cautious for their education. Make sure not to shed your anger on your closed ones. Promotion is on your cards. Profitable journey is also possible. You might get into any argument with your spouse. Kep anger and ego away from your relations, else serious consequences are possible. Drive carefully.

Love Prediction: The week will give you mixed results. However, married ones will get good results. Starting of the week is going to be really great. High emotions might prevail in relations. But, mid of the week is weak. You might have to live far away due to some reason. Nevertheless, you might spend maximum time with the love of your life at the weekend.

Fortune Star: 3/5

Remedy/Treatment: Don’t let ego or anger come in between your relationship; otherwise a bad tiff is possible.

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You may have to face some difficulties in the starting days. Laptop or cell phone might give troubles. Don’t drink and drive. Things are looking good in the middle of the week. You might go for a movie with your partner. Stay away from betting and related things. Flaunt your talent to the world and you will be appreciated by all.

Love Prediction: Starting of the week is quite good, but work might take the time of your love. However, if you are in love with a colleague, things will stay good. Mid of the week looks good. You will get blessed with the extreme ecstasy of love soon. There will be less chances of living together at the end of the week, but possibilities are there that you might see your partner if he/she lives far away.

Fortune Star: 3/5

Remedy/Treatment: Avoid driving after drinking.

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Love Horoscope is exclusive by Pt. Hanumman Mishra

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