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Diwali Puja Muhurat & Horoscope For You

Make this Diwali in 2015 even more auspicious with the right Lakshmi Puja Muhurat. Along with this, we are giving you the exclusive Diwali horoscope, as it is the beginning of the New Year for some people.

Diwali Puja Muhurat and horoscope for 2015 will make this festival of lights even more happening

हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें

Diwali Puja Muhurat

Every year, Diwali is celebrated on the New Moon’s day in the Hindu month of Kartik. In 2015, as per the Gregorian calendar, this day is occurring on November 11. As per Panchanga, the Amavasya Tithi (Hindu date for New Moon’s day) will prevail till 11:18pm on this day.

Pradosh Kaal will prevail from 05:26pm to 08:06pm. The best Lakshmi Puja Muhurat duration is from 07:09pm to 07:38pm. All the planets are giving good effects during this time; also auspicious Chaughadiya is prevailing.

Fixed ascendant Taurus will prevail from 05:43pm to 07:38pm. During this time, except the sixth positioned Mercury, as planets are auspicious. Hence, you may do Lakshmi-Kuber Puja in this duration after doing remedies for Mercury.

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Businessmen may worship their ledgers during 07:09pm to 11:18pm. All these Muhurat timings are according to Delhi. If you want to know the exact Muhurat for your city, please check our app: AstroSage Kundli

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Diwali Horoscope (2015 - 2016)

For some people, the New Year begins from Diwali. Hence, we are giving this horoscope for this New Year.

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2016 will prove to be a mixture of all emotions. As they say, “Good health and positive mind is the gift given to us from nature”, follow this mantra for a blissful year. Obesity related issues might worry you. On the other hand, your long term investments will prove beneficial, so move ahead. To get the best results out of your hard work, focus on your work instead of controversies. Success will be at your doorstep in all the tasks you do. A little care towards your personal and familial life will bring joy. There are favorable chances of foreign trip. Students will succeed in competitive exams. Your life will be awesome after March.


Awesome year for Taureans. You will be busy throughout the year, yet your health will be good. Your long term investment in stock market and mutual funds will give you good results. The relationship between your family and your spouse will be blissful. Your bonding will improve with the people you are close with. Beware of those who want to harm your image. A beneficial year for both servicemen and business people. You will have a joyous marital life and also lovers will cherish this year. You might fulfill your dream of owning a house or property. First half of the year will be better as compared to the other half.


“Anger spoils the mind”. Control your anger and take good care of your health. Healthy diet and good workout will help you in better living. You are suggested to stop showing-off your money, or else you will regret later. Understand your family prudentially and take care of your finances, as this year might give struggle in terms of finances. Maintaining bonds with impactful people will benefit your career greatly.


As per the horoscope 2016, this year will be favoring you majorly. Your health might upset you, so take special care of your health and do yoga to avoid anything serious. Think intelligently before starting a new venture. Do not let others take advantage of your generous nature. Never trust anyone blindfoldedly in terms of finances, it will harm you. Those who are in entertainment industry will be experiencing glorious success in 2016. Your personal life needs more time and care. Be patient while making decisions related to buying a new property to avoid losses. Students will clear exams with flying colors.


Pressurising yourself too much will affect your mental capability. So, do not overthink and start meditating. Think positive and be thankful to God. You should be alert in investing money to avoid being trapped. 2016 will improve your love life and some of you might even get married. You will most probably get a better job that will bring mental peace to you. Travelling and education will enlighten you. The constant support of your life partner will help you face all the problems and achieve goals.


Your illness might upset you this year and you might put on some weight. Avoid eating high calorie food and add healthy food to your diet chart to ignore such health issues. Alcohol should be avoided. Pending strategies will now give great results. Friends and family will be supportive to you in making financial decisions. The natives of this sign will get reward and appreciation. You will feel exertion due to too much travelling. Love relationships might face difficulty. But, be calm and try to resolve the problems. You will experience a better life in the later half of this year.


A great year for your health though finance related things can be a little challenging. Your happy-go-lucky nature will be the bridge to your self-confidence, as it will help you excel in your life. To avoid financial problems in future, stick to your budget. Your children might give tensions. You will succeed in everything because of your dedication and devotion. But, do not let this achievement make you over-confident and stay dedicated. Work related travelling will be favorable. Some religious activities might happen at home. Foreign trips are also possible. Your life will be awesome after April, but expenses will also increase.


Horoscope 2016 is nothing less than a gift to you. Let go off your laziness and invest your time in something productive. Good investment will give good results. Someone related to your friend will help you grow professionally. You will experience new love this year that will be affirmative. Save money as much as you can especially upto August. You should try and be more expressive only to experience true victory. Anything new will result in complete satisfaction. Your married life might be less harmonic so work towards it. Soon after February, your life will improve.


Infectious and dirty water might be dangerous for your health. Blessings of your parents will be the key to your success. There might be arguments between you and your relatives. You will experience the same help as you do. Your furious behavior might harm you - so keep control on yourself. Professionally you will surely get recognition this year. You might face problems in travelling abroad. But, change in job location is also possible. Even after the intervention of others, your life partner will give full support in every step you take in your life. Students might face difficulty in focusing on studies. Situation will improve soon after April.


The year will give positive results for financial situation and work. Some tiffs are possible with spouse and loved ones, which might disturb the environment of your home. Try to keep a control over your words; otherwise it may harm you. Headache and stress might affect your healthy life. During this time, buy those things that will become costly in future. You need to learn the management of the stress from the side of family. Learn from the bad times. Don’t play with the emotions of others, it might harm you. Hard work will get you promotion at work. Expenditure more than the requirement might give you troubles. It is the right time to think about the career of your spouse. Habit of changing mobiles and vehicles might disturb your financial planning.


You will cherish the best of this year. However, eating habits need special attention because stomach related problems are possible. Along with better financial situation, friends will also help you. But, you need to keep your emotions under control. Make sure that neither your friends take your advantage nor you do that. Apart from decorating home, pay attention to what your children need. Children will bring bliss to your home. Working people will get respect and promotion. You can accelerate the rate of success with proper time management. Some official presentations or seminars might take you far from home. Married life looks cozy due to the position of Jupiter in seventh house.


The New Year might be a little strugglesome for you. As compared to first half, second half of the year will be better. Some problems are expected with intestines, liver, or kidney. Stay away from speculations and betting, it might give you losses. Avoid making any big investments for next one year. There are possibilities of family related issues as well. But, you needn’t worry at all because good thoughts and behavior can fix everything. Help given by others will show colors later. You will have put double efforts in getting success at work. Time might become a little difficult. Foreign trip might get postponed at the last moment. Your spouse might get stressed about something. If you had a wish to buy a new four-wheeler, you might get blessed. Chances are also there that you might shift your home.

Diwali is celebrated with a great pomp and show, but each region has a unique way of celebrating this festival of lights. Know these unique ways here: Diwali Celebrations
AstroSage wishes you a blissful Diwali!
May Maa Lakshmi bless you with prosperity!

Happy Diwali!

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