Sunday, November 29, 2015

Venus Transit In Libra Tomorrow - Effects on You

On November 30, Venus will transit in its own sign, Libra. It will remain here till December 25. It will reside in Libra for almost 26 days. It will travel through the constellations of Mars, Rahu, and Jupiter. Venus is a benefic planet and hence, gives favorable results. However, unfavorable results are expected if the native has deadly Venus or the planet is a hurdle for him/her. Adverse consequences are possible to those who are going through the Pratyantar Dasha of Venus.

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Venus is going to bestow you with eternal bliss in personal life. Get ready to feel happy throughout and spend money on luxuries. Read more


Money will come through many sources. Extreme benefits will approach you; however, don’t keep high expectations. Read more


People will find your communication skills very influential. Entertainment, fun with friends, and get-togethers all will keep you cheerful. Read more


You will stand out from others at workfront with your working skills and sharp mind. You will make your surrounding beautiful. Read more


Your speech will turn impressing. Purchase of cool gadgets and new clothes are clearly visible for you. Read more


You are going to make money and earn recognition. Extreme profits are there for real estate agents.Read more


Your efforts will open doors of success for you. Personal life looks wonderful and you will turn music lover. Read more


Profits are foreseen knocking your door. Don’t waste time on secret affairs, as it won’t do any good. Read more


Relatives will help you and your efforts will invite success. Professional life will bring immense glory. Read more


Hard work and sincere efforts will do wonders for you. You will take interest in the décor of your home. Read more


You might start any new venture, quite rewarding one. Distant journeys are very much possible. Read more


Sexual desires will increase, which you need to control. Mixed results will chase you in this phase of life. Read more

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