Thursday, March 5, 2015

Muhurat Of Holika Dahan In 2015

The inauspicious eight days of Holashtak will come to an end today, on this pious occasion of Holika Dahan in 2015. Check out the right Muhurat of Holika Dahan in 2015 and welcome good luck.

Holika Dahan in 2015 will be celebrated on March 5.

Last day of holashtak is popularly known as ‘Holika Dahan’. As the period of auspiciousness comes to an end on this day, certain rituals are performed. Performing all the rituals of this day under the auspicious Muhurat is extremely important, as inauspicious Muhurat is an invitation to bad luck. We will discuss these rituals, but before that take look at the Muhurat of Holika Dahan 2015.

Holika Dahan 2015 Muhurat

Holika Dahan Shubh Muhurat:
18:19 - 20:48
Bhadra Punchha: 05:36 - 06:56
Bhadra Mukha: 06:56 - 09:09

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It is said that rituals of Holika Dahan should be conducted only in the auspicious Muhurat. Puja of Holika Dahan is so pious that if performed during inauspicious time, it leads to adverse effects. However, you need not to worry, as we have got the accurate Muhurat for you. Check out Holika Dahan 2015 Muhurat and fetch all the goodness and blessings of the Almighty and the sacred fire of Holika.

Holika Dahan Rituals

  1. Heap of woods is prepared on which dried leaves, plants twigs, cow dung etc. are also placed.
  2. On the top of this heap, idol of Holika and Prahlad are kept.
  3. While chanting Mantras, the heap is set on fire.
  4. It is believed that the ashes of Holika Dahan are auspicious and hence, they are collected on the next morning and smeared on the body.
You must be thinking as to why you should celebrate Holika Dahan. Well, not one but we will give you two reasons to observe Holika Dahan.

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Why Is Holika Dahan Important?

  1. You can fulfill your desire of a healthy and wealthy life by conducting the rituals of Holika Dahan.
  2. If you are surrounded by sadness or sorrow of any type, you can free yourself from it by burning all the negativity in the pious fire of Holika Dahan.

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Dive Into The Colors Of Holi With AstroSage

After conducting all the rituals of Holika Dahan with a pure heart and soul, it is time to get into the festive mood of playing colorful (Rangwali) Holi, tomorrow. Stay tuned for our exclusive article on Holi and do give us your feedbacks about the same.

To make sure you play Holi in the best Muhurat and stay safe from inauspicious time, we have mentioned below the good as well as bad period of Holi 2015.

Auspicious Time: 06:41 - 11:04
Rahu Kaal: 11:04 - 12:32
Shubh Chaughadiya: 12:32 - 14:00

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With this little useful information, we hope you have a wonderful Holi this year. We wish a very Happy Holi!

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