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Mahalaya Amavasya Tomorrow - How To Do Tarpan

In 2015, October 12 is the day when you can get rid of all the life’s troubles; because it is Mahalaya Amavasya. Let’s now go in details to make the most of this day.

Performing Tarpan can nullify the malefic effects of afflicted planets.

हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें

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Steps To Do Tarpan

  1. Get a copper vessel (Lota) and fill half of it with Ganga Jal (if not available, take regular water).
  2. Fill the vessel with milk (unprocessed, raw) and add 2 spoons of black sesame in it.
  3. Put some Kusha sticks into the water of the vessel.
  4. Take a steel vessel (Lota) now and place it in front of you.
  5. Stand facing towards south direction.
  6. Pour the liquid of copper vessel into steel vessel slowly while holding the Kusha sticks, so that they don’t fall down.
  7. While you are pouring the liquid, chant the below given Mantra:

  8. ॐ पितृ गणाय विद्महे जगत धारिण्ये धीमहि तन्नो पितरो प्रचोदयात्

  9. The last step is to offer food. Details are given below.

Food Offerings

Feeding someone with pure heart and soul is the true form of charity performed on Sarva Pitra Amavasya. Tarpan process gets completed after offering food to someone who needs it or to saints. Traditionally, the food is also offered to cow, crow, ants, fire, and dog. The blessings of those who you feed help your ancestors get salvation.

If you want to know everything in detail about Pitru Paksha or Shradh, click here: Pitru Paksha 2015

Tarpan or Shradh is performed by various ways, as per the beliefs of people. You may like to read below given articles to know what our other experts say:

Beliefs Behind Mahalaya Amavasya

Hindus believe in life after death and perform Shradh Vidhi to ensure that the soul of their previous generations go to heaven. As per the beliefs, the reason behind the problems people face in day-to-day life, even without doing anything wrong, is because their ancestors do not get peace or salvation. Pinda Daan is performed to help the souls of our departed ancestors get bliss.

If the Shradh is done properly, we can actually reconnect with our 64 generations of ancestors who help us nullify the deadly effects of inflicted planets that stop the positive effect of favoring ones.

May you get a life full of happiness by the grace of God!

Friday, October 9, 2015

Mercury Direct In Virgo Today - Discover The Results

On October 09, 2015, Mercury will get direct in own sign. Mercury is travelling in this sign from long. Finally, it will transit into Libra on October 29, being direct. Mercury never travels for this long, but it got retrograde in between and hence it took this much time.

Mercury direct in Virgo will affect bring changes in your life.

हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें

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You need to be cautious. Avoid useless expenditures and stay away from betting. Read more...


Time is good to change current job and earn abundant wealth. Read more...


Time is great for profits. You need to concentrate on your family. Read more...


Keeping matters of love within heart is not good. Go and open your heart to your beloved. Read more...


Time is excellent. You are going to make some serious profits. Read more...


You will enjoy many good things. Good news is foreseen on your cards. Read more...


Luck will not favor; however, you will remain unaffected. Read more...


Keep ego in control, else embarrassment or allegations are assured. Read more...


Great time to seek profits with help of others. A great phase for you. Read more...


Be careful, don’t do anything if you have no knowledge about it. Read more...


Mixed results are foreseen for you due to this planetary movement. Read more...


Your mind might remain indecisive in this particular period of time. Read more...

Monday, October 5, 2015

Weekly Horoscope (October 5 - October 11)

Take a peek into the upcoming time with us. We present you the exclusive predictions of weekly horoscope and weekly love horoscope written by our expert astrologers. Read them and take a step forward towards success.

Know the future of your upcoming week with weekly horoscopes.

(October 5 to October 11) Week At A Glance:

October 8: Indira Ekadashi

Note: Weekly horoscope is based on your Moon sign. Know your moon sign by clicking here: Moon sign calculator

हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें

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This is not a good time for doing experiments at workplace, results may not come in your favor. Take every step cautiously while deciding anything for the workfront. You may not get the desired support of your colleagues or business partners. But, there is also not any reason to feel sad, because this situation will not last for long. Everything will come in your favor if you put your efforts in the right direction, so keep on doing that.

Love Predictions

Arians will have a mixed week. Try to get the best from every opportunity you get. You will get good opportunities in the starting of this week. Spend time together and enjoy. Mid of the week might give any concern, but weekend is fabulous. If you are in love with any classmate, you will get excellent results.

Fortune Star: 2.5/5

Remedy: Don’t trust your business partners blindly.

Read your monthly horoscope for October: Aries


You enjoyed a great social life till now, but now it's high time to focus only on work. Some new opportunities and challenges may come your way. You may spend some extra hours at workplace for accomplishing the given targets. Your efforts will also produce the desired results for you at present and in the future. Distant or foreign journeys are possible and you will get the desired results from them.

Love Predictions

Taureans will get wonderful results this week. However, you have to be very alert while taking any step. Keep sexual thoughts under control. It would be good to meet at any safe place or home. Mid of the week is good to meet your partner. WEekend has mixed results; however, you will remain satisfied.

Fortune Star: 3/5

Remedy: Don’t let stress of work affect your health.

Read your monthly horoscope for October: Taurus


This week is going to be the mixed bag of fruits for you. You will feel financially secure and income is likely to come in a good amount in the future as well. Your family members may ask for an outing for spending some time with you. Because, you were not be able to give enough time to them previously, due to work commitments. You are advised to appreciate your subordinates and servants for their efforts, this will help them in feeling motivated.

Love Predictions

This week is good for your love life; however, work pressure might leave you with minimum time for love life. You will turn emotional in the initial days and your partner will understand this. Minor tiffs are possible in mid of the week. However, weekend is in your favor. You will get mixed results.

Fortune Star: 3.5/5

Remedy: Offer some bonus or gifts to your servants or subordinates.

Read your monthly horoscope for October: Gemini


You will work for your improvement emotionally as well as financially. Either you will perform charity or organise a religious activity at home. You are likely to increase the time of worshiping. Family members will support you and everything is looking in your favor at domestic front. The couples who are trying for a baby from a long time, this is a good time for them to increase their efforts. It is very likely that they may get the desired results.

Love Predictions

You will have sweet plus sour moments this week. Due to some reasons, you will get less chances to spend time together. Meeting your partner in the initial days seems a bit difficult, but you will surely take out time to meet him/her during the middle of this week. Avoid wasting time on useless tiffs. Weekend is better comparatively. If you are in love with your neighbour, luck is with you.

Fortune Star: 2/5

Remedy: Make donations of white colored products, it will help in increasing luck.

Read your monthly horoscope for October: Cancer


This week, you may spend most of your time in thinking about the future. You will make some concrete pannings for your business and domestic life. Investments are also possible to achieve a good financial growth in the future. You will make some intelligent decisions this time. Students and competitors will do great in their respective fields. The only thing that you need to take care of this week is your laziness. Avoid being lazy and try to remain active all the time.

Love Predictions

Lions will have a beautiful time this week. If you are in love with any classmate, things are wonderful. Initial days will remain blissful. You will enjoy the best of your love life and if you are married, time is excellent. Weekend is on your side. You will get opportunities to spend time together.

Fortune Star: 3/5

Remedy: Worship Lord Shiva.

Read your monthly horoscope for October: Leo


This is a time to focus on your financial life, work for a better future and better financial situation. Don’t waste all your money, rather save for the crisis. An emergency is likely to come your way this week. Sudden spendings are possible. An event may drain your energy. This time may give you some challenges as far as your domestic life is concerned. You may have to work hard for maintaining peace at home. Also try to resolve the issues between other family members.

Love Predictions

Virgos will have a favorable week. If you are in love with any colleague, you will get far better results. Starting of the week is in your favor. You will manage professional and personal life beautifully. Mid of the week is wonderful. Weekend might bring some issues, avoid arguing at night. You might have to stay away from your partner.

Fortune Star
: 3/5

Remedy: Avoid wastage of money.

Read your monthly horoscope for October: Virgo


Some neglected things may come in your priority list this time like your health, eating habits and friends. You were not taking care of them from a long time because of busy work schedules, but now you will shift your focus. You may make some plans of outings, chances of pilgrimage are also very high. This time will help you in feeling relaxed. You will make plans for the future and may also consider some marriage proposals.

Love Predictions

Librans will get to see mixed results this week. You might fall for someone living far from you or you might like someone on social media. You might visit any pilgrimage with with your partner. Not only love, but also give respect to your lover in the initial days. You will get less time to spend together during weekend.

Fortune Star

Remedy: Don’t waste your energy in any wrong deed.

Read your monthly horoscope for October: Libra


Your confidence will remain high. You will solve every problem with lots of courage and ease. This week may create some mixed results for you. Everything is looking fine at workfront. But, some problems are possible in domestic life. Your wife or children may ask for a vacation or trip and this may create tensions, because your commitments at workplace may not let you do that. You are advised to handle everything with calm and patience.

Love Predictions

Scorpions will have mixed results this week. Love will be there, but along with some tiffs. Starting of the week isn't that romantic, but mid is far better. You might get less time for love and romance due to hectic schedule. Weekend will be in your favor.

Fortune Star: 3/5

Remedy: Maintain your calm and patience in every situation.

Read your monthly horoscope for October: Scorpio


This week situations will improve in comparison to earlier. Your efficiency will increase and working abilities will also improve. Your enemies would not be able to harm you in any way. Your servants and subordinates will work in your favor. You will appreciate them, but avoid anger and ego completely this week. You are advised to take care of your health, otherwise problems will increase later.

Love Predictions

This week is not that good for you, but keeping yourself away from troubles will bless you with satisfactory results. Initial days are good, especially for the married people. However, middle of the week is not that promising. Weekend is better, you can expect good times.

Fortune Star: 2.5/5

Remedy: Try to remain patient and speak politely.

Read your monthly horoscope for October: Sagittarius


This week you may have to take some undue financial risks, but favoritism of the time will create favors. Time is good for thinking about business expansion and for signing some important business deals. Benefits are likely to come your way from different sources. Your decision making abilities and courage will increase. Appreciation will come at workplace and respect and fame will also increase in society.

Love Predictions

If you are in a serious affair, this week is not meant for you. However, if it’s just a fling or a short term relation, this week is good for going out together and have fun. It would be good to keep yourself away from sexual thoughts. Beginning of the week is good. Middle of the week is laos in your favor. Be careful doing weekend, as your image might get affected.

Fortune Star: 2.5/5

Remedy: Help the needy.

Read your monthly horoscope for October: Capricorn


You may feel attracted toward someone from opposite sex. Closeness is also likely to increase with him/her. But, you are advised to maintain decency in your behavior, also do not commit your feelings in front of others. Because, it may lead to defamation in society. Time is good if going for an interview or participating in a competition. Chances of getting success are very high.

Love Predictions

Though this week is good for you, but keep yourself away from sexual thoughts. Love and romance will be at their best in the initial days. You might fall for any classmate. Middle of the week is also good, but avoid useless tiffs. Married people will enjoy a lot; however, be in your limits.

Fortune Star: 4/5

Remedy: Perform donations as much as you can.

Read your monthly horoscope for October: Aquarius


Things will improve a lot for you this week. You will feel ambitious, courageous and work hard to achieve goals. Things will end up in your favor at domestic front and in professional life. Luck is in your support, but there is a need to grab the correct opportunity. Everyone will support you at workfront and at home. There is no need to worry at all in any situation, any major problem will not come your way.

Love Predictions

Pisceans will get average results this week. You might get tensed in the beginning of the week, but mid is favorable. You might propose someone or might fall for your classmate. Weekend is in your favor, but don’t go against the wishes of your partner. If such thing happens, it would become difficult for you to please him her.

Fortune Star: 3.5/5

Remedy: Work hard to get best results.

Read your monthly horoscope for October: Pisces

Love Horoscope is exclusive by Pt. Hanumman Mishra.

Friday, October 2, 2015

AstroSage Kundli Android App Is Now In Tamil!

With the beginning of this wonderful month of October, we have brought you a surprise along with all the details of this month. AstroSage Kundli, world’s #1 astrological mobile app, is now available in Tamil. The language has got eighteenth rank in the world’s languages and fifth in India. Read more to know the fabulous features of this app and all the details about October.

AstroSage Kundli Android app is now available in Tamil language.

AstroSage Kundli mobile app is based on the ancient principles of Vedic Astrology. Jathagam (Kundali), Rasipalan (Horoscope), Peyarchi (Transit), Nalla Neram (Panchang), Porutham (Horoscope Matching), and everything else that is related to astrology is available with this app for FREE. That’s why approx. 50,00,000 people have loved this app and out of 69,164 reviews it has got 4.3 rating on Play Store. This is not just an ordinary app, it is your personal astrologer.

Why Don’t You Install Your Personal Android Astrologer Now?

हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें 

If you already have AstroSage Kundli app in your smartphone and want it in Tamil, just change the language from the settings.

Fabulous Features

The app has so many features that it is difficult to mention all of them. Hence, we are offering few of them below:
  1. 50+ pages detailed Jathagam (Kundali) predictions
  2. Porutham (Horoscope Matching) detailed report
  3. Rasipalan (all horoscopes)
  4. Peyarchi (transit) reports
  5. Lal Kitab reports
  6. Dosha reports (Mangal/Kuja Dosha, Kaal Sarp Dosha, Sani Sade Sati, Dhaiyya, etc.)
  7. KP reports
Download AstroSage Kundli app now and live like a boss!

iPhone Has KP Astrology Now!

AstroSage Kundli App for Apple is now upgraded with KP Astrology features. Now, make your iPhone a versatile astrologer with the accurate predictions by KP Astrology.

Let’s now unveil the details of October along with the predictions about how this month will fair with you.

October 2015 Important Dates’ Planner

October 1
October 2
October 4
October 8
October 9
October 10
October 11
October 12
October 13
Navratri starts, Maharaja Agresen Jayanti
October 14
October 16
October 17
October 18
Durga Puja starts, Saraswati Avahan
October 19
Saraswati Puja
October 21
Durga Ashtami, Maha Navami
October 22
October 23
Papakunsha Ekadashi, Madhvacharya Jayanti
October 25
October 26
October 27
Kojagara Puja (Sharad Purnima), Valmiki Jayanti, Meerabai Jayanti
October 29
October 30

We have detailed informations on almost all of the above given events. All you need is to click on the link to reach the details.

October 2015 Muhurats

So, this was all we had in this beautiful month of October. Hope the above given information will help you in better planning of the month. Share with your family and friends to spread the bliss. Keep giving your feedbacks and help us improve your experience with us.

With all the heartfelt wishes, we wish you a time of love and peace ahead.

With warm regards,
Team AstroSage

Event Of The Day!

As you must be cherishing the National Holiday in India on the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi, we thought of sharing some astrological details about him. Click here to know what the stars of Gandhi Ji did to him: Mahatma Gandhi Astrology

On October 4, 2015, Shiva devotees will observe fast and Puja because it is Kaal Bhairav Jayanti. We have given all the details about this festival here: Kalashtami 2015

Have a wonderful day ahead!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Venus Transited Into Leo Today - Your Future Predictions

Venus will move into Leo on October 01, 2015. Sun, the lord of Leo do not share friendly bond with Venus. It belongs to fire element. Venus resides in a sign for approximately 20 days and is never more than 2 signs behind Sun. Generally, Venus is only one house away from Sun. Venus controls beauty, sensuality, luxury, expensive things, and addiction. It influences the houses where it resides.

Venus transit in Leo will affect your zodiac sign.

Click here to read in English

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Just like every other thing, love is also an essential element of life. Plan ways to bring this beautiful feeling in your life. Read more...


This transit will divert your focus on home. Right from the classy curtains to attractive carpet, you will keep everything perfect. Read more...


Don’t keep your feelings and love within yourself only. Go and express it to the person you have it all for. Read more...


Whether you are employed or not, gain of money is definite. Don’t worry about finances, especially at this time. Read more...


Your looks and personality will be appreciated by all. If looking for love, your search might come to end. Read more...


Keeping limit on your expenses are a must at this time. Try going on outings, as you might come across your lover. Read more...


Improving your social circle should be your priority at this time. Try to get as much profits from others as much possible. Read more...


Your seniors as well as your colleagues will remain satisfied from you. Your smart work will bless you with any reward. Read more...


Financial life will remain great in this phase. Love birds should think about taking the next step, i.e. marriage. Read more...


Any old policy might help you with great funds. Sexual desires and thought will rise, you need to control them. Read more...


Your connection with your beloved will get stronger. Friends will prove extremely beneficial at this time. Read more...


Family, friends, boss, and colleagues, all will remain pleased by you. Fun, humor, and joy will keep you delightful. Read more...

Monthly Horoscope For October 2015

Here comes a fresh new month, October. New month means new beginnings, new hopes and new enthusiasm. So, what new things you need to start to bring bliss and achievements this month? Get the right advice with October’s monthly horoscope.

October horoscope 2015 has come to tell you everything about future.

October horoscope 2015 is based on your Ascendant Sign. To know your Ascendant Sign, please click here: Ascendant Sign Calculator

हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें

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Aries Horoscope For October 2015

Stay cautious from your enemies and bad health, as the month is good in every other aspect. Respect and fame will increase, success will come in competitions. This time is extremely good for foreign related works, some important work will also get completed. You may buy a new home or vehicle. You will get rid of an old prolong disease. New love relationships will develop. Children will also give some good news. Don’t take any financial risk this time, because time is very average in money related matters. Read more…

Read your yearly horoscope 2016 here: Aries

Taurus Horoscope For October 2015

New love relationships are expected to begin. Time is also good for buying new home or vehicle. Disputes with children are possible, so think wisely. Sudden profits and losses are possible simultaneously. Stay cautious in financial matters, don’t invest money anywhere in excitement. Stay very careful regarding your and your life partner’s health, also don’t get into any dispute with him/her. You will get immense success in examination and competition. Those who are related to the field education will achieve new achievements. Read more…

Read your yearly horoscope 2016 here: Taurus

Gemini Horoscope For October 2015

Luck will support, but you have to take care of your parent’s health. Expenses will increase as compared to income. It would be good for you to delay beginning new work. Journeys will not give the desired results; hence, delay them for sometime to prevent losses. Take care of your life-partner’s health and desires. You will be able to get rid of a big problem on the strength of your intellect. Try to remain calm and don’t disclose your desires to anyone. Read more…

Read your yearly horoscope 2016 here: Gemini

Cancer Horoscope For October 2015

Negative thinking will affect your work this month. This will lead to reduction in income and losses in business. You might not get new opportunities. Success rate is very low in new endeavors. Mind will remain distracted, keep your speech and anger in control. You may go on pilgrimages. Males should remain aware from females, otherwise losses are possible. Success will come in works related to foreign land. Journeys will be favorable, but some problems are possible due to children. This month is very average for education and competition. Read more…

Read your yearly horoscope 2016 here: Cancer

Leo Horoscope For October 2015

Like the previous month, this month is also demanding a lot of attention in married life. You need to spend time with your partner. Listen and understand his/her ideas and views, otherwise big controversies are possible. Your closeness may increase with any unknown male or female, this will also lead to differences and disputes with life-partner. People will feel attracted toward you and your influence will increase. Your intellect will help a lot in getting success in all the works. Patients of high blood pressure and heart diseases are advised to stay very careful, otherwise problems will increase a lot. Chances of sudden financial profit and travellings are arising this month. Read more…

Read your yearly horoscope 2016 here: Leo

Virgo Horoscope For October 2015

An imbalance will occur between income and expenses. You will face problems in earning; if you are in business, income may almost stop. Expenses will increase a lot, you have to maintain patience. Many difficulties will arrive in your married life also. Diseases and enemies will disturb a lot, it will become very difficult to get rid of them. Differences may increase from family members. Don’t rely on luck this time. Do not invest anything in stock market. You will feel difficulty in taking decisions because of constant conflicts in mind. Control on your speech and anger. Perform the good deeds, but don’t expect that you will get favorable results from them. Stay calm, controlled and introvert. Also, stay away from addiction and immoral works. Read more…

Read your yearly horoscope 2016 here: Virgo

Libra Horoscope For October 2015

Journeys may increase this time, but they will not give any immediate result. Your influence will be there on enemies. Income will come from more than one source. Money will keep on coming. Chances of gaining money from any dispute are also there. Success will come in education and you will feel happy because of your children. Differences might increase with father. If any property related dispute is there, it would be better to avoid it this month. Relatives will support a lot. Take care of your body above shoulders, especially your eyes. Your enemies will come to an end. There are good chances for you of getting success in legal matters. You may feel very angry this time, some proud may come in your mind and bitterness in words. So, you are advised to keep a control on them, otherwise unnecessary problems may arise. Read more…

Read your yearly horoscope 2016 here: Libra

Scorpio Horoscope For October 2015

Some problems are possible from children, pregnant ladies are also advised to stay cautious. Success will come in matters related to land and property. Chances of buying a new vehicle are also there. You may spend on maintenance of home. Money will come in a great amount. If disputes are there between you and your life-partner, they will get resolved now. He/she will support you and you are likely to gain profits from that. Journeys will produce fruitful results. You may go somewhere for outing with family. Support will come from father and higher officials. Read more…

Read your yearly horoscope 2016 here: Scorpio

Sagittarius Horoscope For October 2015

Courage of Sagittarians will increase a lot this month. Siblings will give their support. Something auspicious will happen, which will produce beneficial results in future. Expenses will increase on children. This month will give mixed results for financial matters. Success will come in political field and support will come from administration. Journeys will remain enjoyable and fruitful. Support will also come from female natives. Domestic happiness will increase, but you have to stay cautious about your mother’s health. Your intellect will remain great and decisions will be beneficial. Overall, time is in your favor, make the most of it. Read more…

Read your yearly horoscope 2016 here: Sagittarius

Capricorn Horoscope For October 2015

Take care of your health. Chances of accident or injuries are there, so stay very careful. For avoiding all the major problems, you are required to take smaller problems seriously. Luck will support, but it may also remain unfavorable sometimes. You have to try hard to get the desired results. Long delays are possible in any important work, which will decrease its importance. Don’t take any financial risk. Disputes or ideological differences are possible with children. Read more…

Read your yearly horoscope 2016 here: Capricorn

Aquarius Horoscope For October 2015

Your relationship will improve with life-partner, love will increase and you will also get his/her support. New love relationships are possible for unmarrieds. Money will come in a good amount. Luck is with you, but don’t take any risk. You will be able to gain the support of higher officials and seniors, despite some differences with them. Sharpness will be there in your ideas. Don’t take any risk for gaining quick profits. Disputes are possible with elder brother or with any close friend, so stay cautious. Stay cautious while driving, from electrical appliances and from fire. Read more…

Read your yearly horoscope 2016 here: Aquarius

Pisces Horoscope For October 2015

This month will give mixed results. You will successfully create an impact on enemies, but problems are possible in domestic life. Family conditions and atmosphere will not be appropriate. Financial losses are possible. You will be able to extract your works from government and higher officials. Long distance journeys will create fruitful results. Stay cautious while travelling, because chances of accidents are there. You will go to any extent to complete your works and can also use some wrong and esoteric means for that. Read more…

Read your yearly horoscope 2016 here: Pisces

Monday, September 28, 2015

How Pitru-Paksha Can Take Your Life’s Pains?

Pitru Paksha, the wonderful duration of Shradh, is beginning from today. Performing Pind Daan and rituals related to Shraddha satisfies our ancestors is something we all know. But, do you know that doing these rituals can unlock your fortune too? Here is how…

What is the real meaning of Pitru Paksha? What Pitru Dosha takes place?

Anything we offer with utmost respect comes under ‘Shradh’. Pind Daan not only pays Moksha and peace to our ancestors, but also bestows bliss, harmony and prosperity on us. From Purnima of Shukla Paksha falling in Bhadrapada till Amavasya of Ashwin Krishna Paksha, rituals of Shradh are performed. As per beliefs, during these 16 days of Pitru Paksha, our ancestors reside on earth.

हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें...

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What Exactly Pitru Dosha Is?

‘Pitru Dosha’ is counted as the most prominent Dosha. Ninth house of one’s Kundali belongs to religion (Dharm). This house is also termed as ‘house of father’. If Rahu, Ketu and Mars are posited in this house in their debilitated sign, this means that you are under the effect of Pitru Dosha. Mental stress, lack of peace, wealth loss, domestic discords etc. are possible if one is suffering from Pitru Dosha. A child gets affected Pitru Dosha Yoga in his/her Kundali if his/her elders do not perform Pind Daan. He/she borns with Pitru Dosha in his/her next birth.

Note: Though Shradh done according to Shastra Vidhi is above all, but for those who are unable to do this can perform Shradh rituals during Pitra Paksha. People who are unaware of Tithi (date) of their forefathers can do these rituals on the Amavasya of Pitru Paksha. All this has been given in mythological legends.

We all are aware of the fact that Shradh ritual and Pind Daan please our ancestors. However, if Garuda Purana is to be believed, if these holy rituals are performed in the right way and as per the Nakshatras (constellations), all wishes are fulfilled. Let’s throw a light on the guidelines mentioned in Garuda Purana:
  1. To fetch majesty, perform Pind Daan in Ardra Nakshatra.
  2. To get pleasure of having own child, perform the rituals under Rohini Nakshatra.
  3. Perform Pind Daan under Mrigshira Nakshatra enhances one’s positive traits.
  4. To get beauty, do these rituals in Punarvasu Nakshatra.
  5. For the dreamers of glory, it is recommended to perform Shradh under Pushya Nakshatra.
  6. Perform Pind Daan under Ashlesha Nakshatra for longevity.
  7. For good health, perform the rituals in Magha Nakshatra.
  8. For good fortune, perform Shradh in Purva Phalguni Nakshatra.
  9. Those who aim for higher studies must do all the rituals under Hasta Nakshatra.
  10. For renowned progeny, do Pind Daan under Chitra Nakshatra.
  11. Swati Nakshatra is meant for profits in business.
  12. For pleasure of dynasty, perform Shradh in Vishakha Nakshatra.
  13. Perform the rituals under Anuradha Nakshatra for higher position.
  14. For rights related to higher authority, do these rituals in Jyeshta Nakshatra.
  15. Performing the rituals under Mool Nakshatra blesses with disease free body.
  16. For fulfilment of all the wishes & desires, perform Shradh in Kritika Nakshatra.

Shradh Vidhi

  1. Chant name of your clan, Gotra, own name, zodiac sign and ancestor’s name & relation and take water in your hand and take oath.
  2. Perform the rituals while facing East direction.
  3. Take Kush grass, rice, barley, basil leaves and white flowers.
  4. Make 3 offerings of water mixed with sesame seeds.
  5. After Pind Daan is complete, make donation to a Brahmin. In case you do not find any Brahmin, you can make donation to your son-in-law, grandson or nephew.
  6. After Shradh has been done, serve food to cow, dog or crow.
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We are sure that above given information will not only give you relief from Pitru Dosha, but will also help you in fulfilling your every dream.

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