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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Free “AstroSage Kundli” App for Windows Mobile!

For all Windows mobile users, AstroSage’s come up with a special New Year’s gift - free “AstroSage Kundli” app for Nokia & Windows mobile phones. AstroSage’s Kundli application is now available for Windows Mobile users in Windows store for FREE! We are much thrilled and excited to bring to the market this very first astrology app for all the Windows users out there. Be the first one to get this app at the Windows store for FREE! 

Windows Phone Kundli AppAstroSage is here with new year gift for astrology lovers. AstroSage’s free astrology app - ‘AstroSage Kundli’, which has broken all the records in the Android and iPhone markets is now available for all the Windows users. Afterall, it is not fair to let only the Android and iPhone users have all the fun. It’s now time for you proud Windows users to get your hands on this amazing AstroSage Kundli app, which is available for FREE. 

AstroSage’s Windows app - “AstroSage Kundli” is out as a result of all the interest shown in AstroSage by our sincere followers. After having a spectacular success in the Android and iPhone market, the only perfect place to make our mark next was Windows. So, here we are with this amazing astrology app. So, why wait? Be the first one to download this FREE ‘AstroSage Kundli’ app for Windows at the Windows store.

Features Of AstroSage Kundli

  • Vedic Astrology Charts (lagna / rasi chart, navamsa, moon chart)
  • Predictions/ Personalized Horoscope- Life Predictions, Monthly & Annual Predictions, Daily Predictions
  • Vimshottari Dasha / Udu Dasha upto five levels 
  • Large city atlas with thousands of cities, and Google Maps Support for finding city latitude and longitude
  • GPS support for Prashna Kundli (Horary Charts) and Time Charts
  • Tajik Varshfal (Solar Return with Muntha)
  • User friendly UI with flipping screens

All these amazing features are available in English, but soon will also be available in Hindi. 

Click here to get it started - AstroSage Kundli

All users have to do is:

  • Install application
  • Enter the user details
  • Choose from the list of categories available and get your desired prediction

Below available screenshots will give you some assistance to start off. 

We hope, this comes as a valuable information for all our Windows users who are planning to download this amazing FREE astrology app -AstroSage Kundli’.

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