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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Kajari Teej Today, Know Its Significance and Puja Vidhi

Know the auspicious effects of Gau Pujan today! Kajari Teej festival will be celebrated today, i.e. on August 29, 2018. Read here to know the importance of this propitious occasion, fasting rituals and Puja Vidhi.

In Hinduism, married women take certain fasts (Vrat) every year for the long-life of their husbands as well as for the happiness and prosperity in their families. Fasts such as Karwa Chauth, Hartalika Teej, Hariyali Teej, Vat Savitri Vrat and Kajari Teej are among the most important fasts for women.

According to Hindu Panchang, fast for Kajari Teej is performed on Tritiya (third day) of Krishna Paksha in the month of Bhadrapada. However, as per Gregorian Calendar, this festival falls in the month of July or August. This year, the festival is occuring today on August 29, and will be celebrated by women across the country with devotion and enthusiasm. However, it is mainly celebrated in Hindu states of the country including Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Bihar. This festival is also known by the name of Kajali Teej. Goddess Neemdi or Neemdi Mata is worshipped on this day. Married women fast on this occasion for longevity of their husbands. Additionally, unmarried girls also fast on this day to get blessed with a right and suitable husband.

Vrat Rituals on Kajari Teej

  • Like Karva Chauth, this fast is also performed without drinking water (Nirjala Vrat). Although, pregnant women may have fruits on this day.
  • Usually the fast is opened by looking at the Moon as per rituals. But, if it is not visible in the sky, a woman can open her fast by looking to the sky around 11:30 PM, and offering Argh to the Moon God.
  • Once the fasting rituals (Udyapan) for Kajari Teej are performed, if proper Nirjala fast is not possible by a woman in the coming years, she can have fruits.

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Rituals for offering Argh to Moon God

  • It is a tradition to offer Argh to Moon God on Kajari Teej. At night, women should sprinkle some water while looking to the sky, and offer vermillion (Roli) and Akshat (rice) to the God. After this, they should offer food as Bhoga to Moon God.
  • Offer Argh to Moon God while holding a Silver ring and few Wheat grains in your hand. Then, circumambulate (Parikrama) 4 times on the same place in a clockwise direction.

Kajari Teej and Importance of Worshipping Cows

In Hindu religion, Cow has been given the status of a mother, and is considered the holiest being in the world as per Vedas and Puranas. It is also believed that all the deities reside in Gau Mata (Cow). She is also known as Kamadhenu (a bovine Goddess, also known as the mother of fulfilment), who when worshipped brings happiness, peace and prosperity in the house. Gau Mata is especially worshipped on the occasion of Kajari Teej. The food is consumed only after feeding small round Chapatis made from flour dough along with Ghee and Gur (Jaggery) to the Cow.

Traditions related to Kajari Teej

  • Several dishes are prepared on this auspicious occasion using barley, wheat, gram (Chana) and rice-mixture called Sattu along with Ghee and Meva.
  • Beautifully adorned swings are thrown on trees in the fields or gardens, and women gathers and celebrate this festive occasion by dancing to the tunes of folk-songs.
  • The tradition of singing folk songs while riding on a boat on this day is performed by the people of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.

Just like Hariyali and Hartalika Teej, married women celebrate the propitious festival of Kajari Teej with lots of zeal and happiness. The fast performed on this day is dedicated to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati.

We, at AstroSage, wishes our readers a very prospering and blissful Kajari Teej.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Kajari Teej: The Festival Of Swings

Kajari Teej is celebrated on the 23rd of August 2013. It is a much awaited festival for the women folk, as they are the stars of this festival. Kajari Teej is celebrated on the 3rd day of Krishna Paksha. While Kajari Teej is celebrated in the month of Bhadrapada according to North Indian Calendar, down South, which follows the Amavasyant calendar, this festival is celebrated in the month of Shravan. Kajari Teej or Badi Teej is also called the festival of swings.

Now, Let's see in detail how this festival is celebrated across India.

Kajari Teej is celebrated as a welcome for the monsoon season after enduring the scorching heat of summer. This is a major event in Rajasthan, MP, Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. Kajari Teej is dedicated to Goddess Parvati, hence special pujas and rituals are performed on this day.

Kajari Teej in Bundi Rajasthan

The procession of the idol of Goddess Parvati in the city of Bundi, Rajasthan is the main event of Kajari Teej. This festival attracts thousands and thousands of tourist every year. As the Procession moves around the city, devotees throng the streets to get a glimpse of the idol. The event is celebrated in a grand scale with elephants and camels and what not brought in, specially for the festival. Goddess Parvati is decorated with new clothes, diamond, gold, rare gemstones and looks enchanting to the eyes. The day continues with performances like Rajasthani folk dance, rope walk, folk music and much more.

A day for women folk

Women love this festival as I said earlier, they get to be stars for the day. Women dress up in the most finest attire, and are treated to gifts and treats by their relatives. Some women observe fast for the well being of their husband. This is a very difficult task which involves fasting the whole day without consuming even water. Married women visit their parents home and get gifts and treats. Later the women gather around and make for a fun evening where dance, music and playing in the swing takes center stage. Overall, Kajari teej is a festival for fun, treats and worship. 

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Wishing everyone a Happy Teej !!