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May Horoscope 2019, What Is In Store For You This Month!

Great Changes in Our Country! Read May Monthly Horoscope 2019 and find out how the month will be for all 12 zodiac signs. 

The month of May is already knocking at our doors, and like every month, AstroSage is here, once again, with the monthly horoscope for all twelve zodiac signs. Read ahead to learn what this month has in store for you, and discover the important predictions pertaining to your wealth, career, business, love, family life, and health, etc. Now, before we begin, let us first discuss the important events happening around the world this month and find out what our astrologers have to say about them:

  • Mercury will be transiting in the zodiac sign Aries on 3 May 2019, which will result in its conjunction with the Sun. This creates the Budh Aditya Yoga between them and will impact all the student natives in the country. Students will perform better in their studies. Discover what other changes this Mercury transit in Aries will bring.
  • Mars will also be transiting this month, and will enter the zodiac sign Gemini on 7 May 2019. Its effect will be seen in the form of an increment in the prices of cereals, rice, lentils and other grains. Read the rest here: Mars transit in Gemini!
  • The transit of the red planet in May can result in water related problems, fire, etc. in the country.
  • There are chances of an eminent politician losing his positions this month.
  • Changes in the movement of planets, nakshatras, and stars can bring about an increase in the violent events in some parts of the country. 
  • The month will be favorable for all 12 signs, however, it will prove to be especially beneficial for Aries, Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius, and Aquarius

Lok Sabha Elections 2019: What’s Special this Month?

The most special day for Indian politics this month will be 23 May, because that day brings with it the results of the biggest festival of democracy this year – Lok Sabha Elections 2019. Taking a glance at the planetary positions on that day, we realize that the planets Rahu, Ketu, and Saturn are almost on the same degree. Additionally, Moon is posited in Sagittarius in this time and will then transit in Capricorn soon afterwards. Therefore, these planetary placements signify that the results of these elections will be unexpected. What we mean is, that some politicians that we were counting on may lose, and some that had little possibility of winning will emerge as the victors. Nonetheless, there is a greater chance of winning for the people presently in power, but maybe not with the same might with which they won the elections in 2014. As for the opposition, they will definitely get some benefits, but not enough to form the government. Overall, the ruling party has better chances of returning to form the government once again. However, certain transits are also pointing towards violence in the country. 

Let us now move to the monthly horoscopes:

This horoscope is based on Moon Signs. Discover yours here: Moon Sign Calculator


There are greater chances of you achieving success at work this month, since you may be extremely happy at this time. You may succeed in tasks undertaken with confidence. It may prove fruitful for you to be decisive and being cognizant of what you do. You possess a… Read Now


You are a person who thinks less but does more. Since you believe more in actions, you may succeed in your job. Satisfaction at work, however, may be less. It is therefore crucial for you to think before taking an action. Think before you act in order to attain maximum satisfaction. Circumstances may… Read Now


You are a wise and intelligent person, who likes to work according to time and circumstances. You have the ability to scrutinize anything and everything. However, your nature also comprises of a tendency of doubting every possible thing or being that crosses your path. Therefore, you choose to believe… Read Now

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You are an individual who does every work with a lot of passion and hard work, and you always try to complete your work before time. Whenever you undertake a plan or make up your mind to execute a task, you never lag behind to put in the right kind of… Read Now


As a person, you are reliable and it is important for you to complete any task with a good amount of confidence. You are an individual who does any kind of work with full responsibility, are quite friendly, and do every work by considering it as your own. Whether you’re employed or engaged in… Read Now


Your confidence might stoop down during this month’s time and any work that you try to do may face disruptions. There may be physical and mental problems as well. In addition to the thinking ability, the ability to make decisions might also get affected because… Read Now

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During the month of May, you will try your best to save your hard earned money. You should try to adjust to the prevailing conditions if you want to succeed in your life. The transit of the planet Venus in the Zodiac Sign Pisces is an indication that you will bask in luxuries and… Read Now


Scorpio natives will be courageous this month, as they try their best to achieve their goals and make their dreams come true. You will not lose hope in adverse situations and will battle through them until you overcome them and this quality of yours will make you… Read Now


Sagittarius natives will be goal-oriented​ and will work hard to achieve their goals, this month. You will make good use of your ability to utilize time in such a manner that you make the best out of it. There is a good certainty that you will taste success in your endeavours during this month, however… .Read Now

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Better success will be on the cards for you this month, if you work hard seriously, and these chances further increase if you operate in a well-planned and organized manner. Otherwise, you will have to spend your time in chaos and stress. Since, Saturn is transiting in Sagittarius with Dragon’s tail (Ketu), you can be stressed and… Read Now


You are a serious person in life and believe in doing things with stability and seriousness. Hence, there is a probability of you gaining better success in whatever you do. You have fair chances of earning respect and reputation in society. You are a person who undertakes tasks with… Read Now


You may have to face anxiety and difficulties during this time but, if you act patiently, success can be yours. You may develop not only an interest in religion and Karma but also a stronger grip within your social circles. Wealth accumulation will be on the cards for you. There is a probability of… Read Now

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