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Mars Transit in Gemini Forms The Angarak Yog!

Mars transited in Gemini on the auspicious occasion of Akshaya Tritiya and formed the inauspicious Angarak Yoga. Read about the effects of this transit on your birth chart.

As per Vedic Astrology, the planet Mars is considered to be a cruel planet and represents the fire element. This is why it is blood red in colour, is often called Bhauma, which means Son of Bhoomi (Goddess Earth), and shines bright even during the night. This planet is crowned as the God of War and signifies physical energy, self-confidence, ego, anger, courage, and valour. If Mars remain weak in any native’s kundli, then such a person suffers from blood, muscles, and bone related diseases and becomes timid. Irrespective of that, Mars is also a symbol of goodwill and the main significator planet of energy.

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Mars Transit on Akshaya Tritiya

This year, the Tritiya tithi (date) during Shukla Paksha in the month of Vaishakh is falling on 7th May. Akshaya Tritiya and Akha Teej is observed on this date. In Hinduism, Akshaya Tritiya holds high significance and is known to be the best auspicious date. As per the beliefs, when Satyug and Treta Yug were commencing, this date was considered to be highly important. In addition to that, the birth anniversary of Lord Parshuram is also celebrated on this very day. Hence, it is believed that anyone carrying out any task attains desired and fruitful results that are eternal. Click here to read in detail.

Time of Transit

Red planet Mars changed its placement and transited in Gemini from Taurus on 7th May 2019, Tuesday around 07:03 AM in the morning and will remain in this state until 23:21 on 22 June, 2019. The effects of this transit will be visible on the lives of all the natives. But before that, let’s read what changes it brings with it nationwide:

  • Effects of Mars Transit on Share Market

Mars governs the commodities and items such as copper, gold, iron and other metals, machinery, four-legged items/vehicles, jaggery, coriander, turmeric, sugarcane, raisin (munakka, kishmish), cloves, betel nut, grocery, red chillies, tea, alcohol, dried date, red lentils (masoor), moth or chickling, and wheat. In addition to this, if you talk about the Stock Market, then the shares related to metal, copper, diagnostic center, automobile, iron and steel, pharmaceutical, radium, atomic energy, arms and ammunition, tobacco, uranium, medical equipment, infrastructure, health care, cement, and gypsum etc. are associated with Mars. With the transit of Mars, a cruel planet, into Gemini, a gentle zodiac sign, there are chances of Share Market streaming on a profitable note, although slow recession can also be seen later on.

  • Influence of Mars on Politics

When talking about the influence of Mars transit on country’s politics and Lok Sabha Elections, it seems that BJP will be benefited from this planetary movement due to the disbanding of the parties of the Mahagathbandhan and internal contradictions within the Congress party. BJP will emerge as a stronger candidate as compared to others, and because of this, foriegn investors will show their interest and add to the growth of country’s economy. This will work in favour for BJP, and they won’t hesitate to raise this point during the electoral promotions. 

  • Impact of Mars on Country’s Economy

Apart from this, Mars is in conjunction with Rahu while transiting in Gemini on 7th May 2019 and forms the inauspicious Angarak Yoga. This yoga is the factor of communal violence and chaos. It will affect the banking sector of the country as well. In addition to this, the planets Mars and Saturn create the Samsaptak Yoga, which will create an ambiguous atmosphere in politics and a tremendous upheaval in the country's economy. Also, with the transit of Mars in Gemini, many rural areas of the country will witness an insufficiency of water, which could lead to a hike in the prices of grains, pulses, and other food items. At the same time, there will be constant fluctuations in the prices of Gold-Silver as well.

Let's read the transitory effects of Mars on all 12 zodiac signs:

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