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On Mahashivratri, Lord Shiva Will Bless You If You Do This!

Please Lord Shiva on this Maha Yoga, Get Your Desires Fulfilled!

Mahashivratri, as the name suggests, is the biggest day of worshipping the Mahadev aka Lord Shiva. In Hinduism, this day has always held a major significance. For Shiva devotees as well, this day is considered the most auspicious day to please the Supreme One. As per Southern Indian Panchang or Amavasyant Panchang, this day is observed in the month of Magh during Krishna Paksha on Chaturdashi. On the other hand, according to the Northern Indian Panchang or Purnimant Panchang, it is celebrated in the month of Phalgun during Krishna Paksha on Chaturdashi. 

Since Mahashivratri falls on the same day as per both the Purnimant and Amavasyant Panchang, the date of this festival is mentioned in English and Hindu Calendar accordingly. On this day, devotees of Shiva flock into the temples and carry out the rituals to attain blessings while keeping the fast. They offer bel leaves on Shivling while worshipping, conduct Jagrans at night and wear the rudraksha as per their zodiac signs.

Mahashivratri Muhurat
Date 4 March 2019
Nishith Kaal Puja MuhuratFrom 24:08:03 to 24:57:24
Duration0 Hours 49 Minutes
Mahashivratri Parna MuhuratOn 5 March 2019, From 06:43:48 to 15:29:15

Note: This muhurat is applicable in Delhi. To know yours, click here: Maha Shivaratri 2019 Puja Muhurat in Your City

Importance of Mahashivratri

According to the Hindu Calendar, Shivratri is observed on the Chaturdashi every month during Krishna Paksha, which is called the Monthly or Masik Shivratri. But Mahashivratri falling in the month of Phalgun holds high importance. According to mythological beliefs, Shivratri celebrates the convergence of Lord Shiva and Maa Shakti. This is the reason people fast on Shivratri from ancient times.

It is believed that if a devotee fasts on the day of Mahashivratri with a full heart and devotion, then Lord Shiva blesses him/her with fruitful results and gets pleased. According to the scriptures, in order to gain the blessings of the Lord himself, Goddess Lakshmi, Saraswati, Indrani, Gayatri, Savitri, Parvati and Rati also fasted on Shivaratri.

Mahashivratri as per Vedic Astrology

In the Hindu religion, Lord Shiva rules the Chaturdashi date, which is why Chaturdashi falling every month during Krishna Paksha is observed as Shivratri. Talking about Vedic Astrology, this date is considered auspicious because on this date during Krishna Paksha, the Moon seems the closest to the Sun. Hence, creatures such as human beings gain maximum benefits by worshipping the One. Devotees get rid of anger, greed, attachment and temptation and attain happiness, peace and aspiration.

Mythological Significance of Mahashivratri

Numerous mythological stories related to Shivratri in Hinduism narrate that Lord Shiva appeared in the form of Shivling at midnight. Also, Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu worshipped the Shivling during this auspicious period for the very first time. Hence, the night of transformation of Shiva from its formless self to an incarnated form is called Mahashivaratri. Conducting Rudrabhishek of Lord Shiva on this day is said to be significant, as it helps to get rid of diseases, woes and troubles and gain the blessings of Mahadev. Usually, Mahashivaratri is celebrated in February or March, but in this year 2019, it will be celebrated across the country on 4th March, Monday.

Worshipping Maha Kaal on Mahashivratri

As we have already told you that in order to please Lord Shiva, fast on Mahashivratri and do the Rudrabhishek. Hereby, follow these rituals to gain desired results:

  • On Mahashivratri, fast during the night. In case you’re unable to fast during the night, consume only banana and milk during the day.
  • While fasting, install the Mahamritunjay Yantra, recite the Shiva Purana and chant the Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra and “Om Namah Shivaya”.
  • During the four quarters of the night, worship Lord Shiva and do the Abhishek of Sphatik Shivling with a devoted heart. 

Relationship b/w Neelkanth & Mahashivratri

Lord Shiva narrated the secret of this ultimate fast to Mata Parvati

According to mythological beliefs, Maa Parvati urged Lord Shiva to tell her which fast earns him devotion and virtue. Then, Lord Mahadev answered her question and while describing the significance of the fast of Mahashivaratri, said that anyone who fasts on Mahashivratri with devotion pleases me.

When Mahadev Shattered the Pride of Lord Vishnu & Lord Brahma

The legend says that once Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma became proud of their powers, and became determined to prove themselves the best. At that moment, Lord Shiva appeared in front of them in a luminous avatar and took the form of a fire pillar in order to destroy their ego and pride. Since Mahadev had manifested himself in this form of the night of Phalguna Krishna Chaturdashi, hence this night was hailed as Mahashivaratri.

The Union of Shiv-Shakti

It is believed that on the auspicious occasion of Mahashivratri, the sacred marriage of Lord Shiva and Adi Shakti took place. Therefore, Mahashivratri is also observed as the night when Lord Shiva & Adi Shakti united as one. It is also said that unmarried girls fasting on this day get their desired life partner like Mahadev.

We wish you and your family prosperous Mahashivratri

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