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Ambani Brothers, Astrology & Their Secret of Success & Failure

Separation of Ambani brothers led to expansion of Mukesh Ambani’s empire while Anil Ambani faced a downfall! Know the reason.

The richest family of our nation which manages to grab headlines everyday is Ambani family. Both Mukesh and Anil’s names are associated with that of Dhirubhai Ambani. Both of these brothers are counted amongst the richest people of India. Mukesh Ambani is the elder brother while Anil Ambani is the younger one. According to a report published by Forbes, Mukesh Ambani occupies the 13th position in the list of all the richest people in the world. On the contrary, Anil Ambani occupies the 1349th position in the same list. If the assets of both Ambani brothers are combined, very soon they will win the race to become the richest family in this world. Today, we will conduct an analysis of the respective Kundalis of Ambani brothers and try to know what are the specialities and defects present in them.

Why Is There A Difference Between Mukesh and Anil Ambani? 

If we take a quick glance at the list of world’s richest people, Mukesh Ambani’s name has already been inscribed along with the world’s top entrepreneurs. But coming back to his brother, Anil Ambani can not even make it to the list of India’s top ten richest people. After division of assets in the year of 2004, both of these brothers parted ways and tried their luck in business without each other’s support. Both got access to equal share of property, but in the current time, Mukesh Ambani is a far richer and successful man than Anil Ambani. This contrast can mostly be because of their thinking and working pattern, but there seems to be a major difference in their planetary positions. Let us unravel interesting facts about the respective kundalis of Ambani brothers.

Mukesh Ambani’s Birth Chart

Birth Details
  • Birth Date: 19 April 1957
  • Birth Time: 19:53:00
  • Birth Place: Aden, Yemen
  • Birth Ascendent: Scorpio
  • Birth Sign(moon) : Sagittarius
  • Birth Nakshatra: Mul
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Birth Chart

Navamsha Chart

The birth date of Mukesh Ambani is 19th April, 1957 at 7:53 pm in the evening, in Aden, Yemen, according to which, he comes under the Scorpio sign. His moon sign is Sagittarius. The ruling lord of this sign is Jupiter, who is responsible for making a human being sensible and intelligent. Sagittarius natives are also considered to great advisors and this trait is seen in Mukesh Ambani also. Leadership qualities are also easily acquired by the natives of Sagittarius which is quite apparent in Mukesh Ambani’s character. Mukesh Ambani is born under the Scorpio ascendent. One special thing about Scorpio ascendent is that they can judge an occasion accurately and work according to the circumstances, which is also applicable in the case of Mukesh Ambani. He has taken the right decisions according to the needs of the market and people. Ascendent ruler Mars is placed in the seventh house and fully aspecting the lagna house, which is why Mukesh Ambani’s lagna house is in an exalted state. The exalted lagna house also provides strength to the personality of the natives. 

Astrological Analysis of Mukesh Ambani’s Kundali

Because a Scorpio native, Mukesh Ambani never loses focus and tackles every possibility which stands in his way of success. In the Kalpurush Kundali, Scorpio rules the eighth house, which helps him to concentrate on his work without paying heed to any obligation. There is a saying that do your duty and let your success make all the noise, which is perfectly applicable on Mukesh Ambani. The launch of Reliance Jio turned out to be his landmark victory, because of which he is earning profits in crores in the current time. Moon is present in the second house of his kundali which is why he will speak in a gentle and sensible manner. This house is also ruled by Sagittarius, which is under the dominance of Jupiter. Pleasant rhetorical skills will also help him to bag huge profits in his business. Being a Sagittarius, Mukesh Ambani performs a particular task with all his mind and heart. People like him leave no stone unturned in completing their desired tasks. 

Being the lord of one’s zodiac sign, Jupiter provides inspiration to make the most of the opportunities available in one’s life. It makes us believe in a power greater than self. In Mukesh Ambani’s kundali, Jupiter, who rules the second and fifth house (house of wealth and money) is placed in tenth house and aspecting second house, and ninth lord Moon creates financial prosperity. Also, Jupiter is aspecting the tenth lord Sun, which results in favourable outcomes in government sector. Also, with the blessings of Jupiter on Mercury, lord of the eleventh house, brings economic prosperity and wealth.

Anil Ambani Birth Chart

Birth Details: 
  • Birth Day: 04 June 1959
  • Birth Time: 22:30:00
  • Birth Place: Mumbai
  • Birth Ascendent: Capricorn
  • Birth Sign (Moon): Taurus
  • Birth Nakshatra: Kritika
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Birth Chart

Navamsha Chart

The birth date of Anil Ambani is 4th June, 1959 at 10:30 pm in Mumbai. Considering his birth details, his kundali belongs to Capricorn ascendent and his Moon sign is Taurus. Venus is the ruling lord of this zodiac sign which provides materialistic and artistic aspects to the personality of the natives. However, lethargy is also one of the character traits of Taurus natives. 

Astrological Analysis of Anil Ambani’s Kundali

Anil Ambani’s Kundali belongs to Capricorn ascendent, whose ruling Lord is Saturn. Saturn is also considered the lord of your actions and Karma. Capricorn ascendent prefers to look after their interests first before taking care of others. They also receive the favour of luck quite late in their lives. Mars and Jupiter are the respective planets which do not produce fruitful results for these natives and when these planets undergo Mahadasha and Antardasha, the natives go through a tough time. People born in these lagna have a steep inclination towards spirituality, which is why they fail on the familial front even after achieving milestones in the respective fields. Considering these facts, it would not be wrong to say that stars of Anil Ambani are not aligned enough to provide him prosperity in his business. If he takes part in the journey of spirituality, he will have better chances to be successful. 

This Special Yoga Will Bring Economic Prosperity To Mukesh Ambani’s Life

Mercury, lord of the eighth house and Venus, the ruling lord of twelfth house, is placed together in the sixth house of Mukesh Ambani’s Kundali. This planetary position is giving birth to an Vipreet Raj Yoga, which helps a person to cut through all the difficulties standing in his/her path and climb the ladder of success. The ruler of tenth house is in an exalted position in the sixth house, which helps him to rise above his market competitors and lord of the eighth house, Mercury helps him to plot secret schemes and take care of his rivals. The presence of Mars in the sixth house of his zodiac sign always keeps Mukesh Ambani a step ahead of his competitors. 

In the present time, Mukesh Ambani is going through Rahu’s Mahadasha and Mars’ Antardasha, which will remain static until August 2019. After this period, he will undergo the dasha of Jupiter. The growth factor of a person’s life is determined by the planet Jupiter, and it is quite important in Mukesh Ambani’s kundali. It can be expected that in the upcoming time, he will gain more financial and social prosperity and touch new heights of success. 

Saturn Behind The Success Of Jio?

The year 2007 was a golden year for Mukesh Ambani as Jio was established in this year only. During this period, Saturn’s Antardasha was going on during Rahu’s Mahadasha. Saturn, the lord of third house, is placed in the first house and aspecting the tenth house signifies service industry. Considering the above given reasons, the unexpected but huge success of Jio can be retrospected. 

Saturn’s Mahadasha Will Create Further Problems For Anil Ambani!

On a different note, if we place our eyes on Anil Ambani’s Kundali, it can be seen that the ascendent lord Saturn is placed in the twelfth house and debilitated Mars is aspecting the lagna house, hence making it weak. He will face difficulties in successfully implementing his schemes. Although Venus, ruling lord of the tenth house, is posited in the seventh house, but its placement with the debilitated Mars in the ruling sign of Moon, which is inimical, has caused it to become weaker. Saturn is also posited in the eighth house of Moon and currently Moon is experiencing Saturn’s transit, which is why malignant Saturn is going through Dhaiya. This period will give birth to mental tensions and economic crisis. Currently, he is witnessing retrograde Saturn’s Mahadasha which also includes Mercury’s Mahadasha and will go on till May 2020. It can be said that a year’s time from now onwards will not be favorable for Anil Ambani. Other than that, Rahu will also transit in the seventh house and go through Mars and Venus, which can also cause adverse effects. In the year 2002, RCOM was established under the supervision of Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group and during this time only, Saturn’s Antardasha was taking place in retrograde Jupiter’s Mahadasha and Ketu’s Antardasha was also taking place. Considering all of these planetary positions, the consequences were bound to take place. 


After the division of properties, Anil and Mukesh Ambani got access to the same amount of assets and resources. But it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Anil Ambani’s true colours did not shine because of the position of planets and stars in his kundali. Whereas the stars and planets of Mukesh Ambani’s Kundali worked in his favour. The respective kundalis of the Ambani brothers state that the upcoming year will be quite positive for Mukesh Ambani but numerous challenges are waiting for Anil Ambani. 

We hope that you will appreciate this article of ours. We wish the best of luck for your future.

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